Looking for the natural treatment for asthma that cures the problem rather than simply palliating it, could start you on a health journey of a life time. The common corticosteriodal treatments (the puffers) do nothing to change the progress of this disease. And it is the treatment of asthma that has made it into the potentially fatal disease it is today.

Prior to this treatment, there is no recorded death from asthma.

Ill health is all about your immune system. Create a healthy immunity and your health will blossom. This is the best preventative measure. No drugs or vaccines can compete with a healthy immune system, and both suppress it, and so making your ability to respond to health challenges more difficult.

Asthma commonly occurs in children. Corticosteroidal treatment comes with some serious side effects, that are rarely given to you at the time of the prescription. The regular use of puffers can produce a limitation in growth. It has been estimated that a child may be warned from reaching their full height by one inch (2.5 cm) a year.

Bone density loss is another serious side effect that you are rarely told about.

Does any parent want this for their child?

There are many natural and highly effective ways of curing asthma. Many find total relief from changing their diet to avoid animal protein altogether. Another benefit is to avoid stresses in life. For a child this may mean relocation to a more understanding school.

Or allowing them free expression of their current problems.

Some natural therapists suggest an increase in supplementation. If these come from a superfood, then this can be advantageous. Sadly, few supplements on the market do. Most are isolated and made synthetically, in a laboratory. This means they are often a waste of money at best, or can cause cause harm at worst.

A natural diet rich in raw food is likely to do more for you and your asthma than common supplements.

Apart from the diet, what other measures can you take to cure your asthma? The natural and complete modality of health care homeopathy is arguably the best and most effective way to treat any disease, not just asthma. This is because homeopathy rebalances you. It is only your lack of balance that allows disease, any disease, to flourish.

Putting yourself back into natural balance is probably one of the most important things you can do. Apart from helping your loved ones do the same.