Asthma Attack – Signs and Treatment

Asthma is the most common long-term condition for children, young and adult people in all over the world and millions of people are suffering from it.

However, with the right asthma treatment, health care management and family support, schools, group activities and other communities, the Asthma life including a major of children and young people with asthma can live full and active lives.


Common signs of an asthma attack

  • Coughing – is a first signal that you can hear from afar.
  • Wheezing – sometimes the wheezing is quit and some times its loud
  • Being unusually quiet – happen most times with children
  • Shortness of breath – like wheezing, do not get anxious if you hear it
  • Feeling tight in the chest – because of a huge efforts to breath
  • Difficulty speaking in full sentences – again, because of huge efforts to breath
  • Tummy ache (in most of the cases it happens in younger children)

What to do

  • Keep calm – The last thing person under Asthma attack needs is pressure
  • Encourage the person to sit up and slightly forward – do not hug or lie them down
  • Make sure the person takes two puffs of his reliever inhaler immediately
  • Loosen tight clothing – it will give him extra place for breath
  • Reassure the person – talk calm, put a relax expression on your face

If there is no immediate improvement

Continue to make sure the person takes one puff of reliever inhaler every minute for five minutes or until they symptoms improve (written from personal experience and not from doctor or specialist)

Call emergency or a doctor urgently if:

  • The person's symptoms do not improve in 5-10 minutes
  • The person is too breathless or exhausted to talk
  • The person's lips are blue
  • Or if you are in doubt

Continue to give the person one puff of his reliever inhaler every minute until the ambulance or doctor arrives (written from personal experience and not from doctor or specialist)

After a minor asthma attack

Minor attacks should not interrupt the involvement of a person with asthma in his life. When the person feels better he can return to his activities.

Important things to remember in an asthma attack

Asthma Treatment – Never leave a person having an asthma attack

If the person does not have his inhaler and / or spacer with him, send someone else to get his spare inhaler and / or spacer

Reliever medicine is very safe. During an asthma attack do not worry about a person overdosing (written from personal experience and not from doctor or specialist)

Contact the person's acquaintance (use his cellular list for example) immediately after calling the ambulance / doctor

The person's acquaintance should always accompany his friend taken to hospital by ambulance and stay with him until someone else from his family arrives

Usually you should not take the asthma attack's person to hospital in his own car. However in some situations it may be the best course of action. Another one should always accompany anyone driving the person having an asthma attack to emergency services

Do not forget that Guidance from devolved health care authorities on emergency transport in private vehicles is different in each country. You should have a clear emergency procedure on if and when this is appropriate

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Asthma, Anxiety, Dust Allergy, Snoring, and Hayfever – What Do They Have in Common?

All these conditions tend to have one thing in common: Overbreathing. Over-breathing is sometimes so severe, it is generally recognized as hyperventilation.

The Russian Dr Buteyko carried out very thorough scientific research and made some very interesting findings.

Basically, this is how it works. We are designed to breathe in and out through our nose and using our diaphragm (lower down near your tummy). When we breathe in or out through our mouth and using the upper part of our chest, then we get too much oxygen in our airways. Dr Buteyko found that we need a certain amount of carbon dioxide in our airways.

When we have too much oxygen, we have too little carbon dioxide. As a result, the whole of our body chemistry changes. We also get more more trapped particles (like pollen or dust) in our airways; and those of us who are sensitive will react accordingly.

The volume of air a normal healthy person breathes in one minute is between three and six liters of air. Dr Buteyko's 40-years of scientific research, plus scientific trials at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane and the Gisborne Hospital in New Zealand, discovered that an asthmatic breathes every minute about ten to twenty liters! And when having an asthma attack, an asthmatic can breathe over twenty liters. That is more than three times as much as the most that a normal healthy person breathes!

And anyone going through an anxiety or panic attack can identify with the following symptoms caused by over-breathing. These include chest pain and palpitations in the heart (often mistaken for a heart attack when an adult gets a big panic attack for the first time), light-headedness, a feeling that something terrible is about to happen, a headache or migraine, numbness of the hands and feet, and sweaty palms.

