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Wall Street Sees Opportunity In Medical Device Manufacturer Stocks

There is a constant search by many individuals on Wall Street that are looking for new and innovative companies with technology that can change the industry. Historically one of the most successful and lucrative stocks have been those that had to do with medical devices. The reason for this is mainly for the fact that medical devices are things that many times are an absolute necessity for those with various health conditions. As a result, they are more willing to purchase one for their needs than they would something that they particularly did not need.

Today, one of the technologies that is poised to change the medical device market and thus raise the stocks of those companies that produce them is a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter has been used for decades but only as of late has its functionality changed to accommodate more of a portable vital sign monitoring device.

Years ago technology such as the artificial heart valve was a true ground breaker in the field of medical products and many of the stocks that were associated with them rose quite significantly. As of recently there has been a lot of talk and action surrounding the companies and stocks that have to directly deal with pulse oximeter technology. The main reason for this is the fact that the product is quite revolutionary in every regard. The ability to monitor your pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation while on the go has been something that the market has been yearning for, for years. The benefit is that an individual, lets say with asthma, can purchase this portable device and where they may go they can constantly monitor their oxygen levels to make sure they are healthy levels in order to prevent an asthma attack.

The future of stocks related to these products is very bright and will see very positive growth in the future. Although there does exist quite a bit of volatility in almost every sector in the market, however medical technology is a sector that will forever be in demand because it in essence is not a luxury but a necessity. Those that are suffering from various health conditions do in fact need these products because their own health and welfare depends on it then they will buy them. The aspect that makes this sector also attractive is the fact that there is constant change and evolution in the arena so there is always room for growth in the future.

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Latest Weight Loss Tools For Those Serious To Get Back In Shape

Getting back in shape and losing weight is a task that requires all the help that one can get. Being something that directly affects your health it is very important that weight loss be taken seriously in order to prevent any health issues and complications that typically come about as a result of being overweight such as diabetes and heart disease. One of the tools that is now being used by millions of individuals through the country for helping them lose weight is a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is a health device that is used to measure the pulse rate and the oxygen levels of an individual. The way that this actually helps to lose weigh is that it provides an accurate way of measuring your pulse rate to ensure that you are operating at a level that is inductive to losing weight.

One of the misconceptions of many individuals trying to lose weight is that they believe that by simply walking they can lose weight. Although this statement is not incorrect, however in order to have serious weight loss and get in shape the correct way one has to elevate one's pulse rate for a minimum of 15 minutes in order to truly get the value out of one's workout regiment. A pulse oximeter is used in this regard to measure that pulse rate in order to make sure that it is elevated so that you are exercising the proper way. In addition, the pulse oximeter comes with an alarm function that will alert you in case you are exceeding the healthy pulse rate levels. This is also important because it gives you the power to prevent doing harm to your body during fitness activities as the alarm function will alert you and then you can adjust your activity based on that information. The more advanced varieties actually come with a feature wherey you can actually record your results over a period of many days. What essentially happens is that once you connect the device to your finger it will begin to record the readings and then later you can download that information directly into your home computer. There you can track your progress and how your body's pulse rate and oxygen levels are improving as you begin to get back into shape. This is a powerful way of utilizing technology to improve your overall health and life.

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Shoveling Snow And The Risks Of Having A Heart Attack

If you are one of the millions of individuals that actually lives in locations that are frequented by snow then you know how difficult and frustrating it is dealing with massive snow fall. Although it is quite nice and enjoyable when you are at home in the comfort of your bed, but if you have to travel outside then you need to clear your own snow. Many individuals turn to getting their own shovels and begin shoveling the snow. However, one of the major things that they overlook is the fact that when you are shoveling the snow then what this does in effect is that it places quite a lot of strain on the heart. The problem is that when there is placed a lot of pressure on the hear then you may risk having a heart attack. One of the ways to prevent this is to use a pulse oximeter to closely monitor your pulse rate.

