I've been diagnosed with asthma. And I know it sucks. It's devastating. But getting rid of asthma is not that difficult anymore. There IS a way to stop it from ruining your life with a guide-this consists of the 5 tips that follow. Really, my life's been better after I've converted these tips to habits.

1. Remove the triggers from your environment. If you used to smoke but you know it complicates your condition, quit it. If your dog triggers your asthma, then make sure your environment is free of its hair. Whatever it is that worsens your condition, stay away! Prevention plays an important role in controlling your asthma.

2. Exercise. Although too much of exercise can also trigger the attack, just do gentle ones. Refrain from heavy kinds like basketball, because they will just tire you and keep you feeling sick the entire week. Gentle exercises like yoga, swimming and brisk walking are fine. Other than enjoying your time, you are also able to strengthen your immune and respiratory systems helping to prevent attacks.

3. Drink your meds. This tip is actually a no-brainer. Do not skip medicines. But do not also overdose. Take in whatever your physician asked you to and how much of it you need for a day. Never, however, depend on your medicines too much that you will take in more than what you have to of quick relief medicines right after an attack.

4. Write an asthma management organizer and a plan. The organizer will list the physician, his contact information, the medicines you have to take, and other important information related to your asthma. Make the organizer available to people as if there are emergency attacks, they will know what to do.

5. Consult your physician regularly. Even before that, make sure that your physician is really good, so you do not get to change doctors often. It's essential to stick to one that's really good so that he will get to know you and your condition really well. With such, he can advise you on whether or not some changes are to be made regarding the management of your asthma. Getting rid of asthma is mostly impossible without the help of an expert.

The main thing about this article is to have a proper asthma management system, respect your body and accept your asthma condition. If you respect your body and have accepted that you have asthma, you will be encouraged to change or even just adjust your lifestyle to that which you know will help prevent from attacks. The tips are just 5 simple ways to getting rid of asthma. Knowledge of these is useless without action.