This shortness of breath is a condition where the person suffering from it will not be able to get enough air to his or her lungs which make it difficult for them to breathe smoothly. The shortness of breath is something which is hard to get rid of and it is advisable to consult a doctor as soon as you recognize the symptoms of the same. This discrepancy will then lead to some higher degree of problem like the heart attack and some other ailment relating to the pulmonary arteries.

There may be umpteen numbers of reasons for the shortness of breath like the environment, body condition and also the diet. The high altitude regions like hilly regions are very much ahead to bring about the condition of shortness of breath. If you do not take enough care to make sure that you take in enough oxygen if not your body may lose strength within a few hours.

On the other hand your internal organs may be defective which may be preventing enough oxygen from entering the lungs. Conditions like leaky valves of heart can be a major culprit in preventing the entire air that was inhaled from reaching the lungs. Some muscles of the heart may be quite rigid to allow air to pass on easily. If you have pneumonia then it is highly probable for you to suffer from shortness of breath.

The reason why you are often asked to see your body condition with your doctor is that if you have this shortness of breath then there are chances for you to have a kidney failure down the line. So be very careful and do not exercise carelessness when you think you are breathing less air than what you normally do. The best possible thing that you can do at such a situation is to meet a doctor and get checked thoroughly to diagnose early symptoms.