Asthma can be distinguished with the help of a few distinct signs and symptoms. However some signs of asthma can be representative of other illnesses as well. Proper medical tests need to be carried out as sometimes symptoms could be misleading. However ignoring the signs can have serious consequences as well. Symptoms validated by tests would help in correct diagnosis.

The most obvious sign of asthma is coughing. Asthmatic coughs are slightly different from ordinary coughs. The cough in this case increases a lot during the night time and particularly at dawn. The bouts of cough can be so severe that the patient would be absolutely unable to sleep and stay still. Such severe aggravations are generally suggestive of asthmatic condition in patients.

On of the most prominant signs of asthma is wheezing. Wheezing is a kind of shrill whistle like sound which emanates while breathing. This may occur during the day time as well as while sleeping at night. Wheezing is generally a symptom of obstructive breathing and can be representative of asthmatic attacks.

Patients suffering from asthma can also feel certain tightness in the chest, while breathing. Asthma causes inflammation of bronchial tubes which also produces mucus thereby constricting the tube even further. This causes tightness in the chest while breathing. Other symptoms of asthma include gasping, shortness of breath and feeling out of breath, frequently.

Although these symptoms could be suggestive of asthmatic conditions, one can not be sure until confirmed. Therefore the medical history of the person concerned needs to be studied as well. A lung function test is also carried out for accuracy.