If you suffer from asthma then you know that having this chronic disease can leave you feeling helpless. In a lot of cases with asthma, it can become a very stressful thing to deal with. Does your asthma symptoms leave you feeling stressed out or makes you feel like it is unbearable at times? I think everyone that suffers from any type of disease has this type of stress. Some things like stress can actually act as an asthma trigger sending you into an asthma attack. When your stress levels start to sky rocket, remember to stay calm and do what you can to bring that stress level down. You can avoid complications from stress.

Stress can worsen your condition because it brings down your natural defenses and allows your body to be vulnerable to more severe asthma attacks. Prescription drugs can actually add to your stress level with their side effects. When you take your prescription drugs, do you feel like you are not quite right? Your asthma symptoms can only be controlled with prescription drugs and can add stress to you and your body. The sudden that chronic diseases such as asthma can put on you is not fair and can take a major toll on your body and your immune functions.

Stress can be a part of your daily life even if you do not suffer from asthma or take prescription drugs. What you need to do is identify stress patterns and what causes you the most stress. Think of ways to eliminate it from your daily routines. Some things can not be avoided like deadlines at work or a boss that is on your case for everything you do. There are ways to relieve that stress after work like soaking in a hot bath and reading a good book. Another way is finding quiet time for yourself where you can let the stress from your asthma slow relax away allowing you to breathe easier.

Do your best to avoid stressful situations that can trigger your stress levels to rise and your asthma symptoms get worse? If you struggle to breathe, relax and keep the air flowing in and out of your lungs. Try getting yourself into a routine where you exercise daily and manage your time. Setting relaxing time and scheduling yourself approbably can greatly reduce your stress when you know what is coming hour by hour. A good diet is something that can help your stress levels. Eat good foods that are anti mucus developing unlike dairy. Dairy can cause excess mucus buildup in your bronchial tubes and lead to an asthma attack.

Anxiety is a contributor to your stress levels. Thinking appropriate thoughts is a good start to controlling this condition. Catastrophic thoughts can lead to anxiety, stress and then the trouble with your breath is sure to follow. Prompt action should be taken to avoid an asthma attack. This could lead to a hospital visit and unfortunately premature death. There is a lot of information online on how you control stress levels and in doing so control your asthma symptoms. You will then be at the point where prescription drugs and your inhaler can be used as little as possible.

The best way to be stress free from asthma is by overcoming your asthma completely. This can be done using methods that are natural and do not cause your body any more stress than it is already under. The rise in environmental toxins has left our planet tainted. The rise in pollution has led to a rise in asthma and an unharmed rise in stress for the sufferer. Becoming toxin free can relate the body of stress that it should not be burdened with. By allowing your body to have the tools it needs to heal it is a major help in a stress free life. Could you do a little less stress in your life?