Help With Asthma – Breathe Easier Today With These Simple Tips

If you have been experiencing breathlessness and are wondering if it may asthma, it's advisable to see a doctor as soon as possible. A doctor can help with asthma and prescribe that medication you take to tackle your bouts of breathlessness.

However, there are a number of natural ways in which you can treat the illness. Consult your doctor before you latch on to any natural technique to cure the illness and if they make a difference you could rid yourself of asthma before it makes itself a part of your life.

If you are an acute asthma patient and are constantly troubled with attacks, you need to change your entire lifestyle. However, for people who have just begun to identify the symptoms, you need to learn how to control them. Ask your doctor to teach you how to identify when an impending attack is about to ensue and how you can curb it.

A lot of people get home a peak flow meter to monitor irregularities in their breathing pattern which can warn them of an upcoming attack. You must check your peak airflow with this meter every time you feel uneasy. If the peak air flow reduces you need to either consume the medicine your doctor prescribed or seek medical attention immediately if the medication does not help.

It is essential to identify the triggers that affect your problem and make it worse. Identifying and keeping these triggers at bay can help with asthma in a major way, and you can rid yourself of the illness forever.

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Asthma Attack Symptoms – What You Must Know

Your doctor diagnosed you with asthma a week ago and you are having trouble dealing with it. The chest pains are annoying and the coughing at night drives you crazy. There are ways to identify asthma attack symptoms and the sooner you learn to point them out, the sooner you could rid yourself of the illness.

Your doctor has prescribed you medicines that you can use every time you think an attack is going to ensue. Make sure you have the medication with you at all times. The three basic symptoms are coughing, wheezing and pain or tightness in the chest.

The symptoms usually kick in when you come face to face with a trigger that worsens your condition or when you indulge in some physical activity. If you have not learned yet what the triggers are, you need to keep a close check. It is a great way to avert an attack.

If you are in a situation where a trigger has given way to coughing and you are beginning to feel a slight pain in your chest, you should immediately take the medicine that has been prescribed to you by your doctor. If it does not help, it is essential that you seek medical attention immediately.

Living with a respiratory disorder such as asthma can be very painful. But once you learn how to identify asthma attack symptoms and are taught how to tackle them, you can lead a peaceful life and enjoy physical activities like you once used to.

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Coughing and Asthma – How to Treat and Beat Both

To treat an illness it is essential to understand what causes it. Once you understand the reason behind your coughing and asthma you can take necessary steps to rid yourself of the problem of constant cough that sometimes others you for weeks.

Simple things like following a disciplined lifestyle, not smoking and staying fit can help you treat the illness. Cough asthma unlike bronchial asthma is not characterized by any other symptoms except coughing. The cough is dryer, louder and usually lasts for weeks if not treated immediately.

The best way to treat this variant of asthma is by identifying triggers that irritate your airways. Chronic coughing can be avoided if one takes sincere measures to avoid coming in contact with triggers. It may take you a while to identify triggers that bother you, but once you have identified them, make sure you stay away.

What triggers one's cough may not affect another's but a common list of irritants will more or less include the following: smoke, dust mites, pet dander, air pollution, certain foods, pollen and even stress.

If you have had enough of the coughing and asthma it is absolutely essential that you make amends to turn your life around. If you are a smoker, you have to quit and try to avoid smokers as much as you can or else it may bring on another uncontrollable attack. Pay attention to what causes your illness to aggravate and stay away from it. It is indeed that easy to beat the illness.

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Best Bronchial Asthma Treatment Options

Asthmatics who suffer from bronchial asthma have a tough time dealing with the symptoms. If one is not aware of the triggers that aggravate the illness, it gets difficult to deal with constant coughing, shortness of breath and pains in the chest. There are a number of bronchial asthma treatment options one can choose to make their life better.

Many men and women all over the world who suffer from bronchial asthma do not mind going in for alternative medicine if the regular route does not help them. Herbal medications are becoming very popular to treat the illness and people all over the world are giving into these alternative methods of treatment to see results. However it is necessary to consult one's doctor before trying anything new.

There are really two ways of treating asthma. The first way is to treat the illness once it has set in, and the second and more effective option is to treat the illness before it surfaces. One can do this by identifying the triggers that affect one's system.

Not all asthmatics are allergic to the same allergens they may very from one person to another. But the most common triggers are smoke, animal fur, pollen and some medicines as well. Identifying the triggers that bother one's system is indeed one of the best bronchial asthma treatment options.

