For some children, the shower can be a scary, dangerous place. They can suffer from asthma attacks and other chronic respiratory conditions that are triggered by chlorine and other chemicals in the shower water. In one particular case, a six-month-old boy named Noah, suffering from breathing problems, regular congestion and a constant cough. The infant could not sleep through the night without complications due to his breathing disorder, leaving him with dark circles under his eyes. His parents looked everywhere for answers while a variety of serious health problems like weight loss and vomiting persisted.

When Noah was examined by health specialists, Charles Strand, his father, was told that he had sensitivity to his environment. Everything from orange juice to cats and dogs were blamed for his breathing difficulties. One by one, the list of culprits was eliminated, but Noah's health problems remained.

The Cause
His parents were “terrified and desperate” when they were finally able to find a doctor who helped them narrow down the possible causes of the problem. It was a slow process, but fortunately, he suggested they start with the water since more than two-thirds of the human body is water. Focusing on water as the cause for Noah's respiratory condition made sense because it was the one situation that stayed the same. During showers, when Noah breathed the steam, his breathing would worsen. The doctor was on to what many alternative and conventional doctors know today; the realization that the young and old can have acute sensitivities to chemicals like chlorine and heavy metals present in our water.

Solution: A Shower Filter
Finally, they realized that it was the shower water itself that was making their baby sick. They learned that as chlorine vaporizes, “it combines with other organic compounds in the air and forms chloroform gas, a toxic compound that causes respiratory irritation and fatigue.” The family's water supply came from a lake and they discovered that it was treated with high levels of chlorine in the summer. The chlorine helped get rid of excess algae but also replied in “increased levels of harmful vapors in the shower and through the house.”

The family took action by buying a sink water filter for the kitchen sink. At the time this occurred, shower filters were not available so they purchased a commercial charcoal filter. Then, the father got creative and adapted the filter to the shower pipe to create his own shower filter. He was totally shocked by the result. With seven days, Noah's coughing had ceased. He was able to sleep through the night. He started to eat better and was on his way to perfect health.

For Charles Strand, curing his son was the end of a very difficult journey, but the beginning of a positive one. You see, Charles Strand went on to develop a shower filter and has been able to share it with over 5 million other people.

The sad reality is that many children and adults suffer from asthma and other respiratory conditions, as well as skin disorders, rashes, eye irritations, dandruff and other skin and breathing problems. When you consider that a study by the Ralph Nader Research Institute found over 2,100 cancer-causing chemicals in US drinking water, it makes you think twice about the water you shower in, bathe in and drink. More and more, scientific studies are showing a link between cancer and chlorine in the water.

The good news is that water filtration technology has improved the effectiveness of removing chemicals from water and lowered the cost of home water treatment systems. The best news is of course that many people, young and old, experience dramatic health improvements after using the high-quality two-stage shower filtration system.