Are you looking for a way to cure infant asthma? Does your baby show the worrying signs and symptoms of asthma such as grunting and wheezing at night? Asthma can only officially be diagnosed at the age of 2 years however, this does not mean it does not exist in the young baby. If you have a family history of hay fever, food intolerance, asthma or eczema that your baby may be predisposed to developing asthma.

Infant asthma does not have the same causative factors as childhood or adult asthma. Most of the time, allergies do not play a huge role in infant asthma. In infants, the developing immune system and respiratory system can cause them to be more susceptible to respiratory infections such as bronchitis. The symptoms however are similar as those of an asthmatic child.

So are there any ways to cure infant asthma without resorting to steroids and drugs? Here is a list of some tips that can help your child's asthma.

Vitamin C has been shown to be deficient in many children suffering from asthma. If your child is old enough, a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables is recommended.

-Lactose tolerance. Check that your baby is not lactose intolerant. This can cause excessive mucus production and can lead to blockage of the sinuses and congestion of the respiratory airways. If your baby is on formula it may be helpful to try switching formulas. Breast fed babies will not have this problem.

-Detergents and household chemicals should be kept away from your babies sleeping and play area as they can irritate a young babies airways and cause infection.

-Dust mite allergies are not as common in infants as in toddlers but could be a cause of your child's respiratory problem. Regular dusting will ensure a reduced exposure and may help combat the symptoms.

-Herbal remedies are not commonly recommended for babies and infants. However, Chinese medicine prescribes ginger water for curing infant asthma. Do ensure you get a prescription from a registered Chinese medical practitioner before you prepare any herbs for your babies consumption.

-The Bowen Technique For Asthma is a very popular method used to treat asthma in babies. This is because it is extremely gentle, simple yet effective. This technique works to relax the breathing muscles and help to strengthen the immune system in infants. Whether or not your baby has asthma or bronchitis, this technique targets the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms.