Asthma and Smoking – Learn the Negative Effects of Smoking On Your Asthma

The effects of smoking are bad for everyone's health, either you suffer from asthma or not. You do not have to be a smoker to experience the negative effects of smoking on your health. Second hand smoking or passive smoking is just as bad if not worse.

For an asthmatic person, smoking is extremely bad for their lungs. Smoke is already one of the common and worse triggers for an asthma attack, and they tend to inhale the smoke as they puff away. When a person inhales the smoke, substances get in the airways, and these are the substances that can trigger an attack.

Tobacco is particularly harmful to a person, because it promises to damage the cilia that are found in the airways. The function of the cilia is to get rid of things like smoke and dust out of the airways, so when the cilia is damaged, the cilia are unable to function properly. As a result, dust and smoke will accumulate in the airways, increasing the chances of an attack.

Smoking also encourages the buildup of mucus in the airways, which can also trigger an attack.

Smoking affects children just as they affect adults, but the effects are more detrimental. For a asthmatic child who is exposed to smoke, they end up with cilia which is damaged, substances and mucus in their airways. Children air passageways are smaller compared to that of adults, and as a result, the effects are worse.

Children with asthma that are exposed to smoke have to deal with the consequences of the triggers and the attacks, which is unfair because they are not the ones who are smoking. They have to pay for an action that an adult has decided to impose on them.

People who suffer from asthma have to do the best they can do to avoid smoke at all cost. If you have to quit, your health will benefit tremendously. Stay away from smokers and banish smoke from your home and your car. Go to restaurants that are smoke free, and if you have children, make sure they also do not get into contact with smokers.

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Natural Asthma Treatment Without Medication

Asthma is a respiratory condition that can be triggered by allergies, stress, and possibly exercise or working out. Millions are affected by this condition, and it makes it very difficult for people to breathe because of the narrowing of the passageway to the lungs. For people without asthma, it's like they are drinking through a straw. Natural asthma treatment without medication is possible and easy on the pocket book.

Most people who suffer with asthma have to be on medication or use inhalers to help relieve their asthma symptoms. Some inhalers can be very, very expensive, especially if the person does not have insurance. Not only that, but medication can be inconvenient as well because you always have to make sure you have it with you in case of emergency. Natural asthma treatment is all around, the best route to take because it's long term and even healthy for the body.

Here's some different options you can check out for natural asthma relief.

1. Since allergies are directly related to asthma, do a search on what allergies you're allergic to. You can even have this done at the doctor's office so that you'll know exactly what to avoid. If you can prevent allergies from flaring up you can also prevent asthma as well.

2. Asthma makes it very difficult for you to breathe when you're having an asthma attack. It's important to practice breathing exercises and get enough exercise. This will ensure that your lungs are strong and will make the asthma attack easier to manage.

3. Try doing yoga. There are different yoga positions that will help allow the lungs to open up even more. The camel pose is a known method to help with breathing and is a very effective natural asthma relief.

4. Diet is also essential. You want to get make sure you get enough foods that are high in omega 3 fatty acids, like salmon. Fish oil is also a very effective supplement when it comes to treating asthma. Vitamin B's and C's help with infection should not be neglected either.

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Ways In Which To Prevent Asthma Attacks

Asthma attacks can be scary for both children and adults, therefore, some of the things that can be done to keep it at bay are:

No Cold Air

Protect yourself from breathing in cold air as much as possible. If you are living in a warm climate area, this may not be much of a problem for you. However, if you are living in an area where you usually experience winter, it will pose a challenge.

Neverheless, when you are outdoors, always walk with a hat and a scarf or something that will help to keep the breeze out of your face and make sure that you are covering your nose area.

Avoid Smoke

Keep away from everything that gives off smoke. This includes tobacco products and exhaust from vehicles. If you use the public transit regularly, do not forget that you will pass people on the way who will be smoking a cigarette etc.