And notice how anyone simulating snoring delicately opens their mouth. That is because an open mouth is typical when someone snores. But an open mouth exacerbates over-breathing and so exacerbates snoring. Anyone who sleeps with a partner that snores can do with lower decibels. When the partner's snoring is at a minimum, a blissful night's sleep is possible for both people concerned.

One simple way of correcting the over-breathing and body's biochemistry is to train in the correct breathing. You can see a Buteyko practitioner, or if budget or travel gets in the way, you can learn the Buteyko method from a good book, eBook or DVD.

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Natural Cures For Asthma Can Save Your Life! Find Out How

Finding natural cures for asthma used to be a daunting task that's just like an Indiana Jones movie. For many, many generations, several millions of children from all over the world have had to contend with shallow breathing, constricted larynxes, hardness of breath and an overall deteriorated quality of life. Medical professionals have long worked on asthma remedies. Even the ancient Egyptians tried all sorts of things including inhaling the smoke from a mixture of rivers burnt on top of bricks.

Fortunately, the approach has since then improved. Now you can find companies which have gotten the best that the combination of science and nature can give. Through these efforts, they have found ingredients such as Silicea Terra, Echinacea Angustifolia, Trifolium Pratense, Arsenicum Album and others which have been medically proven to be potent and natural cures for asthma.

These ingredients treat symptoms such as dry cough, sometimes deep, fatiguing, and shaking, especially in the evening after lying down, or at night, shallow breaths, constriction of the larynx and even bronchitis. Was it mentioned that they are all natural ingredients? Now, through extensive efforts, these natural ingredients have been formulated in easy to use, safe and visibly appealing packages. No, you will not have to buy leaves and ground up some herbs on top of bricks and then inhale the smoke. They now come in the form of compact and non intrusive sprayers. If you ask, they're just like breath sprays that you spray two times in your mouth, under your tongue, three times a day.

Breath sprays? You've seen movies where a man who goes on a date sprays his mouth with a breath spray to make his breath, well, smell better right? It's just like that. But instead of just making your breath smell better, the homeopathic formulation does something even better. It alleviates the symptoms of asthma by eventually finding itself in your bloodstream. Inhalers which you have to put in your mouth like Popeye would (a cartoon character who's a sailor who always has a pipe), are a thing of the past. Besides, those inhalers are hideous looking so much so studies have shown that many children forgo using them as prescribed because their peers would laugh at them whenever they see them using it. You could only imagine an adult having to use those inhalers in the middle of a board meeting.

In the end, natural cures for asthma could come in better packaging and with a more natural solution. It's your choice to start living a healthier life.

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How to Treat Asthma Fast, Effectively, and Naturally

There are several methods on how to treat asthma . It's a condition that has concern parents and children and even adults ever since the dawn of civilization.

In Ancient Egypt they found inscriptions in papyrus detailing at least 700 concoctions of different varieties that they thought could cure asthma. One of these remedies included gathering several herbs, burning them on top of clay bricks and making the person who is suffering from asthma inhale the smoke.

Now, modern technology and science has given us several medications, formulas and even gadgets when it comes to curing asthma. They can be both expensive and the contraptions could be highly hideous.

You've probably seen coworkers, acquaints and children with these asthma gadgets. In the middle of a conversation they're suddenly gasp for air, reach in their pockets and bring out a thing which looks like a white pipe and then suck on it like their lives depended on it. It's a rather unappealing and sometimes shocking solution to a problem.

What if there was something that was just as effective in alleviating the same symptoms and practice look more elegant? One could only surmise about the existence of such a solution until you've come across this article. Because there already is.

Before we go to the solution on how to treat asthma, here are some natural and safe ingredients that have been known to alleviate the symptoms induced by asthma:

1. Urtica Urens
2. Sticta Pulmonaria
3. Sambucus Nigra
4. Quebracho
5. Natrum Sulfuricum
6. Mercurius Corrosivus
7. Lung Porcine

These are but a few of the many natural ingredients that alleviate asthma symptoms. These ingredients have been medically proven to alleviate asthma symptoms, bronchitis, constriction of chest, difficulty in breathing, shallow breathing, uncontrollable shaking, dry coughs, inflammation of the larynx, suffocation and even chest pains.

These all natural ingredients when combined together to make a formulation that could be sprayed orally. Now, we're not talking about hideous looking pump action breathalyzers here, we're talking about sprays. By doing so, you reduce the psychological connection often associated with gadgets that you have to put in your mouth.

Why is that so important?

Because in treating asthma, we not only treat the symptoms themselves, we also treat the effects of these symptoms which is mainly the lesser quality of life given by the condition. People see asthmatics as physically weak people who rely on gadgets to breathe.

Now with a natural spray solution that you would take like a breath freshener, you not only address the symptoms, you also treat the psychological effect. The best way on how to treat asthma is a holistic approach that addresses all the ramifications that the condition could give. It's time to go natural and look confident doing it.

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Do You Want to Know the Bronchial Asthma Treatment?

Before understanding the different aspects of bronchial asthma treatment, it is important to have relevant information on what is bronchial asthma and what are the causes that act behind bronchial asthma attacks.

Asthma is a pulmonary disorder where the passages of bronchioles are constracted due to inflammations and the patient feels a feeling of closeness in his chest. Apart from this feeling of closeness in the chest, the other symptoms of asthma are paroxysm or shortness of breath, wheezing sound in the chest and an increased secret of mucus during the attacks. Although there is no permanent cure for the condition of asthma, yet the self-care remedies and the medicines of asthma can provide immediate relief to the patient.

Asthma is triggered by allergens, so as a preventive cure the contact with the allergens should be avoided. The inflammation in the passage ways during bronchial asthma also occurs due to respiratory infections, contact with cold air or smoke, exercise, anxiety or stress and contact with airborne allergens like dust and pollens. Side effects of drugs and contact with household chemicals can also cause asthma. Even the artificial food preservatives can act as triggers to bronchial asthma.

The immediate treatment plan is the inhalation of corticosteroids or nebulizers that widen the bronchiolar passage ways and give immediate relief to the asthma patient. The use of inhalers that is the best immediate cure for asthma. The other medicines of asthma include chromolyn sodium, long acting bronchodilators and leukotriene inhibitors.

The best remedies for bronchial asthma are however to generate the immunity in the body against the allergens. For this a very carefully controlled exposure to the allergens should be practiced. The diet of the patient should consist of components like vitamins, leafy green vegetables and fish that help in building the immunity in the body.

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The Top Natural Remedies For Asthma That Will Actually Work

When we say “natural remedies for asthma” we usually think about a concoction of herbs prepared by our grandparents. The Ancient Egyptians even had one remedy wherein they made a person with asthma breath smoke from burning herbs on top of clay bricks. Some people might be familiar with their own grandma's comfort and chicken soup. While all these could have psychological effects, their effectiveness has since been disproven or eliminated done away with the scientific and medical communities.

But all that will change once you read this article. What if you were told that there are scientific efforts now underway to design an all natural solution and verify their clinical effectiveness through scientific means? Would not that be great?

It is and all in all, there are several clinically proven natural components that do the job ve

1. Urtica Urens
2. Sticta Pulmonaria
3. Sambucus Nigra
4. Quebracho
5. Natrum Sulfuricum
6. Mercurius Corrosivus
7. Lung Porcine
8. Arsenicum Album
9. Belladonna
10. Blatta Orientalis
11. Kali Carbonicum
12. Natrum Sulfuricum
13. Lobelia Inflata
14. Silicea Terra
15. Lobelia Inflata
16. Echinacea Angustifolia

These are just 16 of the 30 plus natural remedies for asthma that have been discovered. They treat the following symptoms:

1. whooping-cough
2. bronchitis
3. dry cough
4. difficulty in breathing
5. suffocation
6. Shallowness of breath
7. sudden sensation of contractions on chest

The list goes on and on. Now imagine if all of these natural ingredients could be found in a convenient and non intrusive solution which could have been sprayed in your mouth like breath sprays. Would not that be great?

If you're an asthmatic then you must know fully well that there is some social effects to being seen around with a breathalyzer. But there is no other solution right? There is. The solution lies in the breath sprays mentioned above. The delivery mechanism for this homeopathic solution first goes orly then sees in through the blood stream to ensure that the delivery of the solution is effective. It's just like breath sprays, but this one does not merely guarantee fresh breath, it also makes sure that you can live your life free from the symptoms of asthma.

The natural remedies for asthma could not be better than this. You have the full confidence that you will not be ostracized for carrying a gadget that you need to suck on. Instead you'll have the full confidence of a method which only requires you to take two quick sprays. It's both fashionable and it makes perfect sense for the discerning asthmatic.

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Good Health Naturally – Healing Advice and Tips For Asthma Sufferers

Asthma means 'breathlessness'. Asthma is a lung disease that causes the air-passes to be 'blocked' – an asthma attack is marked by an acute shortness of breath; a feeling of being unable to get enough air no matter how hard one tries, coughing and a feeling of tightness of the chest. These symptoms are followed by abnormal breathing sounds (gasping) and wheezing. An attack can last for a few minutes or several hours. Asthma can be hereditary and is the number one cause of hospitalization and school absenteeism in children. The cause of this is due to all the pollutions in our air and water, food additives etc

There are two types of asthma: Allergic and non allergic, although the two often occur together.

1. Common causes of allergic Asthma :
• animal hair, especially cats
• dust
• cigarette smoke
• Drugs
• chemicals ie washing powders etc
• change of weather / season – pollen from trees and flowers
• certain additives in foods and drinks

2. Common causes of non allergic Asthma :
• anxiety
• stress
• temperature changes
• fear
• low blood sugar
• very humid or very dry weather
• exercise

Recommendations for Treatment of Asthma :
• regular exercise is beneficial, but exercise can also trigger an acute attack in some people. No one is sure why this happens but it is thought that inhaling cold, dry air aggravates the breathing system.
• try not to panic if you are having an asthma attack – try to relax and bring your breathing under control
• Do not consume milk or daily products as this causes mucous build-up
• foods with high sugar content will also increase your histamine level and worsen the asthmatic condition.

Drugs only work on symptoms and will do nothing to restore the body to its normal healthy state. It would be recommended to use the natural herbal medications in conjunction with your prescription medication and then gradually decrease the prescription drugs as the natural medication takes over.

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Herbs For Asthma – Using Eastern Herbs For Treating Asthma

Asthma can be a very life threatening condition for those that suffer from the disease, so thank goodness there are herbs for asthma available on the market today. Both Eastern and Western treatments have been tested for their effectiveness in keeping it from becoming fatal for the individual who has this chronic condition.

The Western model of medicine is mostly designed for treating the symptoms of the disease by using a more antihistamine effect to help with the wheezing; however, the Eastern model treats the individuals immune system by using herbs that actually strengthen the lungs so that in the event of an attack, the body is more prepared to counteract it.

Many young adults and children have been treated with these herbs and have had very beneficial results. Most Eastern practitioners will use a variety of different herbal remedies and diet changes over a period of weeks that will serve to boost the bodies own immune system.

The main objectives of the treatments are to:

– decrease the amount of attacks
– reduce the severity of the attacks
– cure the condition completely

The most common used herbs for asthma are stinging nettle, echinacea, and alfalfa because they are full of vitamins and minerals that help to boost the immune system. Another approach that the practitioner will take is to ask the individual to eliminate certain foods from their diets that cause mucus to build up like dairy products, wheat, processed foods, sugar products, and processed foods.

There are also many tinctures of herbs that can be administered to the individual by the practitioner for the condition that will help to reduce or eliminate the symptoms, altogether.

Today there are many Eastern herbal alternatives available to those who suffer from asthma, and the good news is that it is not only possible to reduce the symptoms using this medicinal method, but individuals have actually been cured of the disease after using herbs for asthma for a long period of time.

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Natural Asthma Remedy – Finally a Treatment That Actually Works!