What essentially happens is that the individual seeking to engage in the intense physical activity will also take with them their portable pulse oximeter. The device is quite small and portable and by simply placing your finger inside the product you will be able to quickly and accurately get your pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation levels. These two vital signs are absolutely key to monitoring your health in order to ensure that you are not operating at abnormal levels.

If for whatever reason you are actually operating at abnormal levels then what happens is that the pulse oximeter will begin to sound an alarm that will alert you to the fact that you need to take a rest or even in extreme situations need to actually seek medical help . What makes this health condition particularly problematic is the fact that it is highly underestimated by so may individuals each season that it snows. Many do not even think twice about the amount of physical exercise that occurs when doing such a simple task as shoveling the snow.

The most important thing to remember is that one has to have a very close eye on their body in order to determine its response to the physical activity. At that point they can really judge wherever they are functioning at normal levels. Thousand of Americans die each year during the snowy winter months and many could have been preceded with the use of a pulse oximeter.

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Medical Devices To Monitor Baby Health

As a parent there is nothing as important as monitoring the health of your baby. Infants are may times born with various health conditions that require close monitoring and attention by the parents. Some of the most common health conditions are asthma and congenital heart disease. Physicians have as of recent begin to recommend the use of pulse oximeter technology by parents to monitor their children in the home setting. A pulse oximeter is a health and medical device that is used by millions of individuals through the world to monitor their pulse rate and oxygen levels. The most beneficial aspect of the product is the fact that it provides portable monitoring where individuals can take it with them wherever they go and have the power to measure their pulse rate and oxygen levels quickly and accurately.

When it comes to parents of babies with health conditions there is definitely not other medical device that is as useful as a pulse oximeter. The parents simply the finger of their child and place it inside the device. Within seconds they will get a reading of the vital signs of the child. With the way that it manufactured the pulse oximeter can either be used as an on-spot check or to actually be left on the finger to provide continuous and long-term usage. But in the end, the most important aspect and most helpful is the fact that it is completely portable. So as parents you do not have to stay stationary because of your child's health concerns. You can actually be on the move and the go while still having the ability to check your baby'sitals within a few seconds. Through years of development and progress has the technology been able to be created in order to provide the ability to monitor infants and infants. The important aspect is that because the product connects to the finger of the baby it is very important that there will be a very snug fit to enable accurate readings. As a result of the small anatomical size of a child's finger manufacturers have custom built the pediatric models to be able to fit baby's digits easily. This in turn will produce results that are far more accurate than if an adult variety was used. There are even varieties for new-born or neo-natals as their sizes are even smaller than typical children and as a result they require further specially designed products.

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Parenting And The Use Of Technology

Parenting is something that is as old as time, but it has definitely gone through many changes over the years. One of the aspects that has changed the realm of parenting is the use of technology. A very important aspect of the parent's job is to actually provide for the health of their children. Many times children have certain health conditions that require very close monitoring of their vital signs. Such health concerns such as asthma and heart arrhythmia are just a few examples of the hundreds of conditions that do exist. Today's parents are however equipped with technology that gives them the power to monitor the health of their children. A very good example of such technology is actually a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is a health device used by mom's and dad's to measure the pulse rate and the oxygen levels of children.

The greatest aspect of the product is the fact that it allows for portable monitoring of vital signs. This is very important because parents are always on the go with their kids. They may be rushing to the grocery store or even trying to get to the afternoon soccer game. With these considerations in the mind it was necessary to have a pulse oximeter that was completely portable and that could be taken from one place to another quite easily. So, now for example the mom can take their child who is suffering from asthma to the grocery store and as a precaution they can simply have the kid place his / her finger inside the device and be able to get the oxygen readings.