There are a number of herbal medicines and gurus that promise alleviating one's pain with magical concoctions. It is essential that one does not pay heed to these remedies and consults a doctor before trying out anything out of the ordinary.

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Asthma Home Remedy – Simple Solutions For Better Breathing

Climbing a flight of stairs leads you to experiencing annoying pains in the chest. You wake up feeling groggy because heavy coughing through the night did not let you sleep. And the wheezing harrows you and everyone around you. Maybe you should consider asthma home remedy methods to relieve yourself from the painful symptoms of asthma.

It is a growing problem and can get terminal if you do not treat the illness at an early stage. Besides identifying triggers and taking necessary precautions when you think an attack is about to ensue, it is also necessary to make changes to your lifestyle that will help you breathe better. Find below a list of a few easy home remedies that can help you stay fit and active.

If you are overweight, then that maybe the reason for your escalating problem. What you eat can help alleviate asthma so make an effort to discriminate your eating habits to see results.

Two servings of citrus fruits a day could help you reduce the pain and also help you pull down on weight. Vegetables are an excellent remedy for asthma; you should increase your intake of vegetables, and substitute butter and all other vegetable oils with olive oil. Apples help reduce the ill effects to a great level as well.

By making simple asthma home remedy techniques a part of your life you could indeed rid yourself of the illness. It is essential to know what one should avoid and what one should certainly include in one's diet to make a positive difference.

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How a Simple Hair Test Can Identify the Underlying Causes of Asthma

Asthma is a chronic and recurrent inflammatory response of the respiratory system. It is an abnormal immune response in the bronchial airways, which have become hypersensitive to certain triggers. The bronchi contract into spasm, imflame and narrow (either because they are squeezed by muscles from the outside or because they are blocked by mucus and swelling). Excessive mucous is produced.

Triggers (allergens) can be from a variety of sources, for example from cold air, exercise, emotional stress, or viral infection. Although most triggers are unidentifiable at the time, a minority of sufferers do have a specific identified allergy trigger.

A well established, non-invasive and low cost test can identify the underlying factors affecting your asthma and overall health. The results are presented in a personal report, that highlights the actions and products that can help your body restore good health and increase your condition. The philosophy is to identify and eliminate these basic undering factors, thereby freeing the body's ability to restore a natural balance and with it good health.

Taking a test is easy, non-invasive and affordable at just £ 48.

You simply fill in and pay for your application online and send it to us along with your hair sample. Your test will be carried out in 7 working days and is available to download from the website or via 1st class post.

They use the latest Digital Radionics equipment to scan your body's energy and to detect those specific set of factors which are inhibiting your wellbeing. The scan can also detect the best solutions to help your body eliminate those factors and revitalize your health.

The results of your test are provided in a personal 8-page report, which identifies the basic factors which made you ill and advises you how to deal with them. This information could include intolerant foods and toxins to avoid, herbal remedies to help the body rid itself of unwanted factors and essential nutrients to restore good health. You will also receive a free 15 minute phone consultation with an expert to discuss your results.

For more information or to download an application form, please visit

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Living Life With Asthma

All of us are familiar with the medical term 'asthma'. If we do not personally have asthma, we probably know at least one person who deals quite often with doctors wearing cheap nursing scrubs. Asthma is the result of the airways in your lungs becoming inflamed and constricted. Once these symptoms hit you, the results can be a simple wheezing or quite life threatening.

While we are not exactly sure what causes asthma, there are several different triggers that most people tend to have in common. Any type of airborne allergens lingering in the air can cause an asthma attack. Animal dander, pollen and mold to name a few can cause someone sensitive to these environmental factors to start having trouble breathing. Most of us are familiar with people who are highly sensitive to a high level of physical activity. For some people a simple climb up a staircase in mens scrubs can set off an asthma attack. Certain medications, air pollutants, the common cold and more are all known generally to be causes of asthma attacks.

One thing that most people do know about asthma is that it does not have a cure. While this might be true there are many different methods through which it can be controlled. The most obvious method of control is to simply avoid the triggers that you are sensitive to. If you feel an asthma attack coming on when you are around household pets, sometimes you should not visit your friends who keep them housed inside. If running a mile on the track sets off an attack you should keep your physical exertion to a minimum.