Would not it be great if we can find a natural asthma remedy for our asthma concerns? I'm sure that if you're reading this you must be experiencing the same thing as I have. The shallow breathing, the invisible frailty and the lessened quality of life prevent us from doing a lot of things that we would like to do. I for one, would like to go mountain climbing and hiking. When I was a young boy, I'd envy the athletic kids because they were able to enjoy engaging in sports. I loved basketball and you could only imagine me playing with a weird looking inhaler every few minutes or so. It just was not cool.

To my delight, and probably yours too, a natural remedy has been developed for us. One kind of remedy involves the use of a homeopathic spray that directly goes into the bloodstream once it is sprayed just benefit the tongue. It is so convenient that it just looks as if you were making breath sprays. No more weird and odd looking gadgets that you have to carry around (which designed those things must really hate asthmatics). No more endless variety of asthma medicine that costs a lot and contains all sort of chemical formulas.

All natural.

Ingredients such as Arsenicum Album, are clinically indicated to alleviate symptoms of both asthma and bronchitis. Such natural asthma remedy could also come with Belladonna which is used to treat several asthma symptoms such as the spasmodic constriction of the larynx (or that feeling in your throat), cough with tightness of the chest, difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath. I'm sure that all these symptoms are familiar with you. Or if you're not experiencing it yourself, you would know if a family member does.

At the end of the day, you simply want the best and the safest remedy that nature can offer your family. These days, asthma medication not only costs a lot and is further sky rocketing, it also contains a menagerie of chemicals that do not really cure asthmatics. Finally, you could only imagine having to carry around with you a gadget that looks hideous and where you have to inhale. It was not appealing when you were a kid and it sure would not be appealing now.

Go all natural and go proactive. Seek out the best natural asthma remedy and witness for yourself how it can improve the quality of your life.

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Inhalers For Asthma

This article is regarding the inhalers for asthma that are widely utilized by several people all over the world. Asthma is a chronic disease that requires mostly a DMARD (chronic treatment) associated with regular monitoring, even if the patient does not feel any symptoms. Asthma can be compared to diabetes or hypertensive, chronic diseases requiring long-term treatment short. Some of the characteristics and solutions of the asthma are listed below:

The short-acting bronchodilator medications and fast is prescribed to treat asthma attacks or episodes of coughing, juvenile equivalent of asthma.

They act against the narrowing of the airways and allow them to expand.

The patient feet in most cases an improvement after a few minutes helping him breathe better.

The duration of action is four to six hours.

The bronchodilator medications are also used before exercise to prevent the occurrence of discomfort among people with asthma caused by exercise.

The inhalers may cause tachycardia, rapid heartbeat, which usually diminish quickly. The opinion of a cardiologist may be necessary if these events are worse or if cardiac abnormalities occur. Many people are afraid to take this type of product, because “they are bad for the heart,” that in any case, they are useless. Doctors are sometimes forced to expend great energy to persuading patients to use this type of product. However, they are known to bring about an instant relief.

Some of the common instructions which need to be followed before using the inhalers are to check that the product is not empty, check the expiration date, keep several inhalers at hand, at home or at work for example, when the sunset of a crisis that which occurs in any circumstance, the dose of bronchodilator medication technique used depends on each person and the severity of asthma and this drug needs to be used for short periods.

Taking more than four puffs per week of rapid-acting inhalers of asthma (1 vial of 200 doses per year) indicates that asthma is not balanced and it is necessary to consult. The need to increase doses of the product, sometimes up to 12 or 15 puffs per day, due to the ineffectiveness of inhaled doses, indicates a worsening of asthma for which he is required to consult urgently. These bronchodilator medications for long duration of action are more often prescribed every day unlike fast-acting bronchodilators that are used in cases of hardship.

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Asthma Natural Home Remedies That You Ought to Know

As everyone knows asthma affects lungs and creates trouble in smooth breathing. Chronic Asthma demands immediate attention of the doctor. However, you could rely on some of the natural home remedies if you are looking for a long-term relief.

Buteyko breathing technique is the one of the most effective breathing techniques available for the asthma patients. This technique is based on shallow breathing to increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood, as carbon dioxide is believed to make the breathing easier. This technique is considered to be better than pranayama and placebo.