It is best to keep your eyes out for these things instead of waiting until you can smell the first scent of it, to move away from the area.

Avoid Chemical

Keep away from chemicals as well. Some chemical scents are stronger than others are but they are no less dangerous. If you have to use one of these products make sure that you protect your noise from breathing in the flumes and keep away from the area until the scent is completely gone.

Some household products are very powerful, like bleach for example. If you have to use it, try diluting it first, before using it.

Strong Odors

There is no difference when it comes to strong odors, such as perfume. Therefore, be very careful when you are testing them.

Cold And Cough Medication

Do not take any over the counter medication, if your doctor did not give you the green light to do this. This could in fact, cause what you are trying to prevent from actually happening. Therefore, if you do catch a cold, talk with your family doctor about it before doing anything else.

Reduce Stress

Stress is also something that you should see about cutting down, because it can certainly cause your body to shut down.

Therefore, if you are working in a very stressful job, stress management will certainly be in order.

Use Humidifier

It is a good idea to keep a humidifier in your home. This will help to keep the room at a reasonable temperature. If the humility is too much for you to handle, at bedtime, do not forget to put it on several minutes before entering the room.

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Finding a Cure For Asthma

The idea that you can get rid of asthma is unfortunately a lie for asthma sufferers. There are also some false beliefs surrounding the condition. For example, the belief that asthma can be “outgrown” is not correct. Roughly 50% of young children who suffer from asthma will have their symptoms lesson or become “inactive” during their teenage years, yet the condition will not completely disappear and can frequently reappear during their lives. Another myth held by some individuals is that asthma is considered a psychosomatic disease and that there is nothing actually wrong with the sufferer but instead is “all in the head.” This way of thinking can be fairly harmful and may even encourage attempts to ignore the symptoms which may cause loss of life if you accidently trigger an asthma attach or neglect to deal with the asthma attack when it happens.

So if you suffer from asthma then you are unfortunately stuck with it for life. Still there are a lot of means to control the condition and several things you are able to do to be sure it is not as awful as it can be and that it may be deal with.

For those with more difficult cases of asthma the treatments are naturally inhalers which should be used on a regular basis, and in other cases during specific attacks. These are named 'preventer' and 'reliever' inhalers respectively and include steroids to prevent or bronchodilator drugs as relievers which loosens the muscles in the airways. They are breathed in so reaching the airways directly, which also means a lower dosage should be used as well.

So inhalers may behaving as a 'cure' of sorts by permanently keeping in line the situation and if you experience only mild asthma then a preventer inhaler might be adequate for a while. Furthermore from utilizing a reliever you can “cure” your cases of an asthma attack. We call this an asthma management plan, and will be provided to you by your physician.

A different way to help manage your asthma is to move to another location. Simply moving to a different location can occasionally be sufficient to help diminish the symptoms too, particularly if you move someplace warm that has clean unpolluted air (and no allergens) and that does not have lots of smokers, traffic or steep hills to go up . This way you will experience several fewer triggers for the condition and will suffer less as an income. Once again, not a remedy, but something that will make a meaningful difference.

Other techniques to lesser the effects of asthma are to acquire relaxation techniques and breathing methods that can assist you in regaining control of your breathing and loosen the muscles in your neck more (just as the reliever inhaler would do). Exercising is also an effective way to improve your bodies' ability to use the oxygen in the air and to pump it around your body (your 'VO2' max) and so can make you less sensitive to attack. Swimming is an especially effective (or 'optimal') exercise for asthma sufferers.

Therefore with dedication and hard work you can meet and diminish cases of bronchial asthma. However do not be taken in by hopes of 'remedies', naturalistic or otherwise. This is something that regrettably you are stuck with for your lifetime or at least until scientists manage to come upon a new technique or medicine. Do not waste your money, but do check into good methods to improve your management of what can be a serious and harmful condition.

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What is Asthma Or Bronchospasm?


Asthma is a chronic (long-term) lung disease that affects our airways (the small tubes that carry air in and out of the lungs).

Asthma symptoms include shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing and feeling tight in the chest. Each person with asthma may have different symptoms.

Children and young people with asthma have airways that are almost always red and sensitive (inflamed). These airways can react badly when children and young people with asthma come into contact with an asthma trigger.

Asthma triggers

Asthma trigger can be anything that irritates our airways and causes asthma symptoms. There are many triggers and the common triggers include house-dust mites, colds, viral infections, pollen, cigarette smoke, furry or feathery animals, exercise, outdoor air pollution, laughter, excitement and stress. There are many people with this chronic disease and each one of them may have different triggers and most of the time they can have several of them. It is important that anyone with asthma should know his own triggers and try to stay away from them or take precautions.

What happens during an asthma attack?

When a person with asthma comes into contact with an asthma trigger, the muscles around the walls of the airways in their lungs are tightening so that the airways become narrower. The lining of the airways becomes inflamed and begins to swell, making it difficult to breathe and leading to symptoms of shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing or feeling tight in the chest. It is at this point that the person with that disease will need to take a dose of his reliever medicine.

What does asthma feel like?

Every person can feel different asthma.

Asthma varies in severity from person to person. Some people will experience an occasional cough or wheeze, while for others; the symptoms will be much more severe.

Some people with asthma may occasionally need to take time off work if they have come into contact with a trigger (for example contact with house-dust mites). Some people with asthma may experience those symptoms after contacting with feathery animals and as a result they can suffer at night and become tired at work.

Avoiding known triggers where possible and taking the correct medicines can usually control asthma effectively for most children and young people.

To help with asthma control, all people should have regular asthma reviews with their doctor or nurse. They should also have a personal asthma action plan.

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How To Keep Pollen Away If You Suffer From Asthma

People who suffer from asthma can have an asthma attack if it has been triggered. There are a few substances that can trigger an attack such as dust, smoke and pollen, and just staying away from asthma triggers will ensure that you lessen the chances of an attack occurring.

There is more pollen in the summer and spring as compared to the other seasons. Most of us love being outdoors especially during the summer, but for an asthma sufferer, this is not a good idea as you will be exposing yourself to pollen, which may trigger an attack.

Here is how to ensure you avoid pollen, so that you less the chances of an asthma attack:

• Stay indoors for days that have a high level of pollen, especially days that appear to be windy. Ensure windows and doors remain closed, to prevent air that has pollen from getting inside the house.

• If you have plants in your garden with a lot of pollen, consider a garden with low allergen plants and shrubs. This will lessen the amount of pollen that you are in contact with.

Pollen tend to be in high volumes during the early morning and at night. Make sure that you are indoors during these times, to less the contact.

• If it happens that you are in contact with pollen, make sure that you wash your hair before you go to bed. This is to make sure that the pollen that is possibly in your hair is washed off before you get to bed, where it might get on your bedding.

• Refrain from hanging your clothes outside, in contact with the air. This will allow pollen and dust particles to be on your clothes, which is not a good idea. Rather use a dyer or hang your clothes indoors.

Pollen is only one of the allergens which can trigger an asthma attack. There are others that you need to look out for, so you are better able to protect yourself.

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Children With Asthma – How to Treat Children Suffering of Asthma

It is extremely painful for a parent to watch their child in pain or suffering and not knowing how to help them feel better. Asthma is a difficult disease for most adults, and for children it is even worse, because they might not even know how to help themselves. To make matters worse, they do not understand why there are not like other kids, or what this disease actually means for their tiny bodies.

Parents who children suffer from asthma need to educate themselves as much as they can about asthma in children. Once the parents understand in detail what they are dealing with when it comes to the disease, they are in a better position to explain to the child what it is and what it means.

