Suffering from chronic asthma can hinder you from doing the things that you love to do. Living life in a limited way is just too difficult to comprehend. But there is a way to help you achieve the healthiest you without the trappings of this disease and this is through natural asthma remedies.

Asthma is a medical condition defined as a chronic problem of the air passages that is multifaceted and characterized by erratic and recurring signs and symptoms. There can be an obstruction found in the air passages, a certain hyper responsiveness of the bronchial tubes or an inflammation found in the respiratory organ.

This medical condition has been a constant concern for parents because over the years, the number of children affected has increased significantly. In fact, recent reports say that there are about one out of four children in the urban areas, who have this affliction. A person with this condition is at a higher risk of developing diseases like eczema or hay fever.

What caused the development of this condition?
There are many theories that have sprouted in order to address the cause issue. Experts have given a hypothesis called “hygiene hypothesis”. This means the rise of people afflicted with this condition is due to practicing too much hygienic practices which makes children less immune to infections.

It has also been said that population explosion also play a key role in the number of people affected by this condition. This is coupled with genetics, environmental and social factors.

In recent years, this is also more prevalent to specific types of people-particularly athletes. Reports say people who join cycling, running, and mountain cycling are more susceptible to this condition.

How is it treated?
To better treat this affliction, identifying what triggers its attack is crucial. You should avoid being exposed to factors that can trigger an attack.

The treatment also depends on how severe the attack is. For mild cases, low dosage of glucocorticoids can be prescribed by your doctor. If the attacks are more frequent, doctors may prescribe a higher dosage of this medication.

Natural asthma remedies can also be used. Here are the 5 remedies that worked wonder to the people who have used it:

1. Chamomile
This has natural anti-histamine properties. If the attack is caused by an allergic reaction to certain triggers, you can try drinking chamomile tea for immediate relief.

2. Ephedra
This herbal remedy can help clear the bronchial passes.

3. Licorice Root
This can help reduce coughing which is a symptom of asthma.

4. Green Tea
This herbal remedy is also great in clearing up the bronchial passes to relieve congestion.

5. Nettle
This can effectively reduce the likelihood of attacks.

Natural asthma remedies include a product called BronchoSoothe. This is a homeopathic remedy that can effectively clear the air passages and can make way for easier breathing.

BronchoSoothe also prevails the constricting of the chest area. This helps boost the strength of the respiratory system and the immune system. This product only contains natural biochemical tissue salts so it is safe for children and adults to use.

You should always have natural asthma remedies just in case you need them. Include these in your regimen and you can improve your condition veryly.