Stress and Asthma together form a dangerous and seriously harmful loophole. To understand what I mean by this, think of something very unpleasing episode in your life, think about the most painful aspect, stop! do you notice how your breathing just came back to normal?

Stress, frustration, panic attacks and anxiety cause your mind to go in a state where your breathing pattern changes, often becoming harder (anger is especially good at causing this affect, how you noticed how your nostrils flare when you get angry?). There have been researchers done on this matter which suggest that for every emotion the brain feels, the breathing pattern changes.

Now, whenever in physical pain, your brain is very likely to feel down, assuming negative outcomes, causing breathing problems and aggravating the pain. Normally, this is not so much as an issue as the only damage done is psychological although for someone who has (or had) asthma, this creates a very painful loophole, something along the lines of Pain – Stress – Asthma Episode – More pain – More Stress – Heavier Asthma episode.


there is a lot of information available about positivity and having good belief systems but its all good when said but entirely different in application, What we personally recommend is for you to be aware and catch the negative thought before it takes hold of you.

You have to remember, its a serious loophole and has to be cut as early as possible.

This can be achieved more easily by engaging in activities which brings you a sense of fulfillment and / or pleasure.

What you can also do is avoid situations which would harm your breathing; in high traffic, near paint, near fires, near cigarette smoke, you may not be aware of this but these factors give you pain which in turn leads to stress, continuing the loophole we have to avoid.

For example: A man goes out, crosses the busy street, is filled with the smell of smoke, complains to himself about the situation of the world, this triggers a bad memory where someone cheated, this in turn damages his breathing, this in turn causes an asthma attack.