Exercise induced asthma is one of the most troubling ailments a person can get. Especially since exercise is still the best cure for most asthma conditions, having one that is triggered by one of the cures can be quite a big hassle. This is why learning how to cure exercise induced asthma is a necessity for people who suffer from this ailment.

Luckily, for most individuals with this condition, taking medications daily is not too necessary, unless they engage in physical activities on a daily basis. Otherwise, taking something to prevent the attack would be especially needed.

Of course, preventing this kind of asthma is the most appropriate thing to do, especially since you already know what would likely happen if you started exercising without taking any precautions. Preventing the actual asthma attack is the wisest thing you should do if you already know that your condition is triggered by one.

But how would you do that? Here are some suggestions how to cure exercise induced asthma.

1. Use a bronchodilator inhaler before exercising. Inhalers like these are the most widely used medication to prevent full-blown asthma attacks. You can choose from a short or a long acting one, depending on your case.

2. Quit smoking. Smoking weakens the respiratory system, which is identical bad for your asthma condition. Plus, this, with further exertion can really take toll on your lungs, so make sure to quit if you want to continue exercising and living without the hassles of constant asthma attacks.

3. Try breathing exercises. Proper breathing exercises not only helps you breathe easier, but it also trains your chest muscles to work better, especially after being strained too much from years of erratic breathing caused by asthma. There are also a good number of different techniques you can learn, so you can have different options in which one works for you best.

4. Avoid exercising in harsh conditions like extremely cold weather, high allergy season, or when you're suffering from a respiratory infection. This will only make you more prone to severe asthma attacks, so try to avoid exercise during times like these.

These are just some of the things you can do how to cure exercise induced asthma. Remember, although, your condition poses harm with physical exertion; it still should not stop you from exercising altogether. Exercise is still a very good way for you to regain much better health, just make sure to take some proper precautions.