There are several measures which can be taken to soothe asthma and to prevent episodes of asthma attacks right at your own home, without spending too much. We first have to eliminate the possible factors involved in causing the allergic reactions primarily, in short making your home reaction proof.

We will first asses the most common causes of allergic reactions:

1.) Dust: Dust does not so much cause an allergic reaction on its own but rather the inhaling of dust causes discomfort in the respiratory system, leading to coughing and wheezing.

Dust is not so easy to get rid of as it sounds. a simple sweeping of the floor would not have the significant effect required. What is rather recommend is using the natural combination of hot water and lemons to wipe the floor and a good vacuum cleaner.

It is always recommended for you to avoid chemical products when dealing with asthma.

2.) Insects: Mosquitoes kill more people a year than all the terrorism acts combined, This shows just how important it is to get your home insect free, However this job is not for the average Joe, it is recommended you call in an exterminator for this. Whatever you do, do not use those mosquito killing sprays, the toxicity of those sprays is enough in itself to cause a major asthma attack

3.) Preservatives: A lot of fruits are sprayed with pesticide which can cause asthma attacks. It is always recommended you buy your fruits either organic or at a very reliable place. Always keep in mind that if an asthma attack occurs after eating a particular fruit it is not coincidental, a lot of products such as candy bars, aerated drinks and such have a very high amount of preservatives, always remember to put two and two together whenever such a reaction occurs.

4.) Avoid Humidity: It is easy for infections to be made in humid environments, try to ensure your rooms are air-conditioned to ensure a cool and dry home. germ tend to die in colder places.

There are several hope remedies to soothe the combination of cough-asthma, one of the most popular ones are:

1.) Drinking a combination of ginger, honey, cabbage in hot water

2.) Breathing steam within your body

3.) Enjoying a special massage with oil

It is always recommended for you to have a clean and healthy diet and get some exercise too, also make sure you do not do things which can depress you. it is important to have a positive state of mind to ensure minimal asthma attacks.