Common Asthma Attack Symptoms

Asthma attack symptoms are extremely important for asthma sufferers or their care givers. When you learn to recognize them, you are in a better position to prevent an attack and you will know what to do to offer assistance. The attacks can be extremely frightening to go through, or to witness, and knowing the symptoms can help prevent one from occurring, or becoming fatal.

Learn these asthma attack symptoms:

1. A person who suffers from an attack will experience some wheezing. This is one of the most obvious symptom for a sufferers, and can be triggered by an allergic reaction, fatigue may also contribute to wheezing.

2. Another obvious symptom for an asthma attack is coughing continuously. It helps if the patient is sitting up straight to avoid blocking the trachea and to minimize choking.

3. An attack may also make it difficult for a patient to speak. Not being able to speak may be associated with other medical conditions such as strokes, however, if the person is wheezing and coughing, it will be clear that they are suffering from an asthma attack.

4. A patient may also suffer chest pain during an attack, and they may have difficulty breathing. They will also experience shortness of breath.

5. An attack is frightening, so when a person is experiencing an attack, they are under severe fear and panic, and this can result in a full blown anxiety attack.

More asthma attack symptoms include:

• Rapid breathing
• Sweating
• Tightened neck
• Blue lips or fingernails
• Difficulty performing normal activities

One of the best ways to deal with a person suffering an asthma attack, is to call for help. Make sure that you try to calm them down, and reassure them that help is on the way.

For asthma sufferers, the best ways to avoid or prevent an attack is to make sure that you get rid of whatever is stressing you, that may result in an attack. Also avoid all the other triggers such as dust, smoke and pollen that could possibly trigger an attack. Sometimes, even a viral infection can trigger an asthma attack.

Asthma sufferers need to manage their asthma on a daily basis and avoid the triggers that can cause an attack.

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Different Types of Tests to Confirm Asthma and Allergies

People who are suffering from asthma and allergies often do not know that they themselves are having it until the asthma attack and allergies strike. Therefore, if you feel that you could be down with asthma, you should go for a check up immediately. Tests and procedures will be transported out to ascertain the diagnosis. The type of diagnostic studies that the doctors carry out depends on the results of your physical examination and your medical history.

These are some of the tests and procedures that doctors usually carry out:

Skin testing for allergy

Skin testing is a highly recognized standard for identifying sensitivities to certain types of allergens that would normally trigger the symptoms of asthma. This is because allergy skin testing can effectively indicate the level of sensitivity of the skin to any particular allergen. It is very useful in identifying the patient's sensitivities to pollen, food hypersensitivities, insect stings, molds, dust mites or even animal dander.

Skin testing involves applying drops of allergen on one's skin, and puncturing or pricking the skin with a device to see if the skin shows any signs of adverse reactions. The skin will usually react and forms a lump similar to a mosquito bite if one is allergic to the allergen.

Carrying out spirometry

For patients who have symptoms which include cough, wheezing and shortness of breath, the doctors will normally assess his or her lung functions by performing a spirometry to examine whether asthma is the main cause of the condition.

A spirometer is a sophisticated machine that can measures the airflow from one's airway before and after inhaling with a short-acting bronchodilator. This method is the most accurate way of determining whether airway obstruction exists and whether the patient has a high chance of recovery. Doctors may also carry out other lung-function tests if they feel that other respiratory conditions exist, which may aggravate the underlying medical condition.

Radioallergensorbent Testing (RAST)

The doctors may carry out RAST to diagnose the allergic sensitivities and the possibilities of triggering one's asthma symptoms under specific circumstances. The doctors will examine the severity of one's condition before deciding whether to conduct this test.

Alternative procedures for diagnosing asthma and allergies

Below are some of the other alternative tests to confirm the diagnosis of an asthma or allergy:

– Oral food challenges

– Elimination diet

– Thyroid function test

– Tympanometry

– Blood test

– Nasal smear

– Rhinoscopy

– Chest and / or sinus X-ray

– CAT (Computed Axial Tomography) scan

– Bronchoprovocation

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Natural Asthma Treatment That Will Improve Your Health

A lot of asthma sufferers are looking for natural ways to help alleviate their symptoms and with good reason. Some of the medications that they on are bad for the body in the long run, and they have to deal with side effects, not to mention the fact that some of them are extremely expensive.