This is key to determine if he / she is getting enough oxygen in order to prevent an asthma attack which can have its own devastating health effects that could have been so easily prevented. There is some interesting technological aspects in store for parents as well. In development is this device that in addition to providing the basic functions of reading the vital signs has also wireless capability while it connects directly to the physician's office computer system. There should be any abnormal readings then the physician will be able to see it on their system and to quickly prescribe a treatment. The great thing about technology is the fact that it not only makes treating patients more effective and efficient as well, but it also allows for parents to have a piece of mind when they are dealing with children with various health conditions.

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NFL Players And Their Use Of A Pulse Oximeter On The Sidelines

The NFL is one of the most demanding physical sports in the world. It truly takes a great deal of training and endurance to be able to participate in what we call today the modern gladiators. One of the most important things that football players need to keep track of is their pulse rate as a well as oxygen levels. There have been many players over the past few years that have suffered serious health problems due to the fact that they overextended their bodies. The main reason for this is that they did not monitor their vital signs in order to determine whether they are getting close to dangerous levels. One very simple and easy way to prevent such health concerns is through the use of a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is actually perfectly suited for those players that are seeking to monitor their pulse rate and oxygen levels in the NFL.

The way that it works is like so. When the player returns back to the guidelines what they will do is that they will place their finger inside the pulse oximeter and then within seconds they will be able to get a quick and accurate reading of their vital signs. If for any reason their vitals are not within health ranges then the device will begin to sound and alarm that will alert the individuals to take necessary action in order to prevent any serious health concern. There is in the works also wireless systems that in essence will allow the readings to be wirelessly submitted to the team's medical team computer system for monitoring.

If there is any sign of abnormal readings then at that point the system will be able to decipher that and to make any necessary changes. The ability to monitor the health of players is absolutely crucial because the sport of football has become far more competitive and intense than it was years ago. Although the NFL has utilized the pulse oximeter for its athletes there are also many other sports that are beginning to take notice of this remarkable medical device that has proved to be so helpful. Being small and portable means that it can be taken anywhere the person desires to go while at the same time providing all the functionality and usefulness of any major device in the hospital setting that individuals are typically used to seeing.

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Latest Medical Devices For Parents With Children Living With Asthma

Being a parent means that you have the ultimate responsibility for your child's health. As asthma is the most common health condition among children in America it is that a parent's most important concern. It is well understood throughout the medical community that there does not exist any cure for this respiratory condition, however there does exist ways to treat the condition so that the child can live a more health and normal life. Historically medicine has been the most effective method of treatment. However, there was always needed a way of taking that medicine and transforming it into vapor form so that it can be breathed in through the lungs. The significance of this matter is that when the medication is in fact breathed in through the lungs it begins to go to work far more quickly and as a result it begins to reduce the symptoms faster as well.

The latest medical device that can actually change the medication is a nebulizer. These nebulizer devices have been known throughout the world as a means of changing liquid asthma prescription into vapor form. The most beneficial aspect for parents is actually that the device is completely portable and that can be taken anywhere that the parent needs to take it. So say for example that the child with this respiratory condition is playing soccer, the parent has the ability to utilize the product at anytime and in any place because it is completely portable and lightweight.

The future of these devices will allow them to become even more portable and will even incorporate other features as Bluetooth technology that can link up the product to the physician's computer system for monitoring of the patient's asthma. This will allow parents to have even better ways of providing for the health of their children. The added benefit is the fact that through years of innovation and advancement in technology the product is now far less expensive than it was years ago. In the past, only hospitals were able to afford such a device. However, still the most important aspect is the concept of portability which allows parents to be on the go and still have the comfort of mind that they will have fast access to help their children in the time of need with the device. Giving parents the ability to help their children anytime that is necessary is very important and asthma is definitely one of those health conditions that actually come about at any time.

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Major Symptoms of Asthma

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that causes difficulty of breathing. In this condition, the inside walls of airways become swollen and sore. The exact cause of this health condition is still unknown. However, there are some factors that are being considered to cause asthma. The risk factors include family history with asthma, airway hyper activity, obesity, atopy, infections, exposure to cigarette, obesity and many others.

