A regular yet unnoticeable disease like asthma can get one into serious problems if not handled carefully during an attack. Improper inhale and exhale of air leads to irritation and unbalanced breathing in and out of air supply to and from the lungs which in short is a symptom of a person suffering from an asthma attack. It is very important to deal with an attack immediately and act upon well to save the patient from getting worse.

1. It is important that when present before a person who's just attacked that you have to be calm and not panic-stricken, because that will get the patient more worked up and make breathing uneasy than it already is.

2. The person after the attack should sit up straight and lean slowly forward during respiration.

3. Look for an inhaler if the person is carrying along one or if not then rush to a medical store and get one. 2-4 puffs will be fine with five minutes break in between before the next couple of puffs. It often takes an inhaler 10 minutes to work.

4. The person needs to be relaxed and have fresh air to breathe in so crowding around is not going to help, plus with the crowd gathering there are chances of him getting nervous again and inviting another attack.

5. It's also important to ask certain questions and get the answers. That'll not make him feel helpless and ensure complete rest so that it looks like the situation is under control.

6. If none of the basic aids work, he needs to be rushed to the hospital but even on the way the person along with him should make him like things have been taken care of and that that does not need to panic.