Here are 3 natural asthma treatments that you can use to alleviate your discomfort and symptoms:

1. Hydrate your body, preferably with pure water. Most people, children included are dehydrated, and some of the medical conditions, such as headaches, high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, that one can suffer from as as a result of dehydration or are made worse because the body is dehydrated. People should drink water through the day. The best test for whoever one is dehydrated is the urine, if your urine is smelly and dark, that is your body telling you, you need water in your body.

2. Take a look at your diet and change it if you have to. Most people eat a lot of junk food, which results in obesity, illnesses and malnutrition. The foods that a person with asthma should reduce or possibly get rid of include dairy, wheat, sugar, processed foods and foods that contain a lot of trans fats. These foods cause inflammation and excess mucus and can be detrimental for an asthma sufferer. You can feel better just from reducing these foods from your diet, and you will also be improving your overall health.

3. Clean your home, thoroughly. Homes for an asthmatic need to be thoroughly cleaned and the air in the home needs to be clean also. This includes your floors, walls, carpets, curtains, couches and every surface in the home. However, most people clean the house, but they use detergents that are harmful to their health. These include anything from laundry detergents, soaps, fumes from paint and carpeting, kitchen and bathroom cleaners, furniture polish, glass cleaners, and more. These are all making your asthma worse, you need to move to detergents that are made for sensitive people. Preferably, you need to start buying detergents that are safe and natural.

Just from implementing these natural asthma treatments, you are already on your way to reducing your asthma symptoms, feeling better and living healthy!

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Lose Weight If You Want A Chance To Overcome Your Asthma

Obesity affects millions and millions of people around the globe, and it can be fatal. It can be fatal because people run the risk of health complications and diseases, some of which are life threatening. If a person already suffers from a medical condition or disease, obesity worsens that condition by adding more complications, so it is worth everyone's while to change their eating habits and get on an exercise plan.

It is the same with asthma. People who are obese or overweight are more likely to suffer an attack as compared to people who have normal weight. Every asthma sufferer who is obese or overweight needs to commit to some sort of weight reduction plan, and have a look at their diet.

A lower body weight will reduce the persons blood pressure. A high blood pressure can be fatal for an obese and asthmatic person, and so losing weight will not only improve ones confidence and appearance, but will drastically improve their health.

Losing weight has so many health benefits to an asthmatic, one of which includes lower the glucose that is in the body. A high amount of glucose increases the risk of diabetes as well as cholesterol, which are extremely critical in the health of an individual. As you can see, being obese or overweight comes with a lot of complications that lowers the quality of life, not to mention a lot of visits to the doctor.

Before you change your diet and include an exercise plan, make sure that you discuss this with your doctor so that you do not impede further complications to your life. When it comes to exercise, you want to start slow, so that you do not exert too much pressure on your body, especially if you have not been exercising in the past.

Next will be to talk to a nutritionist about your diet, and they will be able to come up with a healthy nutritious plan for you, one that will ensure you stay healthy, are energized and caters for your medical condition.

Once you implement these diet changes and include exercising, not only will you feel better, you will look better and your attacks will become more and more infrequent.

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Asthma Free Forever Review

If you have been suffering from asthma you know that this problem can be devastating and pretty annoying to say the least. If you are a sufferer you also know that finding a cure can be a daunting task, since many treatments promise plausible results without being able to make anything happen. The Asthma Free Forever is a new e-book that hit the market a few months ago. Its author, Jerry Ericson, is a man who has been suffering from asthma for many years until he found the way to cure his condition for life, throwing away all the medication and his over the counter drugs and products he has been taking.

1. What Is Asthma Free Forever?

Asthma Free Forever is an e-book that aims at teaching you the methods and ways that Jerry Ericsson used to cure his condition. According to his book, if you follow the methods and cures he suggests you will see the asthma disappearing and it will be gone within a few days. The program gives you easy to follow and clear directions on what to do and how to do it.