Medication are most commonly used to help provide relief for asthma sufferers. For those sudden moments where you need fast acting relief you will find yourself reaching for an inhaler. Make sure that you keep in touch with your doctor in one of his many lab coats quite regularly as asthma symptoms and attacks can change as you grow older. When maybe you were once able to climb a set of stairs with no problem, you might now find that you are reaching for your inhaler more and more often when doing this seemingly simple activity. As you age your doctor may choose to put you on a different type of medication to control your symptoms more effectively.

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Natural Asthma Remedies – 5 Remedies That Work Effectively

Suffering from chronic asthma can hinder you from doing the things that you love to do. Living life in a limited way is just too difficult to comprehend. But there is a way to help you achieve the healthiest you without the trappings of this disease and this is through natural asthma remedies.

Asthma is a medical condition defined as a chronic problem of the air passages that is multifaceted and characterized by erratic and recurring signs and symptoms. There can be an obstruction found in the air passages, a certain hyper responsiveness of the bronchial tubes or an inflammation found in the respiratory organ.

This medical condition has been a constant concern for parents because over the years, the number of children affected has increased significantly. In fact, recent reports say that there are about one out of four children in the urban areas, who have this affliction. A person with this condition is at a higher risk of developing diseases like eczema or hay fever.

What caused the development of this condition?
There are many theories that have sprouted in order to address the cause issue. Experts have given a hypothesis called “hygiene hypothesis”. This means the rise of people afflicted with this condition is due to practicing too much hygienic practices which makes children less immune to infections.

It has also been said that population explosion also play a key role in the number of people affected by this condition. This is coupled with genetics, environmental and social factors.

In recent years, this is also more prevalent to specific types of people-particularly athletes. Reports say people who join cycling, running, and mountain cycling are more susceptible to this condition.

How is it treated?
To better treat this affliction, identifying what triggers its attack is crucial. You should avoid being exposed to factors that can trigger an attack.

The treatment also depends on how severe the attack is. For mild cases, low dosage of glucocorticoids can be prescribed by your doctor. If the attacks are more frequent, doctors may prescribe a higher dosage of this medication.

Natural asthma remedies can also be used. Here are the 5 remedies that worked wonder to the people who have used it:

1. Chamomile
This has natural anti-histamine properties. If the attack is caused by an allergic reaction to certain triggers, you can try drinking chamomile tea for immediate relief.

2. Ephedra
This herbal remedy can help clear the bronchial passes.

3. Licorice Root
This can help reduce coughing which is a symptom of asthma.

4. Green Tea
This herbal remedy is also great in clearing up the bronchial passes to relieve congestion.

5. Nettle
This can effectively reduce the likelihood of attacks.

Natural asthma remedies include a product called BronchoSoothe. This is a homeopathic remedy that can effectively clear the air passages and can make way for easier breathing.

BronchoSoothe also prevails the constricting of the chest area. This helps boost the strength of the respiratory system and the immune system. This product only contains natural biochemical tissue salts so it is safe for children and adults to use.

You should always have natural asthma remedies just in case you need them. Include these in your regimen and you can improve your condition veryly.

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5 Hidden Asthma Treatment Guidelines You Must Know

Treating asthma is not exactly an easy thing to do. Mostly, it comes with a variety of other complications, making it difficult to tackle right away. This is why asthma treatment guidelines are in place so people can have a better idea about the disease and on handling it.

But did you know that aside from the general guidelines most people know, there are also the ones hidden from the public knowledge? This is good news, since it gives asthma patients more options in dealing with their ailment.

So, what are these asthma treatment guidelines that you must know about? Here the top five examples:

1. Study your conditions well. By taking note of what triggers and causes your asthma attack, you can be able to better inform your doctors about it, helping them give you the right diagnosis and medicines. You do not even have to be a rocket scientist to do this; just keep in mind to take note, even mental ones, about what has caused your recent episodes as that can help you understand your own ailment's patterns.

2. Understand more about asthma. By learning more about asthma, you can better have an idea about what's happening in your body. This can less your anxiety and help you deal with your condition better. If you understand your ailment, you can also have a good idea what has been causing your attacks and what first aid methods should you do to give yourself some relief.

3. Avoid triggers. Most asthma attacks are triggered by one thing or another. So, if you know what triggers your episodes, you can know how to avoid them to help you cut down your attacks.

4. Practice natural methods of treatment. Another one of the best asthma treatment guidelines to keep in mind is to try natural means of treating your asthma. Methods like herbal treatments and home remedies are proven to help manage and keep attacks to a bare minimum.