Whenever the breathing passage became infected or irritated, an attack can be triggered. This attack may develop slowly or abruptly. The main symptoms that signal the attack are wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, chronic cough and difficulty in speaking.

Wheezing is a common symptom that can be found in a person with asthma. It is characterized as high pitch whistle sound as you breathe through your nose or mouth. Wheezing occurs when the airway of the lungs are narrowed as a result for inflammation. If wheezing occurs even if you are asthma, you should consult it with your healthcare provider. Shortness of breath is another symptoms associated with asthma. It is usually associated with difficulty of breathing and fatigue. A person that has shortness of breath but without asthma should schedule appointment with their doctor. An asthma patient experiencing shortness of breath may signal worsening and poor control of symptoms. Chest tightness usually occurs in patient with asthma. As the airway become inflamed, chest tightness may occur due to instability to move air properly. Inflammation, muscle tightness and mucous may also occur. Chest tightness can be increase with stress and anxiety. Chronic cough is a common symptom of asthma which is usually occurs at night.

If a person with asthma is admitted to the hospital, the doctor will provide some test to assess the severity of the attack. The tests measurements that are typically done to test breathing are spirometer, oximeter and peak flow meter.

Spirometer is a tool that is used to measure the amount of air you can exhale normally and forcefully. This test may be done before or after taking your inhaled medications.

Oximeter is a pain probe that is placed onto the fingertip. It is used to measure the amount of oxygen in the blood.

Peak flow meter is another tool that is used to measure amount of air as you exhale forcefully.

People with asthma should not be afraid of living their life to the fullest. Proper assessment and management of symptoms allows the people to limit or reduce the frequency of their attacks.

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Healthy Advice For Asthma Sufferers

The incidence of asthma and the fatalities from this condition have been growing at an appalling rate for the last 30 years. This escalating epidemic is primarily due to environmental pollution, but there are other alleged contributing elements which can have an effect on the frequency and seriousness of asthma attacks.

It has been speculated that about 75% of children and 40% of adults who have trouble breathing have an unrecognized food allergy which is contributing to the severity of their condition. For those individuals who feel that they may be susceptible to allergies, it is advisable to seek the help of a health care professional to supervise an “allergy elimination diet”, in order to identify foods, additives or chemicals which can trigger an asthma attack. Of these, sulphites, a yellow food coloring called tartrazine, and salicylates, are just some of the compounds that can bring on asthma in sensitive individuals, so seek medical advice to find out if there are any chemical sensitivities.

Another common problem with asthmatics is a Vitamin B6 deficiency. This may be a nutritional deficiency of the individual, or in fact can be caused by some anti-asthma drugs. Controlled studies with both children and adults have concluded that supplementation of B6 can show a decrease in the severity of the attacks, improve proper breathing and reduced the need for asthma medication.

Magnesium is a mineral that can prevent spasms in the bronchioles, and studies have found that asthma sufferers are frequently low in magnesium. Intravenous injections of magnesium are used to stop acute asthma attacks, and doctors have been known to recommend supplementation with magnesium for patients with asthma. The optimum dosage is 200 – 400 mg per day for adults, with the dose for children being weight proportionate.

Vitamin C works in a similar way to magnesium, and some sufferers have shown significant improvements when taking 1 – 2 grams of buffered Vitamin C.

Vitamin B12 and the trace mineral molybdenum are well known for their ability to remove suphites from the body, although it is recommended that a doctor who specializes in nutrition should help determine and treat sulphite sensitivity.

A good tip for any asthma sufferers is to use a good air ionizer. Allergy causing substances like dust and pollen have been found to have a positive electrical charge, while negatively charged ions have a neutralizing effect on these positively charged ions and their effect on lung tissue. Studies have shown how the use of air ionizers has greatly benefited those people who suffer from allergy induced asthma. Mr. Jonathan Wright MD reported that “the majority of allergy sufferers can reduce reliance on other treatments (nutritional, biochemical, or prescription) during negative ion therapy.”