2. How Does Asthma Free Forever Work?

It is a step by step program that takes you through the process without meeting any doctors. It is not about taking any medication or drug therapies, and it has nothing to do with over the counter solutions. It is a program based on wholly natural solutions, therefore there is nothing about side effects. Only natural treatments are suggested and they are suitable for everyone who suffers from asthma regardless of age and gender.

3. Product Details Of Asthma Free Forever.

Asthma Free Forever is a program that comes with 60 day money back guarantee and comes at low price – only $ 37. It also comes with some bonuses that will prove very helpful, such as details on certain superfoods such as spirulina and chlorella, a guide with 177 ways to burn more calories and body fat, and information on how water can be healing. The main e-book with the additional bonuses on healthy and good dieting and the nutrition secrets is a great weapon against asthma and towards a healthy lifestyle.

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What Is a Chronic Asthma?

Chronic asthma is asthma where the condition has already worsened to the point that it affects an individual's way of life. During this point, the person who suffers from chronic asthma may need to be hospitalized or requires special medical attention. Generally, asthma affects the air ways that take breath in and out of our body, these air ways also take air into and out of the lungs. If these air ways were affected, they flareup and swell and this results in the short of air reaching the lungs. Since the lungs need a regular dose of air every second, asthma poses a very serious threat to the sufferer's life.

Chronic asthma sufferers is required to carry their medication around always and where ever they go. If a person knows the symptoms of an imminent asthma attack, then he or she already knows how to manage the condition. This is great so as to avoid the attack from occurring and also from becoming a potential life threatener. If the medication is taken immediately once a symptom becomes evident, then chances of having chronic asthma can be significantly reduced.

Chronic asthma sufferers should also let the people around them know about their condition. Most importantly, their family members, friends, colleges and workers, and even the people at school. This is especially required to those whom they have contact with most of the time. This will help in managing asthma better and so that they would know what to do in case an attack occurs.

Chronic asthma is not something that should be taken lightly. If you have a personal doctor or medical professional who can look after you, the that is very good. But for those that do not have constant access with their doctor and medical health practitioner, they should regularly visit doctors to have them look at their condition and see what proper diagnosis and treatment can be done. Additionally, the person should have an extensive knowledge about his or her own condition. Knowing a great deal about their chronic asthma will enable them to live a normal lifestyle and manage asthma better.

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What Are the Various Ways to Prevent Asthma?

In order to prevent asthma, we must understand first what it is and what causes it. Asthma is a chronic disease that causes your body to overly react to specific substances. Asthma attacks such are evident through its symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, tightening of the chest, and shortness of breath. Causes of asthma are varied from person to person. Each person has different trigger. But there are the most common allergens such as dust, pollens, pollutants, strong odor and even certain weather conditions. There is no definite and long term cure for asthma, but there are a lot of ways to prevent asthma.

In order to prevent asthma from getting worse at home, be sure to use HEPA or high efficiency particulate air filters on vacuums and air purifiers. This filter can remove micro sized allergens such as pet dander and pollen. In cases of severe asthma, consider removing carpets and replace them with flooring. Allergens build up in carpets even after vacuuming. While cleaning the household, you need to wear protective mask. Dust and the odor of cleaning solutions can bring about asthma attacks.

Avoiding outdoor allergens to prevent asthma may be quite difficult next to impossible. But there as some preventive measures that will help limit your exposure to allergens and irritants. Try to limit your outside activities to a minimum, and if you do get outside more often, then you can always wear a protective mask. Do not be embarrassed for wearing one since it is understandable in this time of age. The mask not only prevents allergens, but also help prevent cold air from coming into your lungs which can cause asthmatic attacks.

Medication is also used to prevent asthma. One of the most recommended anti-inflammatory medications are corticosteroids. It is usually prescribed in the form of oral inhalers. This medication can decrease the inflammation of the airways over time. Another prescribed medication is leukotriene blocker, this preventive medication have the capability of producing infection can halt the ability of cells from signaling one another to flareup. Although both medications are advised by doctors to be taken daily, they are not meant to provide immediate relief.

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What Is an Asthma Pathophysiology?

