Asthma Affects Millions of People

Each year asthma gets more and more common among people, asthma rates in children is sky rocketing, 17 million Americans have asthma, and nearly 5 million of those, are children. A Harvard university study states that every year, thousands of people in the US die prematurely from heart and lung disease from causes traced to particulate air pollution.

Asthma is a common condition that has several different patterns, and affects many people around the world. There are many factors to this, one, is your family history, did someone in your family tree suffer from asthma? Some can be triggered by dust allergens, pollens, pet dander, exercise and even environmental pollution. Desensitization through the use of allergy shots may less or even prevent attacks. Air barriers and filters can also help reduce or avoid an asthma attack all together.

Attacks can be avoided quite often by knowing the signs and symptoms. As we grow older, asthma attacks seem to lesson, but tend to return later on when you grow old. But in some cases, people in their older years can become burdened with asthma, and even start having severe attacks. Asthma conditions in older people as opposed to younger people can be quite different. In older adults, respiratory diseases such as a cold, flu and airborne allergens like dusts, smoke and pollen are the most common triggers in asthma sufferers.

Older people are likely to have other health related issues like diabetes, heart problems and even high blood pressure. Regular medications may be missed or not taken, which can lead to sudden flare ups, they may forget to take the right doses, or may not be able to diagnose them symptoms of an asthma attack soon enough. Warning signs can be difficult for older people to recognize. Old patients need to be treated with less aggressive remedies than the ones that are actually needed.

How many millions of people suffer from asthma? It is estimated that three hundred million people worldwide suffer from some type of Asthma, it has also been estimated that by the year 2025 there will be at least one hundred million more people that suffer from asthma, so the true answer to this question would be , way to many. Asthma can strike anyone, at any time, especially children. Like we have said, children can outgrow this condition, but more than likely have it flare up in their older years.

The truth is, asthma can hit people, no matter what age they are, or whether they are female, or male, in any country all over the world, we can not hide from it. There are so many people with asthma around the world that are unaware that they even suffer from asthma, cause they have not gone to be diagnosed by a doctor. There are signs and symptoms you should look out for, breathing problems, tightness in the chest when you exercise, wheezing, and shortness of breath.

It would be in your best interest for you to be checked, otherwise, you could well end up being one of those people who live among us day by day and are not aware that they suffer from such a dangerous debilitating illness. Be aware of your body, we only have one, so do your best to carefully watch, and diagnose all types of health conditions, could help you live a long life free of illness and disease.

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The Buteyko Breathing Method For Asthma

Asthma is a physical tightening of the airways. These can tighten so much that the sufferer can literally suffocate to death. It follows that no matter what else is involved, the symptoms are very physical and very real. And so it makes sense that asthma is cooked with a physical method that physiologically makes the airways open.

Maybe you have asthma yourself or perhaps you are searching for a cure for a loved one. Any parent with an asthmatic child knows all too well what it is like to worry all night with a child who is struggling to breathe. And any asthmatic knows all too well that feeling when oxygen is depleted, the legs feel weak, and dizziness creeps in; all whilst unfortunately struggling to gasp in some air.

But there is a scientifically-proven solution devised by a medical doctor that actually works. With this method, your asthma (or your loved one's asthma) can be much more manageable. And in some cases, it can even disappear completely. This is a physical method that concentrates on releasing the main physical cause of asthma.

This method is called the Buteyko breathing method. It was devised by a Russian doctor, Dr Buteyko, and is accepted as a mainstream method in Russia. Dr Buteyko made a revolutionary discovery. He found that the main physical cause of asthma is breathing in too much oxygen! What ?! Surely, not! Well, this is how it works in a nutshell. When an asthmatic's lungs contain too much oxygen, the body's biochemistry changes and the airways tighten. The response of course is to try even harder to breathe, leading to hyperventilation and even more oxygen in the lungs, leading to even more tightening of the lungs.

But you can not exactly say to someone gasping for breath not to breathe! The Buteyko method works by gradually re-training your breathing so that over time, your body's biochemistry will change, leading to more open airways.

The training involves a set of simple exercises. And there is a fun version for children too. And do not worry if exercise is not for you! These exercises do not involve wearing a tracksuit or leotard. They do not involve twisting yourself into a pretzel. And they do not involve any kind of athletic skill.