Children with asthma will need to be taught how to take better care of themselves so that they are able to avoid things that can trigger the asthma. Even more importantly, they will need to be taught what they should do in case an attack strikes, strategies that will help them manage their disease.

Hygiene is extremely important for managing the asthma. The house will need to be cleaned thoroughly, to less the chance of the child getting in contact with allergens or dust mites, which could trigger an attack.

The entire house needs to be cleaned thoroughly: the carpets, curtains, bedding, walls, floors, and their toys, basically anything that the child may come into contact with that may make the asthma worse. Get rid of pets as well, as pet hairs are one of the culprits when it comes to asthma triggers.

If your child is at an age where he goes to school, it is important to let the teachers know your child's condition, so they can assist the child in your absence if needed. They too need to understand the importance of a clean classroom and things that can trigger an asthma attack in your child, so that they can re-enforce it when your child is at school.

It is possible for children with asthma to lead a normal life. Precautions just need to be taken, and hygiene measures need to be practiced. The child needs to be informed about his disease, and the care givers and teachers need to be informed about the disease, so that they know how to deal with an emergency if need be.

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Asthma And Nutrition – How Does Nutrition Affect Asthma Sufferers

The foods that you put into your body, will determine how healthy and how strong your immune system is. Different foods will give your body certain health benefits and if these foods are healthy, they will supply your body with vitamins, minerals and nutrients that will strengthen your body, so that the body functions effectively and optimally.

In the case where a person is suffering from a medical condition, a healthy diet will make an even larger difference in how that person can manage their disease. In the case of asthmatics, nutrition plays a vital role. Foods that have little nutritional value, will do nothing for the body, except makes it less able to cope with the asthma. This will result in more frequent and severe asthma attacks.

There are foods that will even worsen the asthma, foods that promote the constriction of the passage ways to the lungs, which can trigger an attack or make an attack severe, such as foods that are high in sodium and salt.

Let us take an obese asthma sufferer for example. An obese person already has health complications, in addition to their being obese. They may expose their bodies to other medical conditions that come with obesity such high cholesterol and high blood pressure, not to mention the high fats that are already in their body.

In essence, this person, in addition to them being asthmatic, they have added potentially 3 more medical diseases to their health, all of which will make their body more susceptible to more medical conditions. This in turn will worsen their asthma even more, and will make it difficult to manage the asthma.

The best diet for an asthmatic is one which consist of fruits and vegetables, low fat varieties, seafood such as salmon and tuna, as well as lean meats. This is to ensure that they only consume foods that have good fats, thereby eliminating trans fats.

A great diet will not improve the health of an asthmatic, but it will help one lose the extra pounds that are worsening the asthma.

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Coping With Asthma – Learn How To Live With Asthma

For a lot of people, dealing with asthma is not an easy feat. Most people have to learn to manage the disease, and make the necessary lifestyle changes to prevent the attacks or reduce the severity. Some people have to be on medication for most or all their lives, and this alone can make life extra difficult.

If you suffer from asthma, one of the first few things that you need to do is to inform the people who care about you and those that live with you. Your family love you and they will want to support you and help you manage the disease better. It also helps if they understand what makes the disease more difficult to manage, like if one of your family members is a smoker, they will need to understand why they can not smoke in the house and what it means for your condition.

Most asthma sufferers get medication that is prescribed to them, when the disease is diagnosed. It is important to have the medication with you at all times, just in case you need it in an emergency. Sometimes there are no warnings to when an attack is going to strike, and other times, you may even be exposed to asthma triggers without knowing or planning for them.

You may have to make lifestyle changes that will make it easier to manage your asthma. For instance, if you smoke, it is in your best interest to stop smoking. Also, have a look at your diet and be aware of the foods that you eat. Stay away from foods that have too much fat, too much salt and foods that cause your air passageways to constrict, making it difficult to get air to the lungs. A nutritionist will be able to help you in deciding what the best diet for you is.