Arachidonic acid is considered to be the reason behind inflammation which results in Asthma. Therefore controlling the diet will reduce the symptoms of Asthma. Meat, egg yolks and shellfish have plenty of arachidonic acid, so avoid them as much as possible. You can reduce the arachidonic levels by consuming evening primrose oil, fish oil or borage. You may get the omega-3 fatty acid capsules from any of the stores.

Studies have declared that having plenty of leafy vegetables, carrots and tomatoes is beneficial when it comes to fighting asthma. Apple is also considered as a good remedy to keep asthma symptoms in control. Studies have revealed that those who have been eating vegetables and fruits since their children are better protected from asthma. Deficiency of manganese and vitamin C has contributed to asthma, according to the study conducted by Cambridge University.

Another shrub from Europe, rarely butterbur is considered to be a good remedy for asthma. It has obtained anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have declared that butterbur worked better than inhalers in case of allergic asthma patients.

Pineapple extract namely Bromelain is also considered to be a good remedy for those who are suffering from asthma. Studies revealed that it could reduce the airway inflammation since it had obtained the anti-inflammatory properties. However, those who are allergic to pineapple should refrain from using it.

Now let's see the case of another important herb namely Boswellia. Lungs produce a compound called leukotrienes, which helps narrow the airways. Boswellia can effectively control the formation of this compound. You could get boswellia pills from the nearest store; however, make sure that they have prepared it keeping the standards, as the label should say that it contains 60% of boswellic acid.

Next, keep your weight under check. Numerous studies have revealed that obesity has got a connection with asthma. Take the necessary steps to reduce the weight, which should provide the much needed relief.

Besides the above mentioned methods, you can try some of these easily available home remedies. Steam inhalation is one of the most tried and tested formulas; you can try this with lavender oil and eucalyptus right after the attack.

A mix of carrot juice and spinach juice is considered to be an excellent home remedy.

Let's check another immediate remedy; prepare a mixture of pepper, onion juice and honey and consume it. Remember that one-eighth teaspoon pepper and 1 teaspoon honey should be mixed with one-fourth cup onion juice to make this mixture.

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Asthma – Do You Find it Hard to Breathe?

What is asthma?

Asthma comes from the Greek meaning “painting”. The person who has an asthma attack usually pants or feet breathaless.

It is an allergic disorder characterized by:

– Resistance to the airflow in the airways, which varies in severity over a short period of time.
– Inflammation of the airways, that is, the bronchial tubes are swollen and red.
– Increased responsiveness to a variety of stimuli.

At any other times, when the person does not suffer from an asthma attack, his breathing is normal.

Signs and Symptoms

Cough, which may be either dry or productive

The mucus glands lining the bronchial tubes start to produce mucus which then blocks the airways. The nerves in walls of the airways are stimulated causing the mucus to be taken up as sputum. This is called productive cough.

A dry cough which is unaccompanied by moisture is caused by spasm, which is involuntary, violent contracting of the bronchial muscles.

Shortness of breath

The sufferer will have a feel that he is being choked. He feels that he is not getting enough air into the lungs. He will also find it difficult to breathe out. The stale air builds up in the lungs, causing them to become overinflated. As a result, he will breathe too heavily and quickly.


A wheeze is a whistling sound caused by air being forced through narrowed airways. The wheezing may come unexpectedly and may turn worse early in the morning or at night.

Painless feeling of tightness in the chest

Sufferer often feel the tightness of someone standing on their chest.

Other signs of asthma are:

Early Warning Signs

– Symptoms persisting or getting worse even with enough medication
– Inhalations bringing relief that last for hours
– More medication needed than usual
– Coughing more often than before
– Sleep interrupted by wheezing, coughing or even breathlessness

Dangerous Signs

– Feeling exhausted and fatigue
– Sleep being greatly disturbed
– Difficulty in breathing is clearly noticeable, especially during resting
– Feeling very confused, wrinkened, anxious and drowsy
– Inability to talk (saying a few words only)
– Cyanosis (lips and face turning bluish or bluish purple)
– Asthma worsening quickly rather than slowly, despite the use of medication
– Serious chest pain
– Sweating
– Rapid pulse

It may be noted that sometimes symptoms of asthma may persist for years even though the sufferers are no longer coming into close contact with the offending agents. Here, a severe asthma attack can still start suddenly, catching everyone by surprise.