To learn how the Buteyko method works, you have a few options. These depend on your location and budget. If there is a local Buteyko practitioner near you, you may choose to attend one-to-one sessions. Some Buteyko practitioners also offer group sessions and workshops, which are usually very good value for money. Or you can learn from a book, an e-book, or a DVD. I personally learned from a book, which has helped me tremendously with my breathing. Once you understand the basics and learn the simple exercises, it is just a matter of doing them. From allocating just a few minutes a day to your Buteyko exercises, you may be pleasantly surprised at the results.

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How to Manage Your Asthma Naturally

Some people with asthma have no noticeable side-effects to asthma medication and do not mind having asthma at all. However, others may not be great fans of the medication or may wish to become healthier and stronger than within. Some actively search for a cure until they have found a solution that works for them. And others find a happy medium where medication is at a minimum and health is at the maximum possible within their budget and resources.

And there is always a danger of being without medication. What if you forgot to have it with you whilst on holiday, for example? What if there is a big natural disaster after which it is very difficult to get medication? And what about the sudden changes in medication that are beyond your control? For example, the recent non-CFC salbutamol inhalers are hard to take in. It often takes three consecutive puffs to get it deep into your chest instead of just one, And the inhaler is practically uselessless half-way through.

So it makes sense to have alternative ways of managing your asthma. There are three main methods that I have tried, and there are others that you may be interested in.

I will start with the medical method which is accepted by the mainstream in its country of origin, Russia, but is considered alternative in most others. This is the Buteyko method. It involves simple exercises specific to managing asthma. These have been scientifically proven to reduce the amount of medication needed and in some cases eliminate it altogether. Do not worry if you do not like exercise. These are really very simple and easy.

Then there are methods based on allergy-like reactions. Of these, kinesiology or kinesiology-based methods work on identifying what substances weakens the body and them eliminating that reaction. This is achieved either by de-sensitizing against the culprit or by avoiding it if necessary or possible.

There is also methods based on releasing the emotional component of the dis-ease. This may seem strange to you if you have had asthma since birth. However, by the time you were born, you were several months old, although of course not breathing air as yet. I have literally seen asthmatics in front of me lose an anxiety or nervousness and suddenly breathe perfectly normally, so the idea of ​​an emotional component makes sense to me, although I did struggle with it at first. Of those, EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique, stands head and shoulders above the rest. This is because anyone can learn it free from a number of online sources and simply self-apply.

As well as the methods above, there is Reiki, Meta-Medicine, Scio, Nutritional Typing, Metabolic Typing, and NLP, to name a few good methods. Do an internet search, ask a few practitioners, and make up your own mind what can work for you. Enjoy your journey of discovery and health.

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Use Supplements For Asthma to Solve Your Asthma Woes Today

Are you thinking of using supplements for asthma to gain control of your symptoms? Are you tired of using doctor prescribed medications that do not always work as well as you would like them to? Are you sick of the nasty side effects that are commonly associated with many of these medications? If so, breathe easy as you have found the right place to get the information you are seeking.

I am a lifelong sufferer, I have spent a significant amount of time searching for supplements for asthma to help aid my symptoms so I did not have to use all of the other medications that my doctor prescribed so regularly. I have tried numerous asthma supplements that have failed to help my symptoms in any way.

Luckily I discovered a supplement combination that really changed my life as an asthmatic. The best part is that it is an all natural way of treating asthma, and has NO side effects. I no longer rely on my rescue inhaler or nebulizer. I do not even need my preventive medications such as Advair and Singulair anymore. Since finding these supplements for asthma I have not been to the emergency room once because of asthma.

I now can take part on all of the activities and sports that I never could before because of the fears of having an attack. I do not have to deal with the nasty side effects of the medications either. Another great part about the supplements are that I am now free from all of the nasty side effects that these other medications cave me. Not to mention, the financial aspect of the matter too. I was spending well over $ 150 per month for my medications and was not even satisfied.

The Supplements For Asthma that I am using can work for anyone. If you are sick and tired of letting your symptoms control you daily life act now and turn the tables on your asthma. There is no reason that any asthmatic can not get rid of their symptoms and live a healthy, symptom free life. I have and you can to. With the proper guidance and information, your asthma can be a thing of the past.

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Asthma and Cleaning Products

We all have to use cleaning to keep our homes clean, but did you know how harmful some cleaners and disinfectants can be to children and adults. If you like to use cleaners that come in an aerosol spray cans, then you could be exposing your loved ones to a barrage of air born toxins that could bring an asthma attack. Spray cans that have fragrances in them are by far the worst. Use your own nose to select cleaning products without harsh scents. When possible, choose simple, natural products which labels do not carry serious hazard warnings.

