All of us are familiar with the medical term 'asthma'. If we do not personally have asthma, we probably know at least one person who deals quite often with doctors wearing cheap nursing scrubs. Asthma is the result of the airways in your lungs becoming inflamed and constricted. Once these symptoms hit you, the results can be a simple wheezing or quite life threatening.

While we are not exactly sure what causes asthma, there are several different triggers that most people tend to have in common. Any type of airborne allergens lingering in the air can cause an asthma attack. Animal dander, pollen and mold to name a few can cause someone sensitive to these environmental factors to start having trouble breathing. Most of us are familiar with people who are highly sensitive to a high level of physical activity. For some people a simple climb up a staircase in mens scrubs can set off an asthma attack. Certain medications, air pollutants, the common cold and more are all known generally to be causes of asthma attacks.

One thing that most people do know about asthma is that it does not have a cure. While this might be true there are many different methods through which it can be controlled. The most obvious method of control is to simply avoid the triggers that you are sensitive to. If you feel an asthma attack coming on when you are around household pets, sometimes you should not visit your friends who keep them housed inside. If running a mile on the track sets off an attack you should keep your physical exertion to a minimum.

Medication are most commonly used to help provide relief for asthma sufferers. For those sudden moments where you need fast acting relief you will find yourself reaching for an inhaler. Make sure that you keep in touch with your doctor in one of his many lab coats quite regularly as asthma symptoms and attacks can change as you grow older. When maybe you were once able to climb a set of stairs with no problem, you might now find that you are reaching for your inhaler more and more often when doing this seemingly simple activity. As you age your doctor may choose to put you on a different type of medication to control your symptoms more effectively.