Sports induced asthma or exercise induced asthma is a condition where a person experiences asthmatic attacks represented by breathing difficulties, only when they are exercising or playing. Understanding and eliminating the triggers which actually aggravate it is crucial to deal with this occurrence and manage it well.

Typically cold dry air is known to trigger such specific asthmatic attacks. To reduce the intensity of such attacks it is always advisable to protect yourself from direct exposure to these conditions by either playing indoors or at least covering the face and nose with a cloth or scarf. This will prevent direct contact with the cold and dry conditions. It is also advised not to play in polluted areas and avoid playing when one has a cold or any other illness which may weak body defenses against germs.

A good fitness level often helps in managing sports induced asthma. Therefore people suffering from it are encouraged to exercise even more, rather than abstaining from physical activities. However, a good warm up time should be followed before starting the actual game. This helps to get the body in smooth rhythm which is likely to prevent breathing problems.

Medicinal cures for sports induced asthma are actually similar to the ones used for treating regular asthmatic disorders. You could administrator quick acting bronchodilator sprays and inhalers for instant relief. Other long term medicines would include drugs like mast cell stabilizers, leukotriene modifiers etc.

Most importantly if one experiences sport induced asthma, one should opt for a through medical evaluation in order to understand the causes and symptoms well before trying to treat them.