Asthma, a respiratory disease, is broadly common among people today, both adults and children. If this disease is not taken too seriously, this would become a serious problem later. This would make the life of a person really miserable, uncomfortable, and difficult. It could even cause death to everyone who has this disease in the worst case. Today, there are many available treatments and medications in the market that are believed to treat or treat asthma. However, you can also choose an effective asthma diet that could also help you with your asthma problems.

Initially, you should eat raw and fresh foods more than the processed ones. It is even better if you avoid or stop eating them. Studies show that eating processed foods have a tendency to produce more mucus that would constrict the respiratory system. However, if you are going to choose to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and other fresh foods, you will really notice that your mucus secret will decline.

Water is also very important when you try to control your asthma. You should drink water frequently so as to regulate body fluids and other excess liquids. It is preferred to drink a glass of water every 2 hours. This will certainly help you prevent asthma attacks because it blocks mucus bulups.

Then, you should also eat foods with garlic and onions. These spices are well known with its anti-inflammatory property that would really help you, especially when there are asthma attacks. Add them to your dishes to enjoy their good taste as well as their therapeutic value in your health.

Finally, make sure to stay away from the foods that will certainly trigger asthma attacks. If your doctor tells you not to eat this and that, you should not. With just a little sacrifice, discipline, and will, you are going to prevent and cure your asthma.