Herbs which demonstrate a soothing effect on the bronchioles, and will give asthma relief are marshmallow root, mullein, and licorice. Marshmallow root and mullein are safe to use, even during pregnancy and lactation, with only rare reports of skin irritation. Licorice with the glycyrrhizin can increase blood pressure, but deglycyrrhized versions are not hypertensive. All these herbs will help breathing problems.

There are numerous natural approaches to controlling asthma, but one of the most effective asthma remedies, as well as generally improving lung health is the use of salt therapy. Salt pipes are growing in popularity with asthma and allergy sufferers, with just 15 minutes use a day giving amazing results and reducing their need and use of drug based treatments. It is safe to use, even for children and carries a medicinal license. Breathing sufferers can also try out this treatment in their own homes and return it if not completely satisfied.

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Losing Weight When Suffering From Asthma

Losing weight is one of the biggest steps that one will take in their own life. It is not only a very difficult task but it is also something that requires a great deal exercise in order to get back into shape and shed the pounds. However, when you are suffering from asthma this can become very difficult because of the trouble with breathing when it actually comes to physical exercise. The issue that can occur is during times when one is exercising and because of their respiratory condition they are not able to get enough oxygen in their system. As a result, they may be placing them at a great risk of experiencing an asthma attack. This type of attack occurs during times when the lungs do not get enough oxygen and then as a result the hemoglobin through the body can not get enough of the air that is necessary for normal functioning.

One of the ways that one can actually keep the asthma under control while still exercising and trying to lose weight is to utilize a nebulizer. A nebulizer is a health device that is used by those with respiratory conditions that require taking their medications in vapor form. The primary reason why they would need to take it in vapor form is because it will be able to be absorbed by the body in a much more effective manner that way and it also has shown to show less side effects that if the medicine was taken in the tradition manner. So essentially you would consult with your physician regarding the timing of taking your medicine through the nebulizer and time that according to your exercise regiment in order to shed the pounds and become healthier.

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Asthma Treatment and Prevention

Asthma is a condition that affects about 10% of the total population of children in the United States, but its sunset can occur at any age under 40. It is a chronic illness that affects the airways that carry air in and out of the lungs. What happens during an episode is that the muscles of these airways tighten, allowing only a small amount of air into the lungs; and the cells in the lungs overproduce mucus which makes it that much harder to breathe. A common manifestation of an asthma attack can range from mild wheezing to severe breathing problems.

There are plenty of stimulants that can trigger asthma and attacks. Most of these are environmental, and can be found in the workplace, school or neighborhood. Constant exposure to irritants like dust and smoke can lead to a development of asthma among adults. It can also be caused by a disorder in the GIT system called Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or GERD, where the upper sphincter of the stomach does not close properly, allowing its contents to flow back into the esophagus. The stomach contents causes heartburn and also irritates the lining of the esophagus and airways, which in turn causes the development of asthma. Children who mothers smoked during pregnancy also have an increased risk of developing asthma. The most common trigger of asthma attacks are allergens, which is why asthma is almost always associated with allergies.

Asthma can be treated by a variety of medications, but the most common and most effective of which are corticosteroid anti-inflammatory inhalers. This drug relaxes the airways and reduces infection, making it easier to breathe. Bronchodilators are common treatments for asthma attacks as well. These dilate and open up the airways, preventing a full-blown attack from occurring. Drugs like Cromolyn and Nedocromil are the drugs commonly used to treat mild persistent asthma. You can visit your doctor for a full list of asthma treatments available, and also ask for what drugs are recommended for your specific case.