Do not despair and be depressed just because you suffer from asthma. Asthma sufferers can still live, healthy active lifestyles, it just takes a bit of effort on your part.

You just need to avoid asthma triggers such as pollen, eat a healthy balanced diet, make sure you lose the excess weight and learn as much about your disease as you possibly can, and you will be on your way to preventing attacks.

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Asthma Triggers – How To Get Rid of Asthma Triggers In Your Home

When you live with asthma, or a loved one is suffering from asthma, one of the best ways to manage asthma is to ensure the house is clean. Cleaning the house thoroughly will help get rid of allergens that can trigger an asthma attack.

To properly get rid of allergens that may be found in the house, the house needs to be cleaned thoroughly, at least once a week.

Most houses have wall to wall carpets, this is to make provision for the cold winter months. However, carpets tend to be dirty, and they usually have a lot of dust or bacteria in them. This is definitely bad news for an asthma sufferer, and the carpets need to be removed if you want to get rid of things that can trigger the attack. Just by removing the carpets, you will have removed the bulk of the allergens that were hiding in the carpet, making the house safer and cleaner.

The next best thing, that also tend to harbor dust in the home is curtains as well as bedding. Most of us tend to wash these after a while, but for an asthma sufferer, that is not good hygiene. These need to be washed regularly at temperatures above 60 degrees, so that they are free of dust and other allergens.

Smokers will need to be banished from the house. Smoke is a threat to an asthma sufferer, and will pollute the air in the house, increasing the chance of an attack for the asthma sufferer.

Even after cleaning the house and getting rid of smoke, there might still be little dust particles in the air. If the asthma does not get better, you can install an air filter, which will filter the dust articles off the air in the house.

When an asthmatic is a in a clean place, with minimal allergens and clean breathing air, their attacks will be less severe and further apart.

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Help With Asthma – 4 Ways To Help With Asthma Symptoms

The first thing to do for people who need help with asthma is to get medical help. Your doctor will be able to diagnose it properly for you, and recommend some medications to best manage the disease. The medications however, can be dangerous, expensive and they come with side effects that make you feel crappier.

For most of us, myself included, breathing is one of the most natural things that we do, it is something I do not even think about. But for Asthma sufferers, it can be the difference to getting that next breath, which for some, can be difficult, painful and scary.

• The surroundings of an asthma patient, can determine the next asthma attack. Smoke is one of the triggers for asthma, so if you live with a loved who suffers from this disease, or you are a smoker and you suffer from this disease, the first thing that you must do is to quit. Quitting anything is never easy, but if it helps you with your asthma or helps a loved one, there is really no question about it. The lesson here is to minimize the exposure of a sufferer to dust and other pollutants like smoke.

• Also, we bond with our pets so intimately. However for an asthma sufferer, having a pet around can be detrimental to their health. Animal hair is one of the largest culprits, and as much as I hate to say this, it will help your asthma if you got rid of it. Once you do, make sure you get rid of all the hair in the house, by vacuuming thoroughly.

• Coffee to the rescue. Do not go overboard with this, but coffee has been said to be a potent bronchodilator. This means that it is able to open your passageways, allowing the air to pass more easily to the lungs. Tea and cocoa also have the same effect. So the next time you feel like an attack is coming and you do not have your medicine, just have some coffee.

• Dairy products like milk or cheese are one of the largest culprits to an asthma sufferer. This is because they constrict the bronchial passageways, making it difficult to breathe.

There is a lot of help available for asthma sufferers today, some of which are natural and some which involve normal medicine. The bottom line is, your disease is manageable and you can relieve the symptoms of asthma for good.

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Is Asthma More Common Now Than It Used To Be?

It's a fact that asthma is diagnosed more often than it used to be and has a higher public profile than ever before. In Britain something like 1.1 million children are taking asthma medication, while in the United States the most common chronic childhood disease is asthma. In this article we will look at a few of the ideas put forward that may help explain the rise in asthma diagnoses amongst the general population and children in particular.