Asthma pathophysiology is a physiological disorder that is associated with an injury or certain disease. This makes asthma pathophysiology a process of dealing with the functions of the parts mainly affected by the allergic or asthmatic condition. These parts are almost always affected when one has an allergic or asthmatic attack. What occurs when one has an allergic or asthmatic attack is that the airways enlarges and air can not pass through. This does not allow the symptoms of asthma to be felt. Symptoms of this include wheezing, coughing, difficulty in breathing due to the tightness in the chest cavity, and also shortness of breath.

An allergic trigger is what can cause an allergic or asthmatic attack. The trigger in turn is anything that can cause irritation and swelling in the airways causing the asthmatic attack. Those who research about asthma pathophysiology are trying to understand how to deal with these conditions the best way possible. Allergies and asthma has no definite and lasting cure. So what asthma pathophysiology tries to find is the ways of curbing the symptoms. When understanding asthma pathophysiology you are trying to understand the processes and mechanisms whenever an allergic and asthmatic attack occurs.

What you can learn from this is that aside from curbing asthmatic symptoms is that different people have different allergic triggers. This means that what can cause an allergic attack from one person, may not necessarily implicate that it can also cause an attack on another person. The attack also differs in severity. Asthma pathophysiology affects the lungs due to the airways of the lungs engorging. When the swapping occurs the air can not reach the lungs or even come out from it. Even though it does get in or go out, it never is enough.

What are the most common causes of asthma pathophysiology? The most common leads us to family history of asthma, eczema, and allergies. Also pregnant women who smoke can cause their unborn infants to have asthma pathophysiology once they are born. There is also the other causes such as environmental pollution, viruses, and irritants from both at home and at the workplace.

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How Asthma Management Can Be Done

Asthma is something that a sufferer has to live with through his or her lifetime. Whether you are a child or an adult, asthma knows no age. Since there is no definitive cure for asthma, what one can do is proper asthma management. If a person is diagnosed with asthma, all that you can do is accept it and learn to live with it. This is where asthma management comes in.

Being capable to do asthma management should start at home. Clean your home thoroughly and make sure that every corner is dust free and bacteria free. What you can do is regularly, as in daily, vacuum the house and dust off some of the items that tend to get a lot of dust. Also, if you are the sufferer or the person in the household is within the house during the time of cleaning and dusting off, wear a protective mask. This keeps allergens from getting into your airways through the nose and the mouth.

Another asthma management method is to identify the two different types of inhalers used for asthma. You do not need to have two inhalers, but in some cases you may need two inhalers. One type of inhaler is used to prevent asthmatic attacks and this is taken in regular intervals. The other type of inhaler is used to relieve in case of an occurring asthma attack. Knowing how different the two is will help you in your asthma management.

If you have asthma it does not mean you do not have to enjoy physical activities such as sports and other stuff. What you just need to remember is to try and limit yourself from too much physical activities. Consult your doctor or medical professional as to what sports or exercises is okay for you to engage in. Do not let asthma stop you from being physically active even at least with exercise. Asthma management even requires you to be physically active so as not to let your immune system be weak.

Helping yourself and / or the sufferer understand asthma will help you to not limit yourself due to your chronic condition. That is why, with good asthma management, you can still lead an active lifestyle.

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Cure Your Asthma – Learn How to Completely Drive Dust Mites Out Of Your Home

Everyone, okay most people like to stay in a clean environment that is safe and healthy. It is the same with mites, I doubted anyone would want to share their home with them.

And sometimes despite our efforts to keep our houses clean, the small mites can get into the house. While for most people it is just plain irritating, for someone who suffers from asthma, it is dangerous for their health. This is because they are one of the most powerful allergens which trigger asthma attacks.

For asthma sufferers, I can not stress the importance of getting rid of dust mites out of the home. Here is how you get them out of your home permanently:

1. Step one is to reduce the humidity in the house, and this can be achieved by using a dehumidifier. Also important is to make sure that all the rooms are properly ventilated.

