Do you know that your electronic air filter will create the electric field to engulf all the particles and allergens in order to give you the cleanest of air. These are installed in the central filtration system of your home and even on the portable units that you are using. Electrostatic or electronic air filters are capable of removing the particulates of even less than 1 micron in size.

The air that circulates in your home through the cooling system contains a number of dust particles and numerous allergens. Whenever you switch it on, the electronic air filters especially the electrostatic precipitators uses the technology of electrostatic attraction to trap the particles. The air enters into the filter through ionization section where the particles get an electrical charge. Then on the collector (flat plates) that have opponent charge to particles collect them on their surface and release the clean air.

Types of Electronic Air Filters

  • Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Charged Media Filters

There are series of charged plates in the electrostatic precipitators to collect the particles. The Before collections the particles are charged making it more efficient than the charged media filter in which there are charged fibers to collect the particles.

Benefits of Electronic Air Filter

  • Electronic Air filters are very efficient and save your money by keeping the heating and cooling system clean.
  • People suffering from any respiratory disease are benefited a lot.
  • They have longer life so need late replacement, which in turns is an eco-friendly sign. This also means that you will be saved from the replacement cost.
  • This filter is highly effective as it cleans the air to 99%.
  • These are also very easy to maintain and you can wash these hundreds of times without losing any filtration capabilities.
  • It is also compatible with all the types of air handling systems.

Disadvantages of Electronic Air Filter

  • This filter may sometimes looks ineffective in removing large particles from the air.
  • It produces ozone that is a lung irritant. Do check the model you are going to purchase for the ozone elimination as it differs with model.
  • Also the ozone produced may react with some indoor chemicals like air fresheners, wood flooring, paints etc to form ultrafine particles that can cause adverse health effects.

Top Brands of Electronic Air Filters

  • Honeywell
  • Dynamic Air Cleaner
  • Whirlpool.