Oddly, one of the reasons for asthma being more common may be due to generally better health among people. How these works is that children in particular do not get many colds and other infections meaning that their immune systems are not as tested and worked as they could be. When children come into contact with harmless everyday things such as pollen or house dust, their immune systems go into overdrive and this may cause asthma. It's been noticed that children who live in rural areas and on farms are less likely to develop allergies or asthma. Dusts harbor certain bacteria that produce an endotoxin (poison) that actually actually makes asthma worse in sufferers, but if kids are exposed to this endotoxin early on it may give some protection against allergies and asthma.

Modern homes are double-glazed and centrally heated; older homes often had draughty windows or doors and were heated with open fires so that there was plentiful natural ventilation. Modern homes with less natural ventilation will tend to have higher concentrations of fumes and gases produced in the home and it's possible that this can have an adverse effect on our airways and lungs. Less ventilation would also mean that the many household cleaning substances commonly in use in our homes such as bleach, paint stripper and carpet cleaner could also be partly to blame for the recent rapid increase in asthma. Energy efficient homes have higher humidity and temperatures and it's known that dust mites, a common trigger for asthmatic attacks, and molds thrive best in these conditions.

Asthma may be being made worse by our changing diet. These days families eat a larger proportion of processed foods that contain many kinds of artificial additives such as Tartrazine (E102), Monsodium glutamate (E261), Sulfites and Sulfur Dioxide (E220,221,222,226,227) or Benzoic acid (E210) all of which are known to be asthma attack triggers. A recent study found a link between children who ate 3 or more burgers a week and asthma which was most noticeable in rich nations where diets include plenty of so-called 'junk-food'. But meat-eating itself was not thought to be the cause but probably an indicator of other environmental or lifestyle factors that raised the risk of becoming asthmatic.

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Causes of Asthma and Ways to Prevent Exacerbation

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease that is triggered by inflammatory responses causing airway narrowing, excess production of mucus membranes causing mucosal edema. Recurrent episodes of asthma is oftentimes caused by a specific allergen resulting from multiple symptoms including productive cough, rigidity of the chest, wheezing sound upon exhalation and difficulty in breathing. In the previous record of Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States last 2001, they stated that more than 17 million of Americans have asthma and 5,000 of them died in the end of the year because of the said disease.

Asthma, compared to the rest of the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD) is significantly reversible either naturally or with the use of specific treatment. Asthma patients may elicit periods of symptom-free and alternating days of exacerbation which last from minutes to hours or in worst cases, days. Target population of asthma is small children despite this disease can occur at any age. The death rate of this disease continues to rise in the tally of mortality every year even though technological advances is making its way on the most sophisticated regimes to treat this disease. And, majority of asthma patients consider this disease as a disrupted disease due to it does not only hurt an individual physical activity such as sports but also interfering with school, work, occupational choices and ways of life.

For most cases of asthma, allergy is the most blamed cause. In such a way that if a person is exposed to various airway allergens for a long period of time, he or she has the greater risk of developing asthma. Seasonal allergens which are common includes grass, pollens and tree weeds while perennial allergens includes dust, molds, roaches or any other animal dander or fur. For acute exacerbation of asthma in asthmatic patients, the leading causes are airway irritants like air pollutants, cold temperature, heat, climate change, strong scents or fumes, smokers either from industrial plantations or cigarettes, exercise, stress, emotional distress, sinusitis with post nasal drips, medications, viral respiratory tract infections, and gastro esophageal reflux disease.