2. It may be worth your while to buy a vacuum cleaner that comes with extra filtration. This will aid you in vacuuming all your carpets and the furniture. Things that can not be washed regularly are the largest culprits, because the dust mites and their eggs will be mostly hiding there, so these are the things that should be vacuumed regularly, at least once a week.

3. Get your bedding, curtains, duvet covers and the blankets washed. Wash them at a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius and higher, to ensure that the dust mites and their eggs are destroyed during the washing process.

4. If you have kids, make sure you sterilize all their toys with boiled hot water. If they can not withstand the hot temperatures or they can not be washed, put them in the fridge overnight. This is a sure way to kill the dust mites because they can not withstand low temperatures.

5. It is also important to get the dust mites off the mattresses, and get them cleaned. The best way to do this is to take the mattresses out of the house, especially when the temperatures are low.

As you can see, dust mites will not win if you use these safety measures and keep your house clean. These measures will ensure your house is hygienically clean for you and your loved ones, and the chances of an asthma attack will be slim – at least the ones that would be triggered by the dust mites.

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Asthma Symptoms – Ways To Tell If You Have Asthma

Our bodies have a way of letting us know when there is something wrong, we usually feel sickly or that something is off, that is why it is important not to ignore anything that our body is trying to tell us. When a disease is picked up early, it is better than when it is picked up late because there is a better chance that it will be treated effectively before it gets worse.

It is important to be able to pick up the symptoms of asthma, as it is with any other disease. As I said earlier, the faster it is picked up, the better your chance of effective treatment will be. So it is very useful to know what the symptoms characteristic for certain illnesses or conditions are.

Even though not all persons have the same asthma symptoms, the most common symptoms for this ailment are excessive coughing, which becomes more acute during the night, wheezing, pain in the chest or a kind of pressure inside the chest and difficulties in breathing.

These symptoms are more visible during an asthma attack, and they may even disappear completely after the attack with certain people. Some people my still experience the symptoms, in mild form even when they are not under attack, that is why most asthma sufferers are encouraged to keep their medicine at hand, where they are or wherever they go ..

Sometimes a person may feel tired, or moody or coughing after exercising or at night, these should also not be ignored. They are associated with allergies and there is a link to asthma.

These symptoms are the early indicators of asthma, and you should seek medical attention. It is better for you if the doctor rules them out to not be connected to the asthma than for you to sit and assume that it is minor and that there is probably nothing wrong with you.

Do not ignore what your body is trying to tell you. Rather go see your doctor and let him clear you for medical conditions or any suspensions that you may have.

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Which Daily Supplements Can Prevent Or Even Treat Asthma?

Most asthmatics have to undergo treatment in order to agree better, and live normal lives. For the most part these involve their medication and an inhaler. However, there are also minerals and vitamins that when taken can nourish the body of a sufferer and ensure that it is active and is not deficient of any necessary minerals and vitamins.

Not all supplements will be useful in preventing asthmatic attacks, and some supplements may actually be dangerous to the sufferer. The proper supplements must contain the necessary antioxidants, such as Vitamin E and selenium. Vitamin C, which is a very effective antihistaminic, must also be included in the daily recipe of supplements. The vitamins if taken will less the chances of attacks and they will also alleviate the symptoms if an attack occurs.

There are more supplements and foods that if taken will also lessen the chance of an attack. Sufferers are encouraged to take fish oil because it is a good anti-inflammatory, and the recommended daily dose is 2 to 4 mg. Also magnesium, glutamine and pantothenic acid are also substances which should be supplemented if you suffer from asthma. They will not only protect your body from the outer factors, but they will also prevent the occurrence of an asthma attack.

Also recommended for the asthma sufferer is folic acid, the Vitamin B complex and zinc, they will aid the body in functioning properly.

The best way to determine which supplements your body needs the most, one will need to do some blood tests. Your doctor will be in the best position once this is done to prescribe the supplements that will make you body stronger and lessen the occurrence of attacks, everyone is different.

Take care of your body by ensuring that you eat proper foods, do some exercise and exercise the necessary hygiene measures to ensure that your asthma is under control and does not worsen.

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What You Need to Know About Sports Induced Asthma

Sports induced asthma is a form of asthma that manifests during sports, exercise or any other strenuous physical activity. Since induced asthma only manifests itself after a strenuous physical exertion, it can surprise the sufferer due to its sudden and unprecended attack.

