The Bowen Technique originated in Australia and is named after its creator. Here Bowen. Tom Bowen was believed to have trained as an osteopath before inventing the Bowen Technique. Tom Bowen's wife suffered from chronic asthma and was often hospitalized; it was this which led Mr Bowen to develop this part of his therapeutic work, as he searched for some means of helping her. Once he developed the Bowen Technique For Asthma she never had to go to hospital to be treated for this condition again.

How does the Bowen Technique work? The Bowen Technique consists of a series of gentle moves that trigger the body to heal itself. The movements are made on specific parts of the body, such as across muscle on either side of the spine. It is an extremely gentle, simple yet highly effective technique for raising all kinds of conditions and is very successful at treating asthma.

Most of the work can be performed through light clothing, although some therapists prefer to work on skin. Bowen can have very powerful effects on the body and it is extremely important to ensure the body is not bombarded with signals causing confusion and extremely doing more harm than good. For this reason, the less is more principle is commonly applied when treating clients.

Most patients have positive responses after only one session. Within three sessions even long-standing chronic asthma can be relieved. Some conditions may need to be rented more often, but in either case it is recommended clients return for regular treatments every six to eight weeks to maintain optimum health.

Asthma attacks are usually caused by the breathing muscles and diaphragm going into increasing spasm. The triggers for such an attack range from pollen to respiratory illnesses. As soon as a trigger is detected, the spasm increases. Here, one of the first signs of the increasing problem can be wheezing, sometimes there all the time.

In an acute asthmatic attack, the patient can breathe in but is unable to breathe out as the diaphragm is in full spasm. This can be illustrated by the fact that the stomach appears to collapse inwards especially in small children and babies. The Bowen Release Move, part of the Bowen Technique for asthma is a highly effective, downwards movement that releases the diaphragm from spasm and an immediate release of air from the lungs is achieved. This move is so simple an easy it is even used by toddlers to relive tightness in their chest.