When the sinuses get inflamed, then it is known as sinusitis. Broadly speaking, the causes of sinusitis can range from allergies to molds and mildew and sometimes even food.

Molds and mildew are also well known causes of sinusitis. These are a common occurrence in most of the modern households. Breathing in air that contains molds can not only lead to sinusitis but some other diseases as well. The recent researchers have revealed that fungus can actually cause a malfunction in the human immune system. This is one of the main causes of sinusitis. Fungus can also be found in a variety of foods like peanuts and peanut butter.

Chronic sinusitis generally results when the regular airflow in the sinuses is obstructed by fungi. This also causes a blockage in the flow of the mucus present in the sinuses. If you have been afflicted with chronic sinusitis, then you may have identified some of the triggers which worsen your condition. If you have not done this as yet, start now. Be conscious of your fluid and food intake and identify which of these worsen your condition. Those are the foods that you need to avoid. Sometimes, a stray allergy may also cause your sinuses to clog up.

Climatic changes can also be one of the well-known causes of sinusitis. Sometimes exposure to wind can also cause bouts of sinusitis.

Dust causes a number of allergies and diseases including asthma and sinusitis. If you are allergic to dust, and then make sure that you vacuum your bedding at regular intervals. Pillows and mattresses should either be washed or laundered. Carpet can store dust particles in a big way. Here, you need to either avoid using a carpet in your room or make sure that you vacuum it regularly. You can even try using an air purifier to get rid of all the dust.

Prolonged cold infection can also trigger off a bout of sinusitis. Natural cold remedies are an effective way to get rid of the cold without any side effects. If your cold lasts for more than a week, then you need to get it checked up for sinusitis.

Some doctors advocate supplements like omega3 and vitamin D to prevent sinusitis and other problems. Vitamin D is particularly important for people who live in cold climate. Omega 3 can also help in preventing all kinds of inflammation in the body.

Though there are a number of causes of sinusitis, not all can be prevented or eliminated. The modern world is riddled with a number of triggers that can cause or worsen the sinusitis infection. The best way to avoid all these problems is to know what triggers off your infection. Is it the dust or the cold or both? This can only be done by understanding your body and its subtle signs.