The asthma attacks of many people may unknowingly be caused by poor air quality. Many people suffer from asthma on a regular basis without knowing the cause of it. Though medications can treat the symptoms of asthma and it may even save their life in emergency situations, but it can not cure the root cause of it. Antihistamines may allow them to breathe normally during these episodes and to stop the wheezing and coughing, but that is only treating the symptoms of it. The only real cure for asthma is to eliminate the trigger source, if possible.

Some people who have the occasional bout with asthma may be able to identify the root cause of it, if they are able to note down in their “asthma diary” of the times and places when their asthma attacks happen. By doing so, they may be able to narrow down on the sources and may be able to identify their asthma triggers.

For example, if their asthma attacks are seasonal and seem to correlate with the weather and pollen alert forecasts on TV, it could be due to their allergy to pollen that is the cause of their asthma attacks. Once their suspensions are aroused, they can take note of when their asthma bouts seem to worsen, and check if it is that time of the year when the pollen in the air is high. If such is the case, it confirms that their allergy to pollen is the cause of their asthma attacks.

For those people who experience asthma on a regular basis, if they keep their “asthma diary” well, they will notice a sort of pattern in their episodes. For example, if their asthma attacks seem to be occurring only on week days during working hours, they could be experiencing work related asthma , which may be triggered by work place pollution, or acute stress at work.

Once they have identified the source of their allergic reactions, they are then able to take steps to overcome these issues. If the allergen is pollen, they could try putting a bit of sea salt under the tongue. Sea salt is a natural antihistamine.

If the asthma attacks are occurring during office hours, and this involves other collections as well, a proposal could have made the management to install a high quality air purifier for use in the office. If stress is the cause, a better work distribution flow would benefit all the employees and the company will do well with reduced sick leave and increased productivity.