A respiratory disorder like asthma has lots of various treatments and curing procedures, most doctors do not subject their patients with just one kind of treatment, as there are some procedures and treatments that may be very effective for the patient than others.

Aside from treatments, the advent of medical technology also led to the discovery and invention of more medicines for this disease. Most doctors prescribe their patients with medications to less the chances of asthma attack of the patient. One of the most popular medication for asthma that has been available for decades is the nebulizer. A nebulizer is a device used to atomize, or reduce the particles of the liquid medication into an extremely fine spray, for the medicine to penetrate deep into the lungs of the patient.

This type of asthma treatment is very convenient and easy to use, especially if the patient experience asthma attack when outdoors. Nebulizer has been considered as the best first aid medication for an asthma attack.

There are actually two general types of medication that most doctors use for treating their patients. The bronchodialators and anti-inflammatories. Although each of these medications are clinically tested and proven to treat and reduce the chances of the disease's attack, each of these two react differently to patients, as most patients have different symptom, condition and degree of lung problem from each other.

Bronchodialators works differently from anti-inflammatories. Bronchodialators works best on stopping the attack, which means this is a good asthma treatment if the attack has already started. This is also good for patients who constantly experience attackpite of taking treatments and medicines. Health buff individuals that have asthma always bring bronchodialators with them, especially when working out.

Anti-inflammatories on the other hand must be used before attack occurs. This will not work when taking during the attack. This is usually prescribed by doctors to their patients to protect their bronchial tubes from irritants that are present on the air to prevent an attack from happening. This medication should be taken in the morning, before actually starting your day.