People who suffer from asthma should be very careful in almost all aspects, including in choosing the best food to be ateen. Some kinds of food might be very useful to prevent asthma attacks, but some other kinds of food will be triggering asthma attacks. Therefore, if you are a sufferer of this disease, you should be very careful in choosing certain kinds of food to be eaten. Here is a list of some kinds of food that are not only safe, but also very useful to control the severity of asthma attack.

The most well known food to control the severity of the disease is coffee. A lot of asthma sufferers drink it to get enough caffeine since this substance could act as a drug used to treat asthma. Surely, you can get caffeine not only from coffee, but also from other food and drinks that contain caffeine such as tea.

Spicy and hot foods are also very useful for asthma sufferers since they are able to thin the mucus and open them up. Therefore, asthma sufferers can have freer and easier breathing. Hot food will stimulate nerves that cause the release of watery fluid in the mouth, throat and lungs. Some foods that belong to this category are hot mustard, chili, as well as garlic and onion.

In addition, onion and fatty fish are also useful for asthma sufferers since they could control the inflammation of the airways. Fatty fish is highly recommended since the fish oil contained in this food is proven to have high anti-inflammatory in omega 3 fatty acids.

Green leafy vegetables that contain a lot of vitamin B are also very important for asthma sufferers. Beside, great sources of magnesium such as sunflower seeds as well as dried figs are also recommended to be ateen. Best recommended fruits for asthma sufferers will be grapes, raisins and papaya, while the best recommended vegetables are spinach, bitter gourd, as well as pumpkin.

Those food will be very useful to reduce your suffer of asthma. By choosing proper kinds of food, you can eat your meal without any worry of allergy effect.