Although asthma is a chronic disease that you can not really eliminate in your system, there are things that you can do to deal with it to make the attacks less frequent, up to a point that it is almost as good as getting rid asthma altogether . Contrary to popular knowledge, though, these ways to get rid asthma is perfectly simple, even as easy as ABC!

If you're already dying to know what these methods are, here are some for your disposal:

1. Get healthy. An ailment is a manifestation that there is something wrong with your overall health, so by overcoming this first cause of having asthma, you're making yourself better against the condition. Start by having a healthy diet or by exercising (without training yourself too much, of course), and surely, you'll start feeling better and start having fewer attacks in no time.

2. Learn some breathing techniques. You may have heard about breathing techniques as not exactly the best cure to get rid asthma, but it still has its own merits, if you pay a bit more attention to it. For one, these breathing techniques will train you how to breathe properly, a great plus since your body has started to get used of breathing erratically and even your muscles have become accustomed to this breathing pattern. By learning the correct ways of breathing, you can be sure that the air you intake will get to your lungs and it will also train your chest muscles to function properly.

3. Relax. Asthma attacks worsen because, usually, sufferers tend to panic and become too angry of the condition. This worsens the condition altogether, making the patient feel more pain and worse. So, to help yourself avoid this kind of situation, always remember to keep your calm especially during attacks.

4. Try home remedies. The great thing about the ways how to get rid asthma is that you can always find common household products that can help you deal with your ailment. Some home remedies you can use are honey, garlic, milk, coffee, and even lemon juice.

5. Keep your home clean. Since asthma can be triggered by any inhalable material, a dusty surrounding can easily cause an asthma attack. To deal with this, keep your home free from dust and you'll surely have to suffer less attacks than before.

6. Continue taking medications. Taking prescription drugs is still the best way to get rid of asthma. So, unless there are other conditions that will prevent you from doing so, keep up with your meds to better prevent and minimize attacks attacks.

With these basic things you can do on a normal day, you can be sure that you're doing something to make your life more livable despite having asthma.