Are you a person that was living an amazing life only to have it ripped away from you by a devastating disease like asthma? It comes along and steals every breath away from you? A lot of people have experienced this and fight everyday to get back the life that was so easily taken away. Like some, this is something that can come unexpected or expected if it's hereditionary. Something that you hoped may not get you one day. Either way it is a chronic illness that affects millions of people all over the world. First it steals away your right to breathe normally. Then it takes your spirit, only to find out that it is something that is supposedly incurable. Is it truly incurable? No! Triggers are something else that keeps you in control. Once you discover that there are triggers out there that can give you asthma attack. You find you can avoid them. No one likes to suffer a severe attack and have the fear that death could be a real possibility.

Many people in the world are trapped by this disease and there is something much worse, they are held captive by the very drugs that doctors prescribe to control your asthma symptoms. There are many forms of control when it comes to the choice of we make. Those choices are …

  • Prescription drugs and inhalers
  • Give up the battle against asthma and lay there and do nothing
  • Going outside and facing environmental exposures unprotected.
  • Avoid triggers that lay in wait for you
  • Live where you might have extreme allergies

There are many ways the world can take control of you when you get a disease or an illness. Depression is something that can happen when you're unable to find a way to overcome or eliminate your disease. Which brings up the possibility of more drugs and more control? You do not have to let these things control you. You can do research on what Mother Nature has given us. All natural methods that do not just give away your asthma symptoms but in some cases, help you eliminate it all together. If you're like me you do not want to be under anyone's control, especially the control of the prescription drug industry. They take a hold of you and force you to become dependent on their products. The burden to the body that comes from the side effects of the drugs is just a long horrific trap you can not escape.

I am here to tell you that you do not have to live your life under the control of a diseases or prescription drugs. If I were to tell you of a method that has been around for a long time and was having amazing affect on those who are not in control of their disease or illness, would you want to know how? I know when my son was diagnosed with Asthma that I did not want him burdened for the rest of his life with the control of prescription drugs. I have to watch my son struggle on a daily basis. I always have his symptoms coming back and needing to use his inhaler to get them back under control. It was just the hardest thing a parent could ever go through. But it does not have to be that way. There is hope for you.

What I discovered was that environmental pollution was starting to come up in research as something that could be causing asthma. Through my research, I discovered that asthma can be invented and even eliminated completely. How do you ask? Well if you were able to remove the environmental pollution from your body and give your body the ability to cure itself. Would that be worth learning about? I would say so. My son was worth the time it took to research what could help him. You have to choose to get yourself back on the road to a life without control. He now lives a life free of asthma and the control of prescription drugs.