What Causes Asthma? – A Look at Asthma Research

Asthma research has shown that it is due to a variety of factors though they also recognize that they really are not sure what causes it. Some of the leading theories are increasing amounts of pollution, genetic mutations, hereditary genes, and other environmental and biological factors. Due to its striking affliction to many young people and almost no historical record of its existence it is likely caused by man-made stresses.

Pollution often contributed to asthma attacks, but since the industrial revolution when pollution was rampant, widespread, and unknown, pollution has been steadily decreasing in urban areas even with the increasing amount of people who are constantly polluting. There is no doubt that clean air is great for asthma sufferers but asthma research suggests that pollution alone may not be the cause.

Hygiene is thought to have an effect on asthma as well, but not in any way you would think. Increases in hygiene in the last century have prone many exposures, especially among children. It is theorized that some of those infections may have been important to developing immune systems and if they are not deal with at a young age they can come back with a vengeance at an older age. This is why children are subjected to the chicken pox at a young age. If it is contracted at an older age it can be life threatening. Allergies that may not have ever surfaced in a dirtier world can come back and cause asthma today.

Allergies may be one cause, but it is also partly psychosomatic. Many asthma sufferers have attacks that are induced by a certain state of mind such as stress or anxiety. Simply forgetting an inhaler or puffer can cause some sufferers to have an attack, but it is not caused entirely by the mind.

One of the more “out there” theories argues that weather modification techniques where microscopic particles of aluminum are released from high altitude planes are causing the sudden increase in asthma. These cloud seeding techniques have been widely used since at least 1998 which saw one of the largest increases in asthma diagnosis, especially in acute adult asthma where there are no prior symptoms. While breathing particulate metal is certainly not good for the immune system, the real problem is with the bacteria and viruses that propagate in the upper atmosphere. These have evolved without human interaction for possibly billions of years and have unknown effects on complex life forms.

It may be these bacteria and microscopic organisms that are causing the sudden increase in asthma diagnosis when the timeframe for both weather modification and asthma occurrences are compared, or it could simply be the medical community giving a name and medicine for something that has been common for a long time.

A healthy diet with plenty of antioxidants is considered to be the best way of preventing future attacks, but asthma research continues to discover new remedies and reasons everyday for this mysterious affliction which effects over 15 million people in the US alone.

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Tips on Relieving Your Asthma Without Medication

Eliminating the cause of asthma is one of the great solutions to alleviate the symptoms. The main cause of asthma is the environment of the asthmatic. This environment can cause severe attacks. Everything from dander to the moldy air conditioners can be the cause of asthma. A hygienic environment will do wonders for the asthma.

For the first step, you have to strip all linens and also wash in the anti-allergy detergent. These are where you usually lay your head to rest; therefore you need to rid these of all types of the allergens. You need also to wash your pillows and comforters on the regular basis. Asthma tends to get worse at the night so you have to be sure that you will have a good rest at night by preventing some attacks.

The dusts at your home as the particles are the major things that can cause your asthma. You have to clean anything form the headboards to the ceiling fans. You can purchase the best multi-purposes cleaner in order to tackle this thing.

Use the vacuum cleaner to clean your carpets. Or you can remove all your carpets as this is a good way in having ideal environment for asthmatics. Carpets can be a residence for the irritants and also allergens. If you do not remove them, you should keep them hygienic. Cleaning frequently can reduce the dust particles in your home.

After that, you can replace the filters of all air conditioning. Air conditioning ducts will get filthy in a hurry, and the dirty filters are useless. They will blow trough the air into your lungs. It is a great idea for you to check your air conditioner for leaks that may cause mold.

For the next step, you can get the air purifier. It is good for you to have this purifier in your bedroom and also in another area of ​​your home. This greatly reduces all the allergens by cleansing the air trough the filter. Remember to change the filters frequently.

For the last step you have to remove the animal dander. For you who have asthmatics, you should not have the pets inside your home. But if you need to have your pet inside your house, you have to keep at least a room dander-free.