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Tissue Salts Can Offer a Natural Asthma Attack Remedy

Do not get rid of your corticosteroid inhaler. It may be the only thing to work with a severe attack, but natural healthcare does offer an asthma attack remedy which can reduce the severity and decrease or totally get rid of the dependence upon medicine like corticosteroids and bronchodilators. It is possible that the use of an inhaler will become less and less.

Inhalers have side effects which are unpleasant, t such as headaches, throat irritation, frequent infections, tremors, or heart palpitations. Use of inhalers over a long period of time can reduce the body's ability to absorb calcium effectively and cause osteoporosis because the needed calcium is being taken from the bones.

Natural healthcare can provide significant benefits to respiratory function and an asthma attack remedy when used together with a broader lifestyle management changes, such as recognizing and avoiding triggers such as dust and pollen and a redo of the diet incorporating the following:

  • Eat at least four different-colored fruits, veggies, and beans daily to get a full spectrum of antioxidants.
  • Cut out dairy and soy products, and replace with milk and cheese made from rice
  • Eat more salmon and oily fish but less meat.
  • Each day, supplement with 4,000 mg fish oil, 1,000 mg calcium, 1,000 mg quercetin, 600 mg magnesium, 300 mg grape-seed extract, and 200 mg pycnogenol.
  • Coffee has been shown to work as a potent bronchodilator. Drink a cup or two of strong, unsweetened black coffee when you feel an attack coming on

While most of us take easy breathing for gifted, those who struggle to breathe come to realize the value of a healthy respiratory system and a strong immune system. The strength and capacity of the lungs becomes all important.

Keeping the immune system in top form is essential for good health period. In addition, for those who tend to have chest and breathing problems, it is important to support the strength and capacity of the lungs by means of regular exercise and by avoiding any known allergens.

What are tissue salts and how can they be helpful as an asthma attack remedy? There are twelve tissue salts in the human body which help to keep it in a natural healthy state, able to heal itself by correcting imbalances at the cell level. When theses salts are in the correct concentration we are healthy, but when an imbalance occurs normal cell function is disturbed and illness results.

Particularly prepared doses of biochemic tissue salts can provide a natural asthma attack remedy. These three biochemical, cell supporting tissue salts combined together can provide such a remedy:

  • Kali phos (6X) is often called 'nature's pacifier'. It has a relaxing effect on the nerves and through the body and helps to support healthy breathing.
  • Mag phos (6X) has a variety of uses, amongst these is the ability to prevent spasms and tightness in the chest
  • Nat sulph (6X) is classically used as a natural bronchial tonic and helps to soothe the respiratory tract

This homeopathic formula of tissue salts may be taken internally at the first signs of wheezing, chest constriction, closed airways or abnormal breathing for effective help as an asthma attack remedy. It supports lung and bronchiole functioning, maintains the respiratory tract and immune system health and does not have the side effects of corticosteroids and bronchodilators.

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Dogs, Cats and Asthma – Do Pets Cause or Trigger Asthma?

It is firstly important to be aware of the difference between a cause and a trigger. You may have heard that dogs and cats can cause asthma. But this is not really correct. Pets are not the cause of asthma, but they are certainly a common TRIGGER.

Unfortunately for all animal lovers with asthma, pets can and do trigger asthmatic symptoms. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the animal or pet hair that is the trigger, rather animal dander or dead flaking skin. Animal dander is easily airborne and being microscopic in size, it is impossible to see. It sticks to everything so if you have animals, your carpets, rugs, curtains, even your bedding and sofas are probably full of animal dander.

However this does not mean its curtains for Benji or Felix. There are a number of things that you can do in order to prevent animal dander triggering your asthma or somebody you love. Regularly cleaning is paramount to reduce the amount of dander present within your home. That includes vacuuming with a HEPA vacuum, steam cleaning and washing of all fibrous type materials which harbors animal dander. Use an air filter to filter airborne contaminants. Wash your pets regularly too, to keep dander levels at a minimum. Also, it's probably not a good idea for the asthma sufferer to sleep with pets while ever symptoms are present.

