Is there a natural asthma cure that works effectively to control and treat asthma? In this day and age of advancing technology and the amount of information available on the Internet, more and more asthmatics are becoming aware of the side effects of taking drugs on their bodies.

If you are an asthmatic or know of someone who is then I am sure you will be familiar with the medications commonly used to treat this condition. These are typically bronchodilators, commonly known as the reliever inhaler and steroids also known as the preventer inhaler. Most asthmatics are extremely dependent on the inhalers and can not leave home without them!

Would not it be lovely to not have to depend on medication and drugs? Here is a list of techniques and tips that have been used to successfully control and treat asthma in a purely natural way.

Food intake – It has been documented that many asthma sufferers are Vitamin C and Vitamin E deficient. This can be increased by consuming more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Antioxidants also play an important role in asthma by reducing inflammation.

Herbs – Both Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western herbalists and Ayurvedic medicine advocate the use of herbs to treat and control asthma. These herbs differ among the different practices but one herb that is recommended by all three is Gingko Biloba. This herb is thought to decrease inflammation in the airways and reduce muscle spasm allowing for easier breathing. However, this does not take place immediately and requires at least a month of consumption before any results are obvious. As with any herbal remedy it is extremely important to get a prescription from a qualified herbalist before consuming any herbal natural remedy.

Acupuncture – This is an ancient form of Chinese treatment based on the philosophy that energy flows through the human body in opposition “positive” and “negative” forces, yin and yang. Asthma represents an imbalance and a blockage in the flow of energy along certain pathways called meridians. Needles are used to stimulate these points and clear the blockage historically restoring balance in the body. As with herbal remedies this is not a quick fix solution and it takes at least 10-20 treatments for any effects to be felt.

Bowen Technique – The Bowen Technique is a popular technique to treat asthma that originated in Australia. It works on the principles of re balancing the nervous system of the body as well as relaxing the breathing muscles, which are often the main cause of asthma attacks especially in children. This is one of the most effective natural remedies for asthma as its effects are almost immediate.