Asthma is definitely on the rise in this country. It holds true for both children and adults. If not treated properly Asthma can make life very difficult for a person as well as being very dangerous. In worst case scenario it can even cause death. There are many medications and treatments that do help people today who are living with asthma, but along with these methods a specific Asthma diet can also be a great help. In this article I will give you some help with choosing the right type of diet for your asthma.

First, each day you want to eat more fresh and raw foods. It is best if you can learn to stay away from processed foods. It has been shown that processed foods tend to produce more mucus. If you start eating more fresh fruits and vegetables as well as well as whole grains seeds and lean poultry and fish you will notice a dramatic drop in the amount of mucus you produce.

Second, drinking water is essential to controlling your Asthma. Not only should you drink water but you should drink regularly throughout the day. I suggest a glass around every 2 hours. This helps to prevent mucus build up therefore preventing Asthma attacks.

Third, eat a substantial amount of garlic and onions to your diet. Both of these 2 foods contain an anti-inflammatory property that helps to treat Asthma attacks. Try to add these two ingredients to your food for taste as well as the great medicinal value they have.

Fourth, eat plenty of foods with fatty acids as well as foods containing flax seed oil. Fatty acids work to reduce inflammation and treat Asthma symptoms.

Lastly, being aware of what you eat and take notice of what foods could possibly trigger an attack and try to stay away from these foods. What you eat may not cure your Asthma, but by what you eat eat can have a big impact on your Asthma.