5. Let the people around you know about your condition. By informing the people around you about your condition, they can be more sensitive and help you deal with your ailment. Plus, there's nothing to be accused of when it comes to having asthma, so make sure to let your friends know about your problem – who knows, they might even help you further in dealing with your condition.

These are just some of the hidden asthma treatment guidelines that can certainly help you in dealing with your disease. Keep these things in mind, along with the other ways of treating asthma, and you can be sure to have an easier time living with the said chronic disease.

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How to Manage Asthma Naturally

Being a chronic disease that you can not really cure and get to go away, all you can do with asthma is to manage it properly so you can live your life with fewer attacks. But, how can you manage asthma naturally?

Mostly, what people advice as ways to get rid of or cure asthma are also the very same ways to manage the ailment. As mentioned earlier, there is really no way to make asthma completely go away since it is a chronic disease that's meant to return over and over again, but there are ways how you can minimize its recurrence to almost never. To do that, here are some natural ways you can try:

1. Exercise. One of the most effective ways to manage asthma naturally, exercising gives the body chance to get involved in some physical activities that can help in toning and strengthening specific body parts, especially the lungs. However, make sure not to overdo it, as it can also be harmful to your health.

2. Have a healthy diet. Of course, your diet also plays a big role in keeping you in top shape. A lot of asthma attacks are triggered by the food you eat, so by figuring out which food items set off your attacks and eliminating them in your diet, you can be sure to get fewer episodes.

3. Practice breathing techniques. One of the things asthma does to your body is it weakens your chest muscles, making it more difficult to take deep breaths during attacks. However, by knowing how to breathe properly with specific breathing techniques, you can be sure that you can handle your attacks.

4. Take home remedies. Home remedies have always been one of the most trusted ways to manage asthma naturally. Being perfectly easy to execute and cost-friendly, these home remedies can be the most perfect way for you to minimize your attacks. Just make sure to try those ones that do not involve any item you're allergic to or triggers your asthma attack, so you can be sure that you're handling your condition well.

5. Understand your condition. Probably the most important thing that can help you manage asthma naturally, learning a lot of things about your condition will really help you not only in finding ways to properly handle it, but also in what to do to make attacks more bearable.

6. Try herbal treatments. Herbs, like home remedies, have been in use to deal with asthma for over centuries now. And if it helped back then, there's really no reason why it should not help today. Just remember, again, to be cautious in what herb to take, though, as they may still cause some adverse reactions in your body if not taken carefully.

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6 Safe and Natural Treatments For Asthma

Are you suffering from asthma? It's pretty scary when you're coughing and wheezing and struggling to breathe. There's a good chance you've heard that conventional medical treatments for asthma can increase your risk of heart disease, infection, weight gain and osteoporosis. But did you know that non-steroidal bronchodilators can double your risk of having a heart attack. I'd like to share with you some safe, natural treatments that can effectively eliminate your need for dangerous drugs.

1. The Mind-Body Connection: For many years it's been known that there is a psychosomatic component to asthma. That does not mean it's all in your head, it means that one way of controlling strong emotions is to slow down your breathing and tighten up various muscles in your chest. Unfortunately this tightness can stay, weaken the immune system and can help bring on an asthma attack. When part of you wants to express emotion and another part of you wants to hold it back at the same time, it creates a tension chest and lungs. The conflict between these two powerful forces is called emotional armoring. For a year before I became a chiropractor I studied Reichian therapy. Dr. Wilhelm Reich used breathing and movement to release emotions. Since then, I've discovered that when you have emotional armoring in the lungs and chest, it can not only cause difficulty breathing but environmental allergies and asthma as well. I also developed a treatment called chakra or release of emotions or CARE which gently releases chronic emotional blockage in the lungs which can cause asthma and allergies to be chronic. Once the armor is released, you can breathe more freely, your heart will be more open and you'll have much more energy. In addition to CARE, there arenutritional supplements for asthma that are very effective.

Diet and Nutritional supplements for asthma include: Vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, probiotics and the essential fatty acids in fish oil. Several studies have shown that increasing vitamin C intake may improve lung function in people with asthma and provide a protective effect against exercise-induced asthma.Avoid all commercial milk products. They are notorious for making asthma worse.

Studies have suggested that children with lower vitamin D levels were significantly more likely to have been hospitalized for asthma. Vitamin D has been linked to immune system and lung development in utero, and studies show that higher vitamin D intake by pregnant mothers reduces asthma risk by as much as 40 percent in children 3 to 5 years old.

