Asthma is known to be chronic and a severe attack can sometimes be life threatening as well. However, there are several natural cures for asthma that prove really effective.

Breathing techniques go a long way in alleviating asthmatic attacks. Techniques like “Buteyko Breathing” elevate the levels of carbon dioxide in the blood by shallow breathing exercises, subsequently relaxing the bronchial muscles. Relaxing the bronchial muscles will automatically regulate breathing and reduce symptoms such as short breaths and gasping. Other forms of breathing techniques, like the pranayama, incorporated in yoga, also work wonders towards regulating breathing patterns.

Natural cures for asthma also include dietary changes and regulations. Consuming fruits and vegetables in childhood, is said to prevent asthmatic attacks later. Similarly, a deficiency of manganese and vitamin c is said to aggravate the problem. For a person already suffering from this illness, a high intake of apples is recommended, as it has proven effects in protecting against the occurrence of such attacks. Also, consuming tomatoes, leafy greens and carrots, help in decreasing the intensity of the attack.

Asthma is predominately found in patients who have high levels of arachidonic acid in their blood. The levels can be neutralized by consuming good fats like EPA and GLA, which can be found in fish oil, primrose oil, and a few other sources. Taking Omega 3 fatty acid capsules is also a good idea since these are rich in EPA and DHA. They can neutralize levels of the harmful arachidonic acid and alleviate asthmatic attacks.

A few handpicked natural cures for asthma can therefore go a long way in relieving the trauma of asthmatic attacks.