The Buteyko Breathing Method is a natural asthma relief. It is not an asthma cure, and neither is designed to replace medical drugs in your asthma treatment. Please do not stop your asthma medication without consultation with a qualified medical doctor. This technique is a natural method that you can use to heal your asthmatic symptoms, and reduce the dependency on drugs.

Though this method is not easy to practice and it may take some effort to insert it into your daily routine, but once you get used to it, it becomes a habit that you do regularly every day. You will find that you are able to breathe easier and the intensity of your asthma attacks diminishing. As with all natural remedies, the relief is not instant, unlike pharmaceutical drugs. It is only with regular and consistent practice over a period of time, that you will be able to notice significant improvement.

The Buteyko Breathing Method is a fairly simple technique which is based on biological science. Under normal circumstances, your body prompts you to breathe whenever the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) gets too high in our bloodstream, so that the oxygen level in the blood is replenished. When your body has used up that oxygen, it alerts you that you need to breathe again. However, during an asthma attack, the body reacts by constricting the vessels of the lungs, making you feel as though you are not getting enough air. This causes you to gasp for air and hyperventilate, making matters worse. If you're able to control your breathing, you are able to control the asthma to a large extent.

Try holding your breath and see if you are able to do so for 60 seconds. If you're unable to do it for 60 seconds, breathe through your nose using shallow breaths for five minutes and then try again to hold your breath at the end of the five minutes. Practice doing this multiple times a day for a couple of weeks and you will build up the amount of time that you are able to hold your breath. During this time, you should also notice your asthma diminishing considerably.

Understanding your asthma is key to the improvement of your health condition. It has a lot to do with your breathing along with some other problems that you may be experiencing, such as work related asthma , pollution or dehydration.