Cleaning products are used everywhere, in schools, offices, by janitors and hospital workers to clean, disinfect, control dust and mold on surfaces. When adult's work around these cleaners and children are exposed to where these cleaners are used, they can develop breathing problems. Some of the most chemical exposed jobs seem to be hospital workers and hotel housekeepers due to the constant cleaning with harsh cleaners after every visitor.

If you are around cleaning products and start to feel your chest tight or you begin to wheeze or cough and have shortness of breath, you should call your doctor. These kinds of symptoms are not normal and you should talk to your doctor even if you were not the one using the cleaners or doing the cleaning.

The types of cleaners that can be harmful and should be avoided by adults and children are:

• Carpet cleaners
• Floor wax strippers
• Glass cleaners
• Tile cleaners
• Toilet cleaners

If you have asthma already, you should talk to your doctor before using these kinds of cleaners. If you do not have asthma or breathing problems, you should read the MSDS (material safety data sheet) associated with the chemicals you are using or search the net for the hazardous substance substance sheet before using harmful chemicals. You should also request breathing masks and other protective gear, for you and anyone else who might come into contact with the chemicals or the fumes.

The very process of cleaning itself can stir dirt and dust up into the air, so you may want to do heavy cleaning when your son will not be around during or immediately after the clean up. You should only use harmful chemicals in ventilated areas away from children and pets. Your house can trap these air born toxins inside, where they can cause breathing problems for your loved ones. One thing you can do to minimize the exposure is clean when no one is in the home. Keep the home well ventilated by opening doors and windows. You can also use fans to control airflow through the home.

If you have someone in your home that has asthma, you should talk to your doctor to find out what kinds of chemicals might cause them problems. For example, if your child is not allergic to dust mites. There is no reason to use harmful or harsh cleaning agents to aggressively eliminate them. The same should go for mold or pet dander. The better informed you are about your asthma the easier it will be to control the triggers that can cause asthma attacks. Colds and flu can also trigger asthma attacks, so keeping kitchen and bathroom surfaces clean is important. However, it is not necessary to use antibacterial soaps or cleansers. Your goal is to remove or wash bacteria down the drain, not kill them on the spot using harmful chemicals.

It may be surprising to hear that ingredients from solid and liquid cleaners can actually get inside our bodies. Yet, many liquids and even some solids give off vapors that we inhale, and some of these substances actually enter our body tissues. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences did a study of almost a thousand adults, showing a link between a chemical called 1,4 DCB (dichlorobenzene) and lung function. Those who had the highest levels of this chemical in their blood had worse lung function.

It is best to use all natural things to clean with. Plain soap, water, salt, baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice are best to use with some plain old elbow grease. The use of a scrubbing sponge can take the place of chemicals used to remove tough stains. Make sure you follow the instructions on the cleaning products to ensure they are not used improperly. Simple things can go a long way in keeping your family safe.

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Warning Signs of an Asthma Attack

Asthma is a debilitating condition that affects millions of people around the world. There are so many causes for this condition. Have you ever been cleaning your house and start to feel the sunset of an asthma attack? Many chemicals we use to clean with can be taken into our lungs and cause an asthma attack. The first sign is the inability to breathe in deeply, second is shortness of breath, and then comes the inability to breathe. Inhalers are then used to open up the airways to allow more movement of air in the lungs.

Asthma attacks rarely happened without warning. When you feel your chest start to tighten up, or you get dark circles under your eyes, or you get a nagging annoying cough, could be warning signs that you are about to have an attack. Early warning signs can help you get to your medications faster, like an inhaler or a nebulizer treatment in worst case. By learning these warning signs, you can prevent an asthma attack that could possibly send you or someone you love to the emergency room.

Times you need to act fast is when your chest starts to feel tight, you start breathing faster than you normally would, you run out of breath, and you are not doing anything physical, your skin turns bluish gray, or dusky in color, or you are having trouble talking in sentences. Fast heartbeat or pulse can also give you a warning to act fast, the faster you see the signs, the faster you can intervene with medicines.

Without some sort of intervention, you may lose consciousness and even die. For some people, attacks can rise very fast, when symptoms become unmanageable in just a very short time, so treatment should always be at hand and taken immediately so you can ward off a full scale asthma attack. They can also vary in howsoever each attack can be. Mild asthma flare ups seem to occur more often than severe attacks.

Wheezing and coughing does not always mean you are having an attack, those can be just another health condition, such as heart failure, respiratory infection, or a number of other serious problems. The causes of severe asthma attacks are still unknown; we mostly look at people that have a history in their family that have had asthma in the past, and the severity of those attacks. People with histories of asthma have a higher risk of life-threatening asthma attacks.

Diagnosis of asthma and the actual status of an asthmatic can be found by your doctor through a series of tests, such as your level of consciousness, the use of involuntary muscles of breathing, exhaling and inhaling, and the respiratory flow of oxygen absorption, and other physical symptoms. Findings by your doctor can help you find ways to avoid many different kinds of attacks in anyone who has persistent asthma.

A general rule of thumb is if your medication or your reliever is not working properly, after taking it you do not get relief within 5 minutes, you should get help quickly as possible, with symptoms that we have discussed. Have a self management program in place, and a precautionary measure, so you are always ready for whatever problem might come your way.

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The Importance of Respirator Machine

Respirator machine is a machine that can be used to help someone breathe. This machine is usually found in intensive care units in hospitals, nursing homes and also rehabilitation centers. There are also available in various models that can be used at home. These models are usually for those who have chronic conditions. The smaller portable machines can be used by those who do not need to be confined to a bed.


If you find someone who can not breathe unassisted, he will need to be placed on a respirator machine. This kind of machines artificially breathes for you and will take over the work of the lungs.

Set Up

A plastic tube will run from the machine and it is inserted in the nose of the patient or mouth. The tube will continue down through the windpipe and into the lungs. If the patient needs to be on the respirator in long term, then an incision is made in the trachea so the tube will be inserted directly into the windpipe.


Most machines monitor the patient. If the patient takes a breath the machine is idle. But if he does not take a breath on his own, the machine initiates a breath for him. Other machines can be set to be automatically delivering breath at a rate set by a medical professional.


A respirator machine uses pressurized air that can be used to blow oxygen into the lungs when the patient is unable to inhale enough air in on his own. Sometimes the patient is able to breathe out on his own and in other cases the machine will help with exhalation too.

Exchange of Gases

The respirator machine will also process the blood gases by supplying the right level of oxygen and removing carbon dioxide. A medical team will monitor the progress of the patient in order to make sure that there is the right balance of gases in the blood to avoid complications. The airflow of the respirator can be adjusted if needed.


The function of the respirator is to support life either for a short period such as during surgery, or for longer periods in those that are seriously ill. Ventilators will not cure breathing problems. When you are able, your medical team will help you to wean off the machine and help you learn to breathe on your own again. The great point is that this machine will give you more advantages.

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IQAir HealthPro Air Purifier Review

IQAir HealthPro air purifier's cutting edge technology and user friendly interface puts its user in total control. IQAir lets you choose speed settings allowing you to find a perfect balance and sound for cleaning. The automatic timer allows the air pro to be turned on and off at specific time and days. The remote control allows convenient operation from 30 feet away. With its snap open design you can replace any filter within minutes, no tools needed. Each filter is monitored by a computer by a computer chip that tracks the remaining filters life down to the hour. An LED light will alert you when its time to replace filters.The unique IQAir modular design allows replacement of modular filters, not a block of filters that may or may not still be effective. This saves money on filter replacement while maintaining optimum performance.

Germany's official consumer agency rated the IQAir HealthPro the best air cleaner for air removal. In fact the HealthPro was the only device to receive the highest rating for removal of airborne allergens. This air cleaner recognizes that there are other air cleaners to choose from. Most airborne cleaners can clean the air to some degree however it is clearly the performance leader it uses the highest powered fan plus you can rely on your HealthPro to retain up to 100 times allergens than conventional air cleaners. The HealthPro air cleaner features E5 cells the most advanced gas control in the market.

One user suggested that his environment requires very clean air. Brian Boxer is a surgeon and in his surgery room he says they need to provide sterile environment for patient safety.He says part of his sterile protocol is to have an IQAir, because IQAir HealthPro does not only filter to sub-micro level but also filters the gases, since the laser they have not melt the laser, and as a medical doctor these are highly recommended.