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How to Prevent Asthma – Find Out How

It is always said that prevention is better than cure. Although asthma can not be avoided as in some cases it is genetic, try preventing it by taking some precautions. If you are traveling then see to it that your first aid kit has all the asthma medications and puff for emergencies. If you are traveling by road then try and travel early in the morning when pollution levels are low. The dust and dirt on the road can cause allergy and sneezing. Irritating fumes from smoking cigarettes can also trigger an asthma attack. Keep away from such places.

To prevent asthma avoid chilly winters by covering your self well. Although all of us enjoy spring and summer, with it arrives more pollution and dust. Keep your home dust and dirt free. Remove dust mites and / or mold spores in the car and at home. It keep the room or car pollution free. While traveling keep the car windows up and closed.

Asthma can get worse in children. If your child is sentenced to asthmatic attacks then tell him / her to carry medication along with them always to prevent asthma. You never know when it can be triggered. Get regular check ups done and take medication as the doctor directives. Wash beddings in hot water, as well as stuffed animals, pillows, and curtains and keep your house neat and clean. If you have a pet, give it a bath often. Cleanliness in surroundings can help prevent asthma.

There is no way to cure asthma. However, you can take steps to control the disease by preventing asthmatic symptoms.

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Effects of Asthma


Asthma is a dreadful disease that has gripped millions of people around the world. Whether they are children or adults most of them suffer from the effects of asthma due to causes that have no cure. Basically children who are premature are taken to asthma. In pre mature children the lungs take time to develop and hence extra care should be taken. People who are allergic to pollen dust and other nasal allergies are asthmatic. Sometimes asthma can be genetic also. Here are the causes of asthma:

– Pollution in urban cities

– Allergies from pollen grains in flowers

– Environmental issues like dust and smoke

– Cold air and winter chill

– Physical exertion from exercise and stress

– Common cold

– Genetics


The effects of asthma can be traumatic.



-tightness in the chest and wheezing

-deep breathing, is some of the effects of asthma.

It is often noticed that newborn's who are not cared for properly or pre mature children are infected with asthma. Breast feeding such children for the first six months will help these kids avoid the risk of asthma. Also exercising and keeping fit can help in good breathing that can prevent asthma. Yoga is one of the best cures for asthma. Swimming, work outs and breathing exercises can help avoid this chronic respiratory disease. Acupuncture, Ayurveda can help alleviate the effects of asthma. Although asthma hinders the normal life of individuals is not a killer. These are some of the effects that asthma can cause.

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Some Important Facts About Asthma

Every parent wants nothing but the best for their children. And for that reason they will do anything just to ensure their health and safety. Seeing their children suffering from any kind of disease inflates great pain to the parents. They can not afford to sit and watch while their children are suffering because of a certain illness, most especially asthma. That is why many parents ask this basic question: “Can children outgrow asthma?” They would like to know if there's still a possibility that this specific illness will disappear later in the child's life.

This issue has been under serious research and discussion among experts. Many speculations and opinions came out regarding this matter. But most doctors stated that there is still a big chance of outgrowing asthma. Children who have this disease during their early age have a greater chance of recovery than those who acquired it later in life. A study once stated that only 2% of asthmatic children carry it on to adulthood.

One factor of having this disease is heredity. Many children who have this illness came from a family of asthmatics. Genetics and inheritance explain the habits and even the diseases that can be passed on from one generation to the other. Genes influence one's immunity to certain diseases, including asthma.

Aside from heredity, there are other factors that can be associated to its development. Anyone can be affected by this disease even it does not run in your family. Other children have been infected because of the constant exposure to allergens. A child who has allergies that affect the respiratory system has a big chance of acquiring it. Such allergies include sinusitis and rhinitis. These allergies block the airways that trigger an asthma attack.

There is really no concrete and stable answer to the above mentioned question. Its prevention and cure solely depends on the proper management of the disease. However, due to the ever-changing technology, there are so many medicines that cure and prevent this illness.

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