Much like vitamin D, higher vitamin E in intake has also been associated with lower frequency of allergic sensitivity. When you come in, I can arrange for you to have your vitamin D levels checked at a local lab. If you get your levels to about 60 ng / ml, there's a strong likelihood – especially if you combine it with exercise and balancing out your omega 3 and omega 6 fats that you will not experience the symptoms of asthma.

Healthy Intestinal Flora: Antibiotic use early in life has been linked to development of asthma. It is thought that antibiotics make one susceptible to development of asthma because they modify gut flora and thus the immune system. A very important test is the comprehensive stool specimen test. A DNA scan is done of your bowel movement. With this test, in addition to picking up bacterial infections, you can determine which probiotics you're low in and start supplementing them.

To review, come in to see if you have any emotional armoring in your lungs, thymus gland or in your brain. Get it cleared out as soon as possible and keep it cleared out. This often helps improve breathing immediately. Also, make arrangements to have your vitamin D and probiotic levels tested.

Chiropractic Adjustments: I can also check T3, the 3rd thoracic vertebra which houses the nerve supply to your lungs.

Allergy Testing: Attacks can be triggered by avoiding triggering factors such as allergens. Continuous exposure to airborne or food allergies can cause inflammation of the lungs and a weakening of the immune system. Build your immune system by coming in and having your allergies tested. Correcting the root cause of the asthma and allergies will help alleviate this problem tremendously.

Exercise – Get regular exercise (especially out in the fresh air) if you're an asthmatic.Research has also shown that asthmatics who exercise tend to show improvement in: Maximum ventilation, oxygen uptake and heart rate.

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Cure Asthma With the Food You Eat

Asthma, a respiratory disease, is broadly common among people today, both adults and children. If this disease is not taken too seriously, this would become a serious problem later. This would make the life of a person really miserable, uncomfortable, and difficult. It could even cause death to everyone who has this disease in the worst case. Today, there are many available treatments and medications in the market that are believed to treat or treat asthma. However, you can also choose an effective asthma diet that could also help you with your asthma problems.

Initially, you should eat raw and fresh foods more than the processed ones. It is even better if you avoid or stop eating them. Studies show that eating processed foods have a tendency to produce more mucus that would constrict the respiratory system. However, if you are going to choose to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and other fresh foods, you will really notice that your mucus secret will decline.

Water is also very important when you try to control your asthma. You should drink water frequently so as to regulate body fluids and other excess liquids. It is preferred to drink a glass of water every 2 hours. This will certainly help you prevent asthma attacks because it blocks mucus bulups.

Then, you should also eat foods with garlic and onions. These spices are well known with its anti-inflammatory property that would really help you, especially when there are asthma attacks. Add them to your dishes to enjoy their good taste as well as their therapeutic value in your health.

Finally, make sure to stay away from the foods that will certainly trigger asthma attacks. If your doctor tells you not to eat this and that, you should not. With just a little sacrifice, discipline, and will, you are going to prevent and cure your asthma.

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The Causes of Asthma & Its Symptoms

Asthma, which is pronounced AZ-muh, is a lung disease that has the following characteristics:

  1. Airway construction that can be of varying intensity, yet is reversible.
  2. Inflammation of the airways, and
  3. Bronchial hyperresponsiveness

Asthma is one of the leading chronic illnesses in children, and it manifests itself as a difficulty in breathing due to inflammation of the bronchial tubes which are particularly sensitive to allergens and irritants like pollen and pollution.

Asthma is one of those diseases that can not be cured so patients have to control it by using inhalers containing medicines that can relax and open the airways and allow the patient to breathe.

Symptoms of asthma:

  • people with asthma often cough especially at night or early morning making it more difficult to sleep.
  • There is often a whistling or squeaking sound when you breathe.
  • The asthma can give your chest tight feeling as if someone is squeezing your chest making it more difficult to breathe.
  • Asthmatics will often have shortness of breath, because quite literally they are not getting as much oxygen into their bodies as they need.
  • Fast or noisy breathing.

Not all people will have all of the symptoms and some symptoms may be worse than others. In some cases if the symptoms become severe the result can be a full-blown asthma attack.

An asthma attack can be a frightening episode as well as potentially life-threatening. When this happens the bronchial tubes contract making it harder to breathe air into the lungs. To make matters worse the cells in the airway make more mucus than usual which narrows the tubes even more. In some cases the asthma attack can prevent enough oxygen from getting to vital organs leading to a medical emergency that can result in death if not caught and treated.