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Get Rid of Severe Attacks of Asthma by Natural Asthma Remedies

If you are suffering from asthma then you know how difficult it is to live withpecially when you have a terrible attack and you really need to have a doctor get a breathing treatment. Regular asthma safe medicines can be very expensive and in some cases not very useful but there are also many herbal things that you can take to get better your asthma which is easier to manage. There is no need to give up with those medicines which you are taking but if you do some natural things you can get relief from your asthma. Asthma is a safe and treatable health disease but you really need to know the all facts so you can keep it under your control.

There is Eucalyptus oil also which has been found in many other places around the world which is a great way to treat your asthma because it has so many properties in it that progress your breathing airways nicely. Many of the places in the world are using this oil for a long period and have found that it really works well for improving your breathing system. It will always help you to get relief from your asthma; breathing and using a natural way to do this can improve you. It is also a good idea to use other cure as well that has confirmed to work well for the people.

Always remember that treating your asthma naturally and with herbal care can be a wonderful way for you to reduce the amount of expensive medicine that you want each day for your health. And using eucalyptus oil also can help out you to breathe better and try something more well that many people have found useful to treat their asthma.

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Asthma Natural Treatment and Remedies That You Ought to Know

Asthma is the most commonly heard respiratory disorder that can affect any person irrespective of age and gender. Millions of people through the world are chronic sufferers of this disease. The disease can be kept in check through proper treatments and in mild cases it subsides with time. In this disease the air passages or tubes that facilitate the oxygen flow in and out of lungs gets inflamed causing severe breathing difficulties leading to spasm in the chest. Congestion in the chest also occurs due to the sticky mucous making things much more difficult. In serious conditions supportive breathing arrangements need to be provided by means of oxygen cylinders.


Persons suffering from asthma face extreme difficulty in breathing followed by spasms in the chest. Occidentally mild fever persists with coughing, wheezing conditions worsening early in the morning or at night making conditions tough for sleeping.


The exact cause of this chronic respiratory disease is not clearly defined but definitely the body immunity level does play a vital role in its occurrence. Other causes are –

1. Exposure to allergens like pollens, dust mites and other air borne agents.
2. Prolonged suffering from cold and respiratory tract infections.
3. Seasonal changes
4. Residing in polluted environments.
5. Heredity
6. Sometimes pregnancy can induce asthma but it subsides after the child birth.

Natural Remedies for Asthma

Natural remedies in treating asthma are equally effective than using inhalers and nebulizers and the disease should not be left untreated.

1. Regular intake of 3-4 dry figs soaked in water helps in clearing the phlegm from the obstructed passes.
2. Taking few grams of dried Indian gooseberry with honey early morning helps in treating asthma.
3. Taking lemon juice mixed in a glass of water along with the meals helps in curing asthma.
4. A mixture of ginger juice in a cup of fenugreek decoction with few drops of honey acts as a good expectorant that dilutes the mucous.
5. A paste of bitter gourd roots mixed either with equal amount of honey or basil leaf juice, if taken daily at night is a good treatment for asthma.
6. Boiling 10 garlic cloves in about 30 ml of milk and taking it once a day is very effective in curing asthma at the initial stages.
7. Adding minced garlic in steaming ginger tea, if taken daily in mornings and even hopes prior to the aggravation of the disease.
8. Massaging mustard oil mixed with camphor at the back of the chest provides relief during the spasmodic attacks of asthma.
9. Licorice root tea is also a good treatment in curing asthma.
10. Regular physical exercises including deep breathing exercises are highly beneficial in preventing the asthmatic attacks.

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How to Use a Nebulizer

If you are an asthmatic or someone who knows an asthmatic, it is beneficial to know how to use nebulizer. Nebulizers can save lives in dire consequences of sudden asthma attacks. This article will tackle how to use a nebulizer.

Firstly, what are nebulizers, and what are they for?

Nebulizers are devices that transform liquid medicine into mist. The mist is inspired to treat respiratory disorders and ailments, like cystic fibrosis, COPD, but usually asthma. Nebulizers are also sometimes used for aromatherapy treatments.

