A Nebuliser works by taking your medication and changing it into a steam like material which is easily breathable. Once the medication is deeply inhaled, it gets right to your lungs and begins to open your airways immediately.

Previously Nebulisers were not able to be transported around all over the place by allergy or asthma sufferers, so generally inhalers were used. Inhalers do not work for everyone, though, because why the Portable Nebuliser is so useful. Unlike a Home Domestic Nebuliser it does not have a face mask, just a small tube that works as a mouthpiece. However results remain just as accurate whether using a regular or a portable Nebuliser. Portable Nebulisers are small enough to fit in your pocket or handbag, so are no issue for allergy or asthma sufferers to use along with their normal everyday routine.

Companies such as Omron and Medix have created a wide range of Home Domestic Nebulisers and Portable Nebulisers, as well as having a special range of Nebulisers for Children.

ECG Monitoring

Cardiovascular heart disease affects over 20 million people worldwide and it's there before a big issue. The first hour after a cardiac incident is vital for a life to be saved. Medical professionals refer to it as the “golden hour”. If treatment is given in this hour, it's likely that a cardiac accident will not be life threatening. Constant monitoring with an ECG Monitor the whole day long is there before a huge advantage to keep on the lookout for potential problems including an imminent risk of heart attack.

These days, monitoring can be done constantly while the user gets on with their everyday lives. Portable ECG Monitors are small enough to fit into your pocket or your handbag while still doing as good a job as an ECG Monitor used by professionals.

Monitoring can be displayed by Portable ECG Monitors or PC ECG Software on a screen, or can be printed on ECG Paper using a more traditional non-portable Monitor. Brands such as Cardioline, Kenz or Omron develop all sorts of Monitors, whether you're in need of a Portable Monitor, or a more traditional model.