Running with asthma can be difficult and demanding, but it should not prevent you from starting and sustaining a running program. Therefore here are some tips and strategies that can help you run better with asthma.

Choose running environment wisely:

You should choose your setting sensibly; avoid running near traffic where pollution levels are high or under cold weather conditions, this may increase the risk of an attack. Instead, you should run far from toxic waste and enjoy breathing clean air.


When running, the chance of an attack increases greatly; therefore one way to prevent this from happening is by warm up properly properly before you pick up your running pace. Start you running session by a brisk walk and do some light stretches, this gets your lungs and muscles ready for the exercise. Many runners run out of gas too soon just because they skipped this important phase.

Pace yourself

If you are a beginner, then you should start slowly and pace yourself; run according to your current fitness level, doing so will keep your breathing under control and lessen the chance of a sudden attack. The talk / run test is the best way to make sure that you are not pushing yourself too hard, this means that you can carry on a conversation while running without huffing and puffing. Of course when you are confident that you can go for the extra mile, then you can increase the intensity and distance gradually; just be careful.

Be aware of what your body is telling you

Body awareness is the best way to stay to detect any symptoms of an attack; If you start wheezing or feeling any tightness in your chest, you should slow down immediately and use an inhaler if necessary. Our bodies know what's best for us and they always warn us if we are welling to listen.

Develop good eating habits

I do not want to sound like a broken record, and I'm sure that you have heard this advice a thousand times, but following a healthy diet is critical, especially if you are suffering from asthma. If you are a smoker or drink heavily, stop it, there is nothing more important than your health, learn to delete instant gratification and give up the quick fix mentality.

Avoid unhealthy foods such as fried or micro washed meals; consumption of this type of foods makes only the problem worse. Instead, you should consume organic and healthy food, this type of diet will make you feel better, lose weight and enrich the quality of your life.

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