Because hard breathing often aggravates asthma, we are often put in a dilemma. Should a person workout regardless of asthma or should he stop working out leading to being unfit because causing stress and again aggravating asthma.

The most of the difficult workouts are not an option for asthmatics, the intensity would only cause more damage than good. However, that being said yoga is extremely helpful as an exercise routine for asthmatics.

Compared to other soft arts like Tai Chi, yoga offers a much more elaborate workout, especially focusing on the breath with stretches and positions to hold like Pilates, its a routine in itself if done correctly.

Yoga challenges strength and flexibility too but by principle, the poses it makes you perform require deep breathing, relaxation and endurance (Hatha yoga), this is one of the rare routines which can help keep fit in quite a few ways without the strain:

* A lot of asanas (poses) demand use of strength and balance, these leads to muscle growth if proteins are supplied

* A lot of pranayama (breathing yoga) exercises work on detoxifying the lungs and improving breathing patterns

* Hatha Yoga exercises require enough effort to make sure you do not get fat

* The breathing required in poses causes your body to relax, reliving it of stress which is a major component in aggravating asthma.

However, It is very important to join a yoga class to learn yoga, it is very important to learn only from a certified instructor. Truth being told, it is not possible to learn an art as complex as yoga online or by ebooks or videos, it is very important for you to have an instructor correct the errors you make.

Yoga in itself will do nothing to hide the damage of your ill habits. Here, yoga is not an excuse to continue smoking, eating junk food, fried food, aerated drinks, etc. To make sure you stay healthy and fit even while being asthmatic it is very important for you to eat clean and fresh food. Rich in salads and clean meat for proteins.

There are particular posts which stress the muscles enough to produce results in terms of muscle growth: Peacock pose, scorpion pose, camel pose, wheel pose and half moon pose.

Make sure you let your yoga instructor know about your condition as an asthmatic.