The choice of your food can decide whether you will be allergic or not. A research conducted by the researchers from Germany, Spain and London claimed so. As the consumption of packaged and processed food is on the rise, asthma rates in developed countries have said to be doubled in 20 years. The purpose of the research was to probe the correlation between different types of foods and allergy susceptibility gained by consuming them. The focus of the study was however, Mediterranean diet.

Unlike previous studies done in the past on eating and food habits, this study used an expressive list of food, extensive and all improved study design pattern to determine the alarming rise of asthma cases in kids and atopy which is a standard measure to measure the level of allergy.

This international study covering 20 countries and more than 50,000 children under research examined the data provided by parents on food habits and allergic symptoms of their children during the period of 1999 and 2005. The researchers used skin prick method of atopy and some statistical technique to foolproof the results.

The study was based on different children from different countries with different diets in two economies affluent countries and non affluent countries. The study seeks to establish that changing the diet to a regulatory one helps avoid the risks of Asthma.

The questionnaire investigated the intake of fresh fruit, green vegetables either cooked or raw, meat and fish, as well as the amount of consumption of saturated fatty substances and how well it matched with the Mediterranean pattern. As per experts fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants and other natural chemicals that have favorable impact on physiology activities of body.

Other allergies like hay fever were also under the consideration of facts contributing to asthma. The experiment involved skin pricking and blood testing for allergens like airborne infections, inclusive of insects in the dust at home, grass pollen, animal hair etc.

The research concluded that it was rich countries or developing economies, fruits take was much healthier burger as it induces fewer wheezing and other allergic symptoms whereas burger three times a week increased the risk of asthma by 40 percent in kids. Fish and cooked green vegetables in rich and not so rich countries were equally healthy. The research claimed that diet was more or less part of or related to Mediterranean diet was associated to less susceptibility of asthma.

However weight of children or the amount of energy diet consumed was not assessed during the study and on skin pricking each food measured the safe and safe tag by scientists as none of triggered allergic symptoms. So, assuming that certain diets are harmful to the body and cause Asthma or wheezing may not be factual at this moment. The researchers found out a meat rich diet was also safe on Asthma alert that made them realize that there might be other factors such as lifestyle and physical activity involved.

This study needs to be connected under various perspectives of risk factors and larger scopes of multiple diets, weight, lifestyle and socioeconomic factor over a long course of time.