There are two kinds of nebulizers, one is the ultrasonic nebulizer and the other is the compressor nebulizer. Both are as effective as one another. Compressor nebulizers use air to transform the liquid medication into mist, while the ultrasonic nebulizer use vibration to turn the medication into mist. That pretty much is the difference between them, as well as the fact that ultrasonic nebulizers are usually more portable.

Below are the usual procedures on how to use a nebulizer that will surely be helpful for first time asthma patients or for people who have loved ones with asthma.

1. Before using a nebulizer, make sure you wash your hands and keep them clean. Make sure the nebulizer is clean.
2. Open the cup and place the medication inside the cup. Close the nebulizer cup.
3. Connect the tubing into the nebulizer and attach the mask (usually for infants and young children) or mouthpiece (usually for older children and adults) to the nebulizer cup.
4. Turn the nebulizer on and make sure mist is coming out of the mouthpiece or mask.
5a. If you are using a mouthpiece, hold the mouthpiece with your mouth and gently bite onto it. Gently breathe in and out using your mouth. Keep holding the nebulizer cup in an upright position.
5b. If you are using a mask, place the mask over the mouth and nose. Keep holding the cup in an upright position.
6. If the nebulizer starts to sputter, that means that most of the medication is gone. Tapping the nebulizer cup can help the remaining medicine to drop to where it can be turned into mist.
7. Clean and dry the nebulizer and the nebulizer parts after use. Make sure the nebulizer is completely dry before storing it in a cool, dry place. This way, you can keep the apparatus from hosting germs that can cause infections and make the patient's condition worse.

Keep this in mind: nebulisers are used only during an asthma attack and not prior. Therefore, a stock of the prescribed medicine should be kept in a cool dry place where little kids can not reach.

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Things You Must Know About Asthma

Asthma is a disease of the lungs; it affects your breathing mechanism. It is triggered by certain irritants, which are known as triggers. You could have acquired this disease from your parents too since it is hereditary in nature. Cure for asthma is easily available these days. Unlike few decades ago, the death rate due to this disease was quite high. In fact, chronic breathing problems often caused early deaths among people. The current situation is far better, advancement in medical science has increased longevity.

Earlier, drugs were administered through oral medicines. The medicine would enter the patients blood stream and work on the lungs. However, with the advancement in medical science, medicines are not administratively administered. The doses are delivered in the form of sprays and pumps, which are inhaled through the mouth or nostrils. This system enables the medicine to work directly on the affected area, ie lungs. The medicine does not enter your blood stream and offers quick relief. There are different types of asthma and in this article, we will discuss some of the common types.


Allergic asthma: This condition occurs when you come in contact with an allergen or trigger. The trigger could be a food item, stress, environmental pollution and so on. For instance, you may get an attack if you inhale smoke, chemicals, vapors, dust etc. Similarly, certain foods like ice cream, cake, junk food too may have an allergic reaction. Stress too causes this condition.

Nocturnal asthma: In this type of breathing problem, the patient does not experience any breathing difficulty during the day. An attack is triggered only in the night. Typically, the patient may feel uneasy between 12 pm to 8 am. Medical attention is required for curing this condition.

Cough induced asthma: This occurs when there is congestion in the lungs. When lungs are blocked with cough, they can not function properly. Chronic bronchitis or sinus condition can also cause this condition.

Exercise induced: Some of the symptoms of exercise-induced breathing problem may be wheezing, coughing and panting. However, minor breathlessness is natural during and after exercise. If you experience severe breathlessness and choking then you must consult a doctor to check if you are asthmatic.

The treatment or cure for asthma should not be delayed. It requires medical attention since it can aggravate if left untreated. There are some other types of breathing problem too like occupational, child onset, adult onset and steroid resistant asthma.

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Treatments For Asthma – Which Ones Are the Best?

There are as many treatments for asthma as there are variations of it. Generally speaking, these treatments may be loosely categorized under three major groupings: Clinical or Medical Approach, Natural and Herbal Approach, and the Psychological Approach. These are not mutually exclusive and one most definitely will encounter one of each when prescribed by any expert in any given field.