There are various causes that can lead to the increase of sports induced asthma. One is being exposed to a very polluted environment. Air pollution is most common factor that can be attributed that leads to asthma. Regular exposure to pollution both at work and at home can severely damage a person's immune system. After which if that person engages in physical activities such as heavy exercises and sports, then asthma attacks could follow. If not immediately, then soon enough it will occur.

Another factor that can cause sports induced asthma is constant temperature and environmental changes. Athletes that train in a particular temperature or climate exposures them selves to different situations which can trigger an allergic response from the body that can lead to sports induced and its complications.

There is no permanent or even long term treatment for asthma, in whatever form it takes, but there is a lot of preventive steps you can take to ensure that you are not constantly exposed to the dangers presented by induced asthma. Like any other asthma, asthma caused by exercising can be administered through lifestyle and medicine.

You should also try to consider the factors that could directly trigger the asthma such as the type of exercises or the length of time a person devotes to exercise or sports. Also, take note in what situations of an exercise or sports does asthma attack. Environmental factors as well as changes in temperature can also greatly spell the difference whether or not a sports induced asthma could attack.

Whenever the asthma attack does occur, immediate action is required right away. Further delay may get the sufferer exposed to life threatening dangers. Consult a doctor or health professional about what medications and what preventive measures can be taken to manage this problem better.

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Asthma Help and Warning Signs – What You Need to Know

Asthma is an inflammatory disorder of your airways, the passes that carry the air you breathe to your lungs. These airways become increasingly smaller as they progress down into the lung area. As if these passage ways were not narrow enough, asthma cause these airways to narrow even more resulting in breathing difficulties. The broadening narrowing is a result of the tightening of the muscles that surround the airways, the swelling of the inner lining, and increased mucous production.

With all of this going on in your airways, if you are having an asthma episode you are sure to experience one or more of the following:

  • Sudden sunset of coughing (without a cold or other respiratory illness)
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Fast breathing
  • Wheezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Poor skin color
  • Hunched over Posture
  • Sunken space between the ribs while breathing
  • Anxiety
  • Out of breath after physical activity

To experience what an actual attack might feel like, jog in place for two minutes to get your heart rate up. After the two minutes, pinch your nose with your fingers and try breathing in and out through a straw. You'll only need to do this exercise for a couple of seconds to get the idea.

If you have experienced warning signs or the straw experiment feet very familiar to you, you might have asthma. This is especially true if you are in the high risk group, which includes the following:

  • Children
  • Low income, urban residents
  • Some minorities
  • Those with a history of allergies
  • Those who have a hereditary disposition for asthma

Be sure to check with your doctor to be formally diagnosed and to learn the asthma treatment options available to you.

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Eucalyptus Plant As an Alternative Asthma Treatment

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the respiratory system. The causes could be environmental or genetic. Symptoms of asthma include wheezing, cough, chest tightness, or shortness of breath. This condition has no permanent cure. Using medication, the severity of the attack can be reduced and temporary relief can be obtained.

Asthma attack can occur at anytime or anywhere. It can only get aggravated or triggered more often depending on the allergens in the environment around us. It is advisable to keep medication for immediate relief handy. But if one has no stock left and faces an attack, it is worthwhile to have eucalyptus for temporary relief till medical help arrives.

This is an alternate medicine for temporary relief only. Many medicinal products like cough drops, liniments, vaporizers and steam inhalators use eucalyptus as its ingredient.

Planting a eucalyptus tree in your yard will definitely come handy at times of an asthmatic attack. Pluck a bunch of leaves crush them with your fingers and put them in a tub filled with hot water. Now, inhale the steam from this tub for immediate relief.

If one has oil made from the extracts of the tree, put few drops of the oil on a towel and let the ailing person inhale the fumes of the oil. This is also found to be equally effective. Given that many of us may not have the place to plant a tree buying eucalyptus oil from a store would be a better option.

Eucalyptus is considered to be an alternate treatment for asthma when the attack is mild or as a first aid.

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