Asthmatic patients should be vigilant in submitting themselves for a series of test to identify the substances which precipitates their symptoms. Most of these substitutes are very much found in the environment. Thus, the environment of asthmatic patient should be modified to ensure that it is free from a substance which triggers asthma attack. Also, patients are instructed to avoid these substitutes as much as possible. Knowledge is the best key to improve quality of asthma care to get rid of complications that put patients at risk and even fatality. Complications include status asthmaticus, respiratory failure, and lung collapse. Obstruction in airway passes particularly during the course of asthmatic episodes results in decreased oxygen concentration in the body which is a fatal condition. Patients are in close monitoring of oxygen saturation and arterial blood chemistry. Also, fluids and electrolytes are administrated due to dehydration from diaphoresis and fluid losses during hyperventilation and excessive mucus production. In this way, patients suffering from asthma are ensured of quality management to reduce case fatality.

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How To Treat Asthma Without Medication

Asthma is caused by a number of allergies, stress and possibly exercise, and it is a medical condition that causes one to have difficulty breathing because the passageways are narrowed, therefore making it difficult for air to get to the lungs.

Most asthma sufferers have to be on medication to help manage the disease, but the downfall with the medications is that some of them are costly, and there are always the side effects that they come with. Treating asthma naturally without medication is a better option in the long run, and can offer amazing health benefits.

Here is how can one treat asthma naturally, without medications:

• The first step will be to find out what the person is allergic to. Since some asthma attacks are linked to allergies, knowing what the sufferer is allergic to will help in avoiding those things. If a sufferer avoids what they are allergic to, they are more likely to not suffer attacks, or at least lessen their frequency.

• Asthma sufferers need to stay away from foods that have a high salt or sodium content, and focus instead on foods that contain magnesium. Magnesium in the body reduces the asthma symptoms, not to mention other health benefits.

• Because an asthma attack makes it difficult for the sufferer to breathe, being able to breathe properly will be very beneficial for a sufferer. A sufferer should practice breathing, preferably on a daily basis. This is to ensure that their respiratory system is strong, for when an attack strikes.

• The diet needs to combine foods that treat asthma symptoms. These include foods that are high in omega 3 fatty acids like salmon as well as foods that are high in magnesium. Do not forget to include fruits and vegetables that are packaged with vitamins such as vitamin B and C, which help to reduce inflammation.

• Consider doing yoga. Some yoga positions such as camel pose are known to open up the chest, helping the patient with breathing.

Asthma sufferers do not have to go through their entire lives on medication, it is possible to prevent the asthma symptoms naturally and forever.

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Natural Asthma Home Remedies

The side effects that come with asthma medications are vast, and some can be detrimental to the body and ones health. They include: nausea, vomiting, insomnia, kidney and liver damage, weight gain, irregular heartbeats, stomach cramps, dizziness and a whole lot more. These side effects make it extremely difficult for asthma sufferers to have normal active lifestyles.

This article is geared at making people more aware of what the medicines can do to ones life, and realize that there are natural ways to manage the disease without the use of medications, inhalers or the dangerous side effects.

Here are some natural asthma home remedies that will alleviate the symptoms that come with asthma:

1. Include supplements, minerals and vitamins in your diet. Most people do not get the nutrients and vitamins that our bodies need to function optimally and effectively, from the food that we eat. Therefore our diet may lack some of the most important vitamins and minerals that are needed for an asthma sufferer. Vitamin C, D, E, Calcium, Magnesium and Omega 3s are some of the vitamins and supplements that if taken, depending on the requirements of your body, can significantly alleviate the symptoms of your asthma.

2. Use natural herbs daily to strengthen and nourish your body. Some herbs like stinging nettle and oat straw, have a lot of benefits for an asthmatic as they have a lot of vitamins and minerals that can improve overall wellness and health.

3. Have you tried aromatherapy? A lot of asthma patients are in fear of when the next attack may come, and as a result they experience fear, anxiety and sometimes even depression. Aromatherapy can help sufferers cope with the everyday living with this condition as some of the oils that are used are anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory, not to mention that they can reduce the stress levels and anxiety in sufferers.

Asthma does not have to control your life, you can be asthma free and live the life you want.

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