The reasons for such rich diversity in treatments stem from the fact that there are so many variations of the disease itself. There are non fatal types of asthma, and there are also fatal forms of it. Symptoms are not readily identifiable save for the severe cases where asthma is indicated by a progressive and often debilitating inability to breathe. It is therefore important for the patient to have his or her condition observed and analyzed by a qualified medical practitioner. Doing so gives the advantage of historicity and record keeping which can be cross referenced to prior cases and instances.

Keeping a record is vital because it may help the doctor identify which particular course to take should the initial prescriptions fail.

Delving in a combination of these approaches would only be effective once the results are correlated with the observed data. It does not need mentioning that it would not do so much good if you could find a cure but not know which of the cures that you used proved to be the most effective.

Although the treatments for asthma are diverse, they have their own distinct advantages. For example, clinical solutions are best known to cure asthma by taking into account the clearing of the body's air ways. Although such physiological solutions may be effective, the introduction of synthetic substances may have undesirable side effects.

Natural and herbal approaches take the more pragmatic approach by alleviating the symptoms of asthma.

The psychological approach is also a preventive mechanism that addresses possible triggers by identifying and avoiding them. It is also a vital aspect in treatment in that having a robust sense of well being and wellness could instill a sense of preparation and high morale in dealing with the disease. Studies have shown that patients who have good self perceptions, attitudes and morale tend to do better than those who do not.

In forging a union between these three approaches to the treatments for asthma, the patient is given the advantage of addressing not just the disease itself, but the consequent effects that may affect the quality of life.

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All About the Problems of Asthma

Are you a person that sufferers from the condition of asthma, or some kind of allergy? If you do experience the problems then you are going to want to know as much about it as possible so that you can be prepared so that it does not effect your life on a daily basis.

The reasons why a person may be suffering from asthma can vary from person to person, and because of this there are people where the problems are miner but there are other who can experience serious attacks.

How are you going to be able to tell if you are a person that is going to suffer from a serious attack? You are going to have to be prepared and take some serious action if you are already experiencing some difficultyy in breathing. The reason this occurs is because of the low oxygen content in the body.

The best way to make sure that you are prepared for the condition of asthma is to visit a healthcare consultant and seek professional advise. If you go in and get a detailed check up done you will be able to better prepare yourself in the case of an attack, and you will be able to treat the problem much more effectively. A healthcare consultant usually does quite a few different tests to make sure the individual is actually suffering from a case of asthma. Of course the only person that will be able to give you detailed information about your asthma is a qualified doctor, and after that they will give you the best treatment options that are available to you.

In most cases the problem is deal with with giving the patient medication that will help to treat the allergy. This medication will decrease the inflammation that has occurred in the respiratory systems lining. What these medications do is decrease the chemicals that cause the narrowing and inflammation of the bronchioles and bronchi lumen. You can not just start using asthma medication without the guidance of a medical doctor because you could be putting your health at risk.

The best way to prevent the onset of an asthma attack is to make sure that you live a healthy lifestyle. You have to learn to live a lifestyle that Promotes your health. You are going to have to consume a diet that is full of vegetables, and lean meats. You have to learn to choose and purchase foods that promote your health, and stay away from bad food choices that can cause you problems. Do not allow the problem of asthma to take control of how you live your life.

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How to Combat Asthma, With a Diet of Yoga

Some people claim that the best way to tackle problem of asthma attacks is to get a yoga diet as quickly as possible. The rise of people that are on unhealthy diets full of bad fats and a lot of carbs is on the rise, and this is in most cases the problem for why people are suffering from asthma. The best diet for those that are suffering from the problem of asthma is to get on a diet that is full of sattvic foods. These foods are natural and very good for the health.

