Asthma does require a special handling, especially when asthma attack is coming. But which should be chosen to cope with asthma in children, an inhaler or nebulizer?

Studies show that any equipment used to treat asthma is not really a problem, as long as it used correctly. In essence, all methods will work well when the technique is used correctly.

Nonetheless there are still a pros and cons of inhalers and the nebulizer when it used to treat asthma in children.

Inhaler is small and very easy to carry. Asthma medication contained in the inhalers could have a spray or powder served in a certain dose. This tool is generally preferred by parents and it use more accurate dose.

The most popular inhalers is Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI), but you need to cooperate with your children to use it because the child must activate the device and breathe in the same time. For that this tool will be a little more difficult to use by children who do not yet have a good coordination. That's why some doctors use a spacer on the MDI.

There is also a Dry Powder Inhalers (DPI), which is much easier to use because it does not require any body coordination. When using this device, it needs a strong inhale to breathe the powder to get into the lungs. Most children aged over 6 years are using this tool, because they are able to inhale quickly and strongly.

Nebulizer is generally very easy to use and it utilizes electric-powered machines. With this tool, liquid asthma medication will be turned into a mist and by using a face mask the mist will be inhaled into the lungs.

Nebulizer generally is much easier to use for children who are toddler or even a baby, because it does not require any body coordination and the children only need to sit down while breathing normally. In addition, this tool will help the case of severe asthma and also can be used to activate a mixture of two or more asthma medication.

However, the role of parents when using this tool is very cruel, because drugs is inserted when just before the nebulizer activated, since the risk of an inappropriate dosage of drugs is likely to occur and this tool will work less optimal if the children or the babies are crying.

Typically, doctors will work with parents to determine the most appropriate device. Usually a decision is made based on patient age, the patient ability and also the type of medication needed. Quite often there are some kids who tried several types of treatment before finding the right tools.