Asthma is a chronic and recurrent inflammatory response of the respiratory system. It is an abnormal immune response in the bronchial airways, which have become hypersensitive to certain triggers. The bronchi contract into spasm, imflame and narrow (either because they are squeezed by muscles from the outside or because they are blocked by mucus and swelling). Excessive mucous is produced.

Triggers (allergens) can be from a variety of sources, for example from cold air, exercise, emotional stress, or viral infection. Although most triggers are unidentifiable at the time, a minority of sufferers do have a specific identified allergy trigger.

A well established, non-invasive and low cost test can identify the underlying factors affecting your asthma and overall health. The results are presented in a personal report, that highlights the actions and products that can help your body restore good health and increase your condition. The philosophy is to identify and eliminate these basic undering factors, thereby freeing the body's ability to restore a natural balance and with it good health.

Taking a test is easy, non-invasive and affordable at just £ 48.

You simply fill in and pay for your application online and send it to us along with your hair sample. Your test will be carried out in 7 working days and is available to download from the website or via 1st class post.

They use the latest Digital Radionics equipment to scan your body's energy and to detect those specific set of factors which are inhibiting your wellbeing. The scan can also detect the best solutions to help your body eliminate those factors and revitalize your health.

The results of your test are provided in a personal 8-page report, which identifies the basic factors which made you ill and advises you how to deal with them. This information could include intolerant foods and toxins to avoid, herbal remedies to help the body rid itself of unwanted factors and essential nutrients to restore good health. You will also receive a free 15 minute phone consultation with an expert to discuss your results.

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