A lot of the people that suffer from asthma are lacto vegetarians. Countless research studies that have been carried out suggest that the best way to tackle the problem of asthma is to get on a diet that is purely vegetarian. The reason is because the protein that you find in meat products is very hard to digest and so it causes unnecessary strain to the digestive system. What you need to do if you find going full on vegetarian is to cut down your consumption of red meat. After a while of cutting out red meat you are going to get more and more used to it, then be able to finally remove red meat from your diet completely. Being a full vegetarian has many benefits for the health, and especially those that are suffering from asthma. You are going to have to cut down on the amount of poultry, fish, and eggs that you consume. If you have to eat sea foods then do not at any reason fry them.

You also need to know that the people that suffer from asthma need to limit the amount of fats, carbs, and proteins that they consume. You can also greatly improve the situation by limiting the amount of grains that you consume, but stock up on the green veggies, and fresh fruit. You should also try to consume more dried fruits such as berries, oranges, black raisins, and prunes. You also need to have plenty of natural organic vegetables.

As a person that suffers from asthma you should also consume a lot less food to avoid the discomfort that you experience. If you eat too much at every meal you sit down for then you are going to bring unnecessary discomfort to yourself. You should also take your time when consuming food. Drink plenty of water and chew your food. When you are consuming food you should avoid drinking water until you finish eating.

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Natural Asthma Treatment – Find Out How it Works

It is a fact that there are many natural asthma treatment methods that span across the globe. This may be described with the fact that this disease has been in existence in history in all the nations of the world. Historically speaking, asthma has been described as early as the existence of the Ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Greeks. It was even described in Homer's Illiad.

It is understandable for different cultures to swear by their own methods given the possibility that their treatments may have a psychosomatic effect. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, while it is possible that the disease may not have been cured at all, the remedies that are prescribed may have had an effect on the symptoms. Arguably, this is more important than actually having a rubber stamp that says 100% cured because the effects of asthma are more often the reason for desiring a cure.

Natural asthma treatment, like its clinical counterparts are also as diverse in its delivery methods and applications. Both prescription drugs and natural solutions come in the form of the three states of matter, which are solid, liquid, and gas.

Liquid concoctions are usually derived from combining a mixture of herbs and herbal derivatives such as plants, roots, stems and tree barks. The same goes with solids. Formulations derived from aerial solutions, often come in the form of vaporized herbal materials or the water vapor of boiled herbal components.

However, one should also take note of the existence of treatment that goes beyond the three basic states of matter. There's also the psychological approach which seeks to address the prevention of certain asthma conditions by preventing emotional triggers. Stress is one of the more prominant triggers for an asthma attack. Ensuring that the subject is not placed under a stressful environment could do great wonders that could prove to be more potent than any sort of concoction.

With that said, one must be able to accept the fact that it is possible that asthma may be a lifelong ordeal that must be endured by an asthmatic. Symptoms may arise periodically during the course of the life of the patient and nothing can beat preparedness and accurate information in ameliorating the symptoms of the disease. The more accused the patient with the idea that treatment could span his or her entire life, the more that he or she is prepared for the ordeal. In this sense, one must be able to see natural asthma treatment not as a treatment, but as a way of life.

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Home Remedies and Natural Asthma Cure Tips

Some of the very beneficial home remedies for asthma are available in your kitchen or cupboards, but most of the people do not know about it, rather than you run for a doctor to cure asthma. In this article we will guide you to cure asthma naturally with the help of simple home remedies, which you can make yourself or readily available at your home.

Here are the few list of remedies to cure asthma are:

Calcium is also essential for Asthma patents, take milk, Spinach (Palak), Amaranth (Cholayi). Carrot Gooseberry (Amla), Paneer, Arrow root (Paniphal or Singhada) etc.

In one cup of hot water mix one spoon of lemon juice, two tablespoons of Honey and a spoon of Ginger juice. Drinking this daily helps to cure Asthma.

Garlic juice mixed with Honey or Garlic juice with hot water can be taken everyday is very good for Asthma patients.

Eating Turmeric powder With hot water is a good remedy for curing Asthma.

Ginger, Long pepper, Black pepper (Kali Mirchi) in equal quantities powdered and one spoon of this powder taken with Honey everyday cures Asthma.