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Eating Burgers Ups Asthma Risk

Asthma incidence has been going up over the last thirty years, especially in Western nations, and many experts believe this increased asthma risk has something to do with what all of us, especially our kids, are putting into their bodies. Recent research by a team of German, Spanish and / British researchers has found children who eat a Mediterranean diet (rich in fish, fruits and veggies) have less risk of developing asthma and wheezing; but eating three or more burgers a week was tied to an increased risk of the same symptoms according to researchers.

The study involved 50,000 children in twenty different countries. Parents provided details about what their kids ate, as well as any asthma or wheezing symptoms for the 8 to 12 year old participants. Thirty thousand of the participants were tested for sensitivity for allergens like pollen to see if allergies might be a part of asthma symptoms.

The study examined the eating habits of children between 1995 and 2005 in both poor and rich countries. The effect of diet varied dependent on where the children lived.

Children in richer nations were protected by eating lots of fish, while poorer nations appeared to be more protected by fruits and cooked vegetables.

Eating as few as three burgers in a week was tied to a higher risk of both asthma and wheezing, but only in the wealthier nations, suggesting that otherwise other lifestyle factors may be at work. The researchers made no statistical adjustments for obesity.

Whether the country was rich or poor, researchers found that those children who ate a Mediterranean style diet were far less likely to suffer than asthma or wheezing. More research is needed, but these observations do support earlier reports that this type of eating plan may have a protective affect against asthma in childhood.

It may be the protective abilities that come from all the antioxidants and vitamin C in those fruits and vegetables are helpful in ways we do not fully understand. Certainly many experts recommend eating these good-for-foods foods if you have asthma since antioxidants are known to help reduce lung inflammation.

Diet was not found to influence the children's chance of developing allergies to things like grass and tree pollen.

Parents, you need to make sure that your kids eat a healthy, well balanced diet while also getting enough exercise.

Eating burgers that have high levels of bad fats may be behind an increased asthma risk, although a child's weight can have a significant impact on his or her asthma symptoms.

For some, additives to foods such as sulfites can bring on asthma symptoms, and these are typically found in wine (not likely to effect kids to be sure), dried fruits, pickles, fresh or frozen shrimp and many other items, so start reading labels.

Your weight is another factor that is tied to both what you eat and how your asthma symptoms are impacting your life. A healthy diet is a key part of your overall asthma risk reduction plan. Being overweight worsens symptoms, but even losing a few pounds can make things better. You can make the most of your weight loss efforts by choosing foods like fruits, veggies and fish to give your body every benefit possible.

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What is Asthma? – A Serious Respiratory Ailment

So you've seen people with asthma. Looking at them, you might think it is just an ordinary condition where one experiences shortness of breath. The truth is there's more to asthma than meets the eye. In this short piece we simply ask what is Asthma?

Asthma is a respiratory disorder characterized by difficulty in inhaling and exhaling, wheezing, and coughing. It does not choose its victims. Whether you're a child or an adult, male or female, this health condition can make you run to your doctor. Although it was once considered as a harmless ailment, today it is one of the leading causes of hospitalization especially among children. Not only that, but asthma medications ranks as the second largest category of prescriptions written by doctors.

Causes of asthma

This breathing disorder can be triggered by many things. Eating foods or taking medicines you're allergic to can cause asthma. The pollutants found in the air are also considered as major culprits. Dust mites, molds, animal dander, and odors from chemicals we use at home are also responsible for asthma attacks. In some cases, exercise or being overworked can also cause one to have asthma.

Treatments for asthma

Most doctors prescribe drug treatments in dealing with asthma. These include sympathomimetic drugs that stimulate the muscles that open up the bronchial tubes and corticosteroids which are believed to effectively reduce inflammation, open the airways, and suppress the body's reactions to allergens. Meanwhile, cromolyn sodium, an anti-inflammatory agent, is commonly found in inhalers. Doctors also recommend xanthine bronchodilators and salmeterol for daily maintenance against asthma.

Prevention asthma

Asthma may be serious but you can prevent it in more ways than one. The best thing to do is prevent allergens and whatever triggers your asthma. Keep your home and surroundings clean at all times. Stay away from foods and drinks you're allergic too. Avoid using cleaning products that give off chemical odors. By doing so, you can guard yourself from this health condition.

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Carpet Versus Tile – Can Carpeting Be Hazardous to Your and Your Kids’ Health?

The carpet versus tile debt, as old as travertine itself it sees, continues to confound and confuse people, especially those suffering from asthma and other lung-related diseases.

Carpet provides a soft place to fall, especially for roughhousing youngsters and toddlers learning to walk. For adults, it cushions joints and is easier to stand on for long periods of time. On the flip side, the comfort provided by a carpeting system is also a catch-all for dust, dirt, mildew, mold, microscopic pests, and waste material from family pets.

There is the argument that glues, backing, and padding used to lay carpeting – as well as the carpet itself – can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that may cause headaches and worsen respiratory problems such as asthma. VOCs can evaporate or off gas into the air; and since they are heavier than air, they settle on the floor, the area where small children are prone to spend the majority of their time playing and sitting .. In colder weather the indoor air quality can become worse due to the build up of the indoor pollutants, exacerbating respiratory symptoms.

Additionally, unwanted pests can thrive in this environment that provides them plenty to eat and a safe haven to prosper and multiply. Dust mites like to live in dark, damp environments like carpet and can be found at its base. In one square meter of carpet up to 100,000 dust mites may be found. The prolific waste produced by these microscopic critters is considered to be a top allergy and asthma trigger. Vacuuming and steam cleaning carpeting help to reduce the dust mite population; however, it does not eliminate it. In fact, if too much moisture is left on the carpeting, mold and mildew may develop; and the dust mites may proliferate.

If pets are thrown into the mix, the carpet is a veritable sinkhole for pet dander, hair, and animal waste particles, as well as the dirt and grime tracked in from the outside. The older the carpet gets, the more debris and dust mite waste collects in the carpeting.

For the aforementioned reasons, many people with health concerns decide to rip up the carpeting and install tile. Travertine is one such popular type of tile in use today as it has a stellar appearance and improvements the beauty and value of a home.

Although dirt in the carpet is no longer a problem once tile has been installed, there is a new challenge to consider: the dust, dirt and debris, once trapped by the carpet, becoming free-floating in the air. For that reason, frequent cleaning of tile is required. It is also suggested that runners, area rugs, and small throw rugs made from natural fibers be used. These can easily be washed, and the floor benefit them can be cleaned.

Making the decision as to whether tile or carpet is the right choice is a very personal one and based on many factors. Even though the carpet versus tile will continue, what really matters is one's personal decision as to what will best abate the allergy and asthma symptoms. It does not have to be carpet versus tile. It can be a decision to use carpet and tile in different configurations to achieve the most comfort and minimize the amount of allergens in your oasis that you call home.

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How Asthma Occurs


Asthma is a persistent lung infection that provokes and contracts breathing air. It causes chronic phases of whistling sound during breathing, chest stiffness, breathlessness, and coughing, which occurs usually in the night or early morning. This disease can affect all ages of people particularly beginnings in childhood.

The tubes which carrying air in and out of your lungs are know as airways. Those who are affected with asthma have swollen and irritated airways, which is very sensitive. Because of this reaction, muscles around it get stiff, and in turn airways become narrow which result into less air to your lungs. More swapping can make the situation awful, and airways become narrower. Airways cells sometimes make excess mucus that is a sticky liquid that is further narrowing the airways.

If Asthma symptoms are unusual then it is an asthma attack. In such a case, airways can close so much so that your important body organs will not get sufficient oxygen by which a person can lead to death.

Genetic and environmental aspects that manipulate its severity, which is confirmed by medical research, originate asthma.

Asthma is not a curable disease. If you feel well, still you are not cured and it can flash up at any moment. For comprehensive, flourishing and continuing treatment, you should proactively manage your disease. Sometimes the patients stop the medication when they feel well. This results in supplementary attacks afterwards.

An inhaler known as “Fluticasone propionate metered dose inhaler” is used to avoid asthma attacks. Prevention of the expansion of asthma is unlike prevention of asthma incidents.

If symptoms continue, additional controller drugs are provided without all symptoms are prohibited. With appropriate use of drugs, you can reduce the risk and complications associated with Asthma.

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Natural Asthma Treatment – Three Herbs For Asthma Sufferers

Did you know that there are many different herbs out there that are very effective in treating Asthma? There are quite a few different herbs out there that really are very good at breaking up the congestion and ease the discomfort that asthma sufferers experience. We will look at a few different herbs and herbal combinations that can help treat asthma naturally:

Elecampane Root

There is a great deal that has been said about the effectiveness of Elecampane Root for treating Asthma and other Respiratory ailments. You can use Elecampane Root alone or in combination with other herbs like Horehound, Wild Cherry Bark, Comfrey Root, Marshmallow Root and Comfrey. The simplest way to use this very useful herb is to simply brew it as a tea and inhale the vapor from the tea.