To imagine what it's like to suffer an asthma attack, think about the sensation you would feel if you were drowning. You can not get enough air and you can feel the oxygen levels in your body decreasing to the point where you feel that you will pass out.

Asthma is increasing in the developed world because of the modern environment where air pollution from traffic and factories is on the increase. Even our homes can make asthma worse as a centrally heated home is nice and warm and the ideal breeding ground to dust mites. The dust mites will live in the carpets, and even your bed. It is there since vitally important to keep your home is clean, and if possible use a vacuum cleaner that contains a HEPA filter. These filters will remove over 99% of airborne allergens, dust mite debris and pollen from the air passing through the filter. That means that the air coming out of the exhaust of the vacuum is much cleaner than the air being sucked through through the vacuum head. Many people report vast improvements to their asthma and allergies after using HEPA vacuum cleaner in their home.

Asthma is a scary disease especially for the parents of children who suffer from asthma, because they are always worried when their children are at school or playing with friends that an asthma attack could happen. Some children may grow out of their asthma only to find it return later in life, while some people that have never had asthma develop it later in life. Knowing how to manage your asthma is the key to living with asthma.

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Asthma As a Long-Term Disability

When you feel like you are choking or can not breathe, you tend to panic, which can make your lungs want to breath even faster. However, the stress of this can constrict your airway more, making it difficult for you to get the oxygen that you need to survive. This is what asthma sufferers must deal with regularly. Thus, sometimes asthma can count as a long-term disability.

If you have an illness or injury that advances you from working, you may be unable to pay your medical and utility bills. However, as you struggle with your health, your medical bills can pile up, causing even more worry in your life. In cases like this, the Social Security Administration, or SSA, can provide you with coverage to help you with these bills. Additionally, long-term disability benefits can help you obtain the quality of life that you deserve.

To hasten the process of deciding whether or not you really have a disability, the SSA has a listing of Impairments that details a number of different problems that often prevent people from working. If your problem is on this list, you may be more likely to have your request for disability coverage approved. Asthma is on this list.

Asthma is a respiratory disorder that causes the airways to narrow, become irritated, or fill with mucus. This can cause chest pain, as well as wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. Sadly, an estimated 34.1 million Americans are diagnosed with asthma over the course of their lives. Because of this, working adults miss about 10.1 million workdays annually due to asthma. Also, according to the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, about 250,000 people die from asthma each year in the United States.

On the list of damaging conditions, there are several things that the SSA considers when it is determining whether or not your asthma is actually a disability. If you have chronic asthmatic bronchitis that significantly decrees the volume of your lungs, this may count as a long-term disability. On the other hand, if you suffer from attacks at least once every two months or six times per year, this may be a long-term disability as well. These attacks must not respond to medication, and they must require the intervention of a medical professional.

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Medications For Asthma Treatment

A respiratory disorder like asthma has lots of various treatments and curing procedures, most doctors do not subject their patients with just one kind of treatment, as there are some procedures and treatments that may be very effective for the patient than others.

Aside from treatments, the advent of medical technology also led to the discovery and invention of more medicines for this disease. Most doctors prescribe their patients with medications to less the chances of asthma attack of the patient. One of the most popular medication for asthma that has been available for decades is the nebulizer. A nebulizer is a device used to atomize, or reduce the particles of the liquid medication into an extremely fine spray, for the medicine to penetrate deep into the lungs of the patient.

This type of asthma treatment is very convenient and easy to use, especially if the patient experience asthma attack when outdoors. Nebulizer has been considered as the best first aid medication for an asthma attack.

There are actually two general types of medication that most doctors use for treating their patients. The bronchodialators and anti-inflammatories. Although each of these medications are clinically tested and proven to treat and reduce the chances of the disease's attack, each of these two react differently to patients, as most patients have different symptom, condition and degree of lung problem from each other.

Bronchodialators works differently from anti-inflammatories. Bronchodialators works best on stopping the attack, which means this is a good asthma treatment if the attack has already started. This is also good for patients who constantly experience attackpite of taking treatments and medicines. Health buff individuals that have asthma always bring bronchodialators with them, especially when working out.

Anti-inflammatories on the other hand must be used before attack occurs. This will not work when taking during the attack. This is usually prescribed by doctors to their patients to protect their bronchial tubes from irritants that are present on the air to prevent an attack from happening. This medication should be taken in the morning, before actually starting your day.

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