Asthma is such a disease that may have many reasons. It may be either inherited of it may originate any time at later stage. You should be careful about asthma treatment if you have become its victim. Best natural treatment is through eating such foods which strengthen the lungs, for example grams or the pulse of gram and its products. Moreover, it is such a disease that is sometimes obvious as a reaction or allergy to certain foods eg some people can not digest tamarind that results in sneezing and extremely if it persists then it sometimes turns into asthma.

Asthma is sometimes the outcome of the pollens which grow on wild mulberry. When it is spring season, pollens are everywhere in the atmosphere all around the patients. When he / she inhales them, it results in asthma attack. The best asthma treatment in this season is to cover your nose with some small cloth nose covering that allows only the filtered air to pass.

Asthma treatment is also possible when children are very small and they have somehow caught this disease. Apart from medicines, it is said that swimming is the best treatment as swimmers are required to control breathing while jumping into the deep water. In the same way, during swimming sometimes they have to stop breath for a few moments and sometimes they have to inhale oxygen; in short this apparently petty exercise works in a long way to strengthen their lungs.

Asthma treatment should not be taken as the petty issue. The patient must consult the doctor for advice and proper prescription and should regularly follow his instructions. For asthma treatment there have been researchers going on in which medical scientists are trying to cure this disease through vaccination. Ideally this vaccine doze will be sufficient for one complete year in the beginning. Later its period will be extended.