In the last century, a number of natural sinusitis remedies have been discovered by people across the world. These remedies are a result of research and probably owe their origin to the extreme side effects of the conventional treatments. Neverheless, these alternative remedies have been in existence for thousands of years, but it is only now that research has backed up their authenticity, which has caused millions of people to embrace them.

Every year, there are about 15 billion people suffering from sinusitis. Sinusitis is a condition where the sinus or the cavities located on the side and back of the nose became inflamed. This can lead to cold like symptoms including running nose, mucous secretion, heaviness in the head and even fever, which only worsen with time.

One of the most well known sinusitis remedies is found in Aryuveda. The basic aim of this remedy is to help in enhancing the blood circulation in the sinus that can help in creating heat in the area. This in turn can help the reduction of mucus built up. Herbs like Guggal, Eucalyptus and Ginger are mixed in flax seed oil. This concoction is then applied on the face and kept of overnight. The warmth generated by this remedy causes the drainage of the mucous which causes the patient to spit the draining mucous. The removal of this excess mucous can take some time depending on the thickness of mucous built up. Normally, it may take up to 7 days. When the mucous is completely drained out, then other sinusitis remedies are used to completely clear away the problem.

Cayenne pepper is also a well-known remedy for the problem. In a cup full of hot water, one teaspoon of cayenne pepper is mixed and then given to the patient to drink, at least thrice a day. This remedy also enhances the blood flow in the affected area, which in turn generates heat and causes the mucous to drain.

The mucous built up is the main cause of all the problems in sinusitis. Here, it is important to drain this mucous, so that the resulting infection can be treated and the sinus passes can be cleared up. No sinus remedy will be completely effective until this mucous is drained out. Thyme is also a well-known herb that can help in naturally drying out the mucus.

Once the mucus has been cleared, then simple remedies like nasal irrigation and steam inhalation can keep the problem at bay. They can help in preventing the mucous built up. Some people make the mistake of using these methods without draining the mucous. The fact is that these are preventative remedies, they can not cure the problem. The conventional medicines can cause side effects like nose bleeds and even sleep problems. On the other hand, these natural sinusitis remedies can not only help in clearing your sinus problems but also ensuring that they do not return to haunt you again!