Marshmallow Root

An infusion or tea made from Marshmallow Roots that is very good at not only breaking up congestion but also in healing irritations to the lungs that Asthma has been known to cause.

Comfrey Root / Leaves and Lobelia Leaves

These two herbs are also pretty well known for easing the congestion and airway constriction that always accompanies an asthma attack. You might not think that it would be very wise to suggest that someone going through an asthma attack and having difficulty breathing trying inhaling the steam from any herbal infusion. Yet it is exactly that action that actually does the trick to loosen that congestion and get rid of that airway constriction.

There are so many more herbs out there that do exactly what those listed here do that there is simply enough time or space to talk about. The biggest thing that you really need to remember is that you need to know what you are looking at as well as what you are doing. You are only going to make things worse for yourself if you are using any type of herb or medicine without knowing what it is or what it does.

If you are going to use the herbal approach for treating your asthma then you really need to start studying about and reading up on herbs and plants so that you know what you need to know. You may also want to talk with a Homeopathic, Naturopathic or Holistic practitioner in order to find out what you need to know. You may consider getting some other suggestions from them as well.

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Buying a Personal Air Ionizer

With the rise in pollution, the air contamination has gone from bad to worse. It is really hard to find a good breathing place these days. You will always be breathing the air which is not perfectly fresh. But this does not mean that you can not breathe fresh air at all. You can get the equipment which will make your air fresh.

If you want to breath clean, fresh and disease free air at all the times, then you would be better off carrying a portable or personal air ionizer. This would prevent the dangerous bacteria grouped with air to enter your breath. At the same time the air ionizers will help you avoid the effects of passive smoking. Various viruses and mites which are a major cause for common diseases can be controlled in this way and we can easily lead a healthy life.

A personal air ionizers generally runs on batteries which means that it can last good 8-10 hours. You can take it with you while traveling or flying or can simply use it while moving around in the streets. You can carry it with ease and can buy it at a cheap price on the internet.

If you are allergic to pollen or dust, then you should find the personal air ionizer which actively works against these agents. Some air ionizers focus on removing the dust particles and pollen from the air that you are breathing. The air ionizers also remove odor which can generally make breathing a little difficult.

While searching for the air purifier / ionizer, make sure that you find a quality product with minimum weight, maximum battery time and solid performance. You would ideally want to take one with you so that you can breathe clean air everywhere. If the ionizer is not light weight, mobility will become a major issue. Similarly the ionizer should have good battery backup performance. You would not want to waste your money on a device that does not clean the air.

If you have bought a good personal air ionizer then you have saved yourself a lot of trouble. You will also save a lot of money by doing this. High quality ionizers only require maintenance once in 6 months. You will change the filters for maintenance which will not cost a great deal. The filters are not cost and can be bought for discount on the internet.

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Do Air Ionizers and Filters Really Work For Asthmatics?

So the question is, do air ionizers really work and do they really clean the air around your home or office and reduce your asthma symptoms? It is hard to tell whether these devices actually work, as the results have been so varied that it is impossible to provide a pinpoint answer.

But until scientists have hard facts and information, there are several things you can do to increase the health of your lungs. The first thing to look at is your overall diet. If you have asthma, you should firstly avoid drinking cow's milk, as this has an inflammatory effect. So do other theory products like white flour. It is not easy these days, but try to avoid having too much red meat, processed foods, sugar and even tomatoes.

Make sure you're always eating enough vegetables as well as fruits on a regular basis, as these will help to reduce the phlegm in your lungs. Vegetables that are extremely good for this are reddish, ginger and daikon. Do not forget other vegetables such as garlic, kale as well as shiitake mushrooms which will help to build and bolster your immune system.

Also, you need to look at keeping your liver and overall immune system healthy at all times. You should only use natural body products for washing yourself. Stick to organic products whenever possible as this will help to decrease the amount of toxins in your liver as well as other organs.

The last thing to do is to take a look at your home environment. Keep it clean and dust free at all times. Wash your bed sheets in extremely hot water and use only natural cleaning products. A good way to deal with dust mite allergies is to air your mattress out in the sun once every few months. Dust mites are susceptible to UV rays and will die off quickly.

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