An asthma attack can be very scary. The person suffering from the attack may feel like he is unable to catch his breath and often this is the case. In fact, this condition can be so severe that a person can die if the attack is enough enough. Many are finding that salt therapy can help treat this condition so they are turning to this treatment method more and more. How exactly does salt therapy treat asthma?

The patient will be placed in a comfortable chair in a special room for one hour. Here is where the salt therapy will be conducted. Each hour constituency one session and the patient will be asked to breathe normally while listening to relaxing music. As the person breathes in the air in the room, tiny salt particles which are negatively ionized will enter the respiratory system reaching even the deepest portions of the lungs.

As the dry saline aerosol is inhaled during salt therapy, inflammation of the respiratory tract is reduced. Edema, found in the mucosa of the airway passages, is absorbed and these leads to a widening of these passes. When this occurs, mucus will be transported normally again and anything blocking the passage will become unclogged. This helps to remove any foreign allergens and residual tar from the bronchi and bronchioles.

As the respiratory system clears itself, patients using salt therapy can breathe easier. This benefits the patient in many ways. Not only will quality of life be improved, fewer medications will be needed. Hospitals will be less likely to happen and the number of asthma attacks will decrease. This treatment option can be used by those of any age.

Salt therapy has been shown to be very effective when used properly. Over 57% of those who have tried this treatment method say that they are able to cut back on their use of prescription medications. Eighty percent suffer less dyspnoea and it is shown to be up to 98% effective. Benefits of this treatment method may last up to 12 months or longer and fewer sick days are needed, an average of 11 fewer. This is one treatment that anyone suffering from asthma should try to see how it can benefit you.

If you suffer from asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis or even simply fever fever and similar allergies, salt therapy may be an avenue well worth considering to compliment your current treatment.