One cup of cow milk or goat Milk mixed with a spoon of Turmeric Powder, Black pepper powder and Sugar taken everyday helps to cure Asthma.

Boiled milk with turmeric powder (haldi) (1 table spoon) added could be taken instead of coffee or tea in the morning and night.

Drinking sweet lime (Mosambi) juice with hot water, Cumin (Jeera) powder and dry Ginger powder (Sonth) helps in curing Asthma.

Please make sure that you should check out the complete list of home remedies, which are suitable for your life style and ingredients you use to prepare for home remedies are available at your home. Our main task is to make home remedies for asthma cure by just sitting at home.

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Asthma Attack Treatment – Tips to Alleviate Asthma Attacks

If you're reading this and this is the first time you've encountered an asthma attack and are looking for an asthma attack treatment on the Internet, the first thing that you need to do is calm down and call a medical professional.

Dealing with a severe attack can be a very frightening experience. I would assume that you are not the one who is experiencing the attack since you are able to read this article. Again, calling emergency medical services is still the best way to go. If you are waiting for them to arrive and are in need of further instructions here are a few things which you should do.

Note that this should not be treated as actual medical advice.

1. Quickly ascertain whoever the victim has relieving medication with her. If he / she is still conscious, find the reliever and then if possible have the patient administrator it herself so she would know how much puffs to take in.

2. Ensure that the victim sits down in a position that would not aggravate breathing. It's very important to note that the victim should not lie down.

3. Make sure that the victim's clothing is loosened.

To be sure that you are prepared even before an attack takes place, here are some symptoms prior to an asthma attack. Identifying the symptoms, is important to be sure that the situation that is taking place requires the administration of asthma attack treatment.

1. Excessive night coughing
2. Regular shortness of breath during times of physical exertion
3. Mood swings
4. Regular symptoms of ordinary colds such as runny nose, congestion and short breath.
5. Intense wheezing after exercising

There are different stages in approaching an asthma attack. Pre-attack preparations such as medical consultation and diagnosis is one of the most important ones. A licensed medical professional would be able to determine exactly what kind of pulmonary condition is being addressed. Once the appropriate diagnosis is made, the medical professional would indicate the correct asthma treatment and medication for the situation.

Post-attack approaches includes further diagnosis and observation of the effectiveness of the medication and treatment prescribed. Adjustments would then be made to ameliorate any deficiencies. Asthma diagnosis requires extensive observation since different patients may exhibit different symptoms. An asthma attack could well be within the tolerable range to the fatal. Precise diagnosis and reports of symptoms would further lead to better prescription of asthma attack treatment.

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Learn About Asthma

Asthma is a long-term chronic lung disease that inflames and narrows the airways causing recurring periods of wheezing, coughing, chest tightness and shortness of breath. Coughing usually occurs at night or very early in the morning. It can not be cured even when one okay okay and can occur at any time. Any one can get asthma despite their age. In the United States more than 22 million people have been diagnosed with asthma and around 6 million are children. However there are modern ways to manage the disease and one can live normal and active lives and sleep without interruptions.

Asthma's exact cause is not known but several factors studied by researchers are believed to be some causes: inheritance from parents with asthma, contact with airborne viral infections during infancy before immunity have developed or even an inherited tender to acquire allergies referred to as atopy. Other people may develop asthma because of exposure to chemicals or in industrial work places something referred to as occupational asthma. A lung function test performed frequently can be one safe way to diagnose asthma.

Asthma is a long-term disease but when well controlled one brings quick requirements of relief medicines is reduced. One also prevails disturbing symptoms such as coughing and shortness of breath. Since asthma mostly results in emergency attention, when well controlled such occurrences are reduced or even being admitted to hospital. To achieve this, identify and avoid things that can aggravate your asthma, keep track of your asthma level, get regular checksups for your asthma, use medicines as your doctor prescribes and get regular checks for your asthma.

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Asthma Cures – Is There Such a Thing?

Not all asthma attacks are created equal and since not all asthma cures are sufficient for the world's 300 million asthmatics. This complex disease is affected by a wide variety of factors that are not strictly known today. Factors such as the environment and genetics all play a role in determining the type and degree of asthma. Throughout history, different remedies have been prescribed both within the medical field and without. Thus, a wide range of prescription drugs exist in the market today to address asthma on different levels.

To date, there are literally hundreds of prescription drugs and delivery mechanisms that all try to address the symptoms if not the disease itself.

Loose classification of such asthma cures are as follows:

1. Liquids – A few examples of which are Airomol Liquid, Airomol Liquid PD both by Caimol. Albutamol Syrup by Centaur. Betasma Plus Syrup by Vilco Lab.

2. Tablets – Bambudil Tablets by Cipla. Betaday Tablets by Solares. Betnesol / Forte Tablets by Glaxo. Coszin Tablets by CFL.

3. Inhalers – Asthalin Inhaler / Ecopack Inhaler / Rotacaps by Cipla. Azrol Inhaler by Solares. Beclate Inhaler / Rotacaps by Cipla

These are but a few of the cures for the pulmonary type of asthma. Development is constantly pursued to guarantee a comprehensive solution. Also in this list are the myriads of home and natural remedies that abound in the industry today.

Nasal and oral sprays are now being considered for application to asthma as viable alternatives to the trial and error approach most often encountered by parents who are constantly looking for a cure for their child.

It must be understood that diagnosis is not a simple matter of identifying symptoms and conditions as various patients exhibit different reactions to different kinds of treatments. While some forms of non fatal asthma are easily cured by home remedies, severe variants of the disease may be harder to diagnose correctly. A thorough evaluation of the patient's genealogical history and blood work may be helpful as certain types of the disease are transmitted genetically.

Furthermore, natural treatment not only comes in the form of applying medicine but also addressing the ulterior symptoms that accompanie it. Early symptoms and triggers of asthma such as emotional stress may be evaluated by avoiding situations which could set off the negative response. The natural asthma cures are indeed literal and figuratively seen as natural in that the approach to them should be taken holistically.

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Cures For Asthma – Are They Safe and Do They Work?

Through the history of the disease, cures for asthma has long been often followed to varying levels of satisfaction. Asthma is known to exist across all cultures and countries. Ancient civilizations have also documented the existence of the disease in various literature and historical accounts. Whether you are an Egyptian, Chinese, American, European or Asian, asthma seems to be a disease as universal as the common cold.

The search for the cure to the sometimes fatal and often debilitating disease has spanned not years, not decades but centuries through the history of humanity.

Different home remedies and natural preparations add to the hundreds if not thousands of the possible remedies. American Indians for example, have used a combination of sage and mullien brewed into a herbal tea to be drunk for the suffering patient.

The Chinese used herbs such as magnolia flowers and rehmannia root to cure it.

The Japanese have also formulated an asthma remedy in the form of the herbal concoction that call the Saiboku-to.

Of course, one can not go without mentioning scientific efforts undertaken by a large number of multinational pharmaceutical companies that come up with syrups, tablets, inhalers, vaporizers, relievers, sprayers and various other gadgets to alleviate the symptoms of asthma. Corroboration and verification on whether all of the above mentioned cures for asthma has been difficult, given that the varieties of asthma itself are as numerous as the medications.

It is understandable therefore, for the parent of the suffering victim to experience a certain degree of confusion with all the choices that has to be made. Medical professionals try their best to identify a patient's condition through rigorous observation and intensive laboratory analysis. Sometimes, one can not help but think that their approach is very similar to the rudimentary trial and error formula. But, there are ways by which asthma can be treated efficiently and this is where the old adage “One ounce of prevention is better than a cure” comes to play.

One must understand that to cure asthma, once must cure its symptoms. Given that the multitude of asthma symptoms may indicate other pulmonary diseases, a thorough evaluation of the patient would be required. For asthmatics who are affected by their environment for example, care must be taken to identify exactly what causes the outbreak. The existence of irritants such as dust, pollen, and others may be preceded if all environmental factors would have considered. Thus, in a manner of speaking, careful observation could be seen as one of the more potent cures for asthma.

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