Living with pets does not automatically mean bad respiratory health for asthmatics. It is important to know the facts and know what can be done to reduce or eliminate the possible asthma attack triggers.

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Allergic Asthma Symptoms: How to Handle It Properly

Clinically, asthma pertains to the continuous air flow obstruction resulting to wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, chest tightness as well as soreness, and sometimes with sputum secretion. Allergic asthma is a more common type of asthma which often gives the identical signs and symptoms. Allergic asthma symptoms are normally associated with the individuals body overreacting to substances which are harmless to other people. Someone would have serious asthma attacks whenever subjected to triggers, mostly when they inhale allergens including pollens, animal dander, a few also would likely result in attacks when it would come into contact with a person's body. For kids, there are many food allergies which may trigger a critical attack. Asthma can be classified as a COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) like emphysema and also bronchitis. The diagnosis for asthma patients is good, even if this will be a continuous disorder as long as there's cure for the controlling of the attack, often, in case no treatment has been done, there may be a huge possibility of the attacks getting worse and getting a lot more frequent. Allergic asthma signs and symptoms can both be handled through prescription medications together with preventing the exposure of the person to the allergens. These types of drugs could be taken in various ways, orally, intravenously or even through a nebulizer. Several medications prescribed by doctors intended for allergic asthma are generally:

1. Anti-inflammatory drugs- as the triggers cause the actual airways to constrict through boiling, anti-inflammatory drugs act to reduce swelling as well as mucus formation.

a. Corticosteroids- they help control your body's immune system reaction of the body if exposed to allergens. As the body would not get the immune system working normally, it is best to make sure the patient is protected from infections and other ailments even while consuming corticosteroids.

b. Antihistamines- it is definitely the best tried medicine regarding allergies; in addition, you don`t need a prescription for one as they are supplied over the counter. Most antihistamines cause sleepiness, hence any physical activity like driving must be prevented when using this drugs.

2. Bronchodilators- these kinds of drugs relate the signs and symptoms simply by soothing the muscles throughout the airways. It also assists in removing mucus from the lungs.

In addition to the medications in dealing with allergic asthma signs and symptoms, changes in the existing environment should also be made: Keep away from smoke be it cigarette smoke, stoves, fireplaces or smog should be avoided. If there is outdoor air pollution, escape staying outside until it clears. For pollens – refrain heading outdoors as well during early mornings as well as during dry breezy days since this pollen count is high. Because molds grow best if there is water, check areas in your home for it and repair broken pipes inside your kitchen and bathroom, and use a dehumidifier if necessary. Asthma can be a continuous problem, but most individuals live normally even though they've got it, it is just a matter of understanding what triggers the attacks and what exactly you're able to do in order to avoid and prevent it.

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Asthma Treatment With Chinese Medicine

What is Asthma?

Asthma is an increasingly common condition, now effecting 1 in 4 children and many adults. During an asthma attack the airways constrict, became inflamed and are lined with mucous, this causes wheezing, shortness of breath, cough and chest pain.

Attacks can be triggered by many factors such as cigarette smoke, pollution, animal hair, perfume, exercise or stress. Between attacks there may be no symptoms, though some people suffer from chronic breathing difficulties.

The blue inhalers (technically 'metered dose inhalers' or MDIs) for asthma are transported by sufferers to use in the event of an attack. These contain one of a variety of bronchodilatory drugs to rapidly open the airways to allow more normal breathing and prevent a full blown attack.

In more severe cases drugs are normally taken regularly for prevention – inhaled corticosteroids being the most common (usually brown, red or orange inhalers). However, long-term use of corticosteroids can have many side effects including weight gain, osteoporosis, hoarse voice and oral thrush. This is a long term medication, and not a cure – the symptoms will normally come back if the medication is stopped.

The Chinese Approach

The Chinese medicine approach provides a natural asthma treatment to get the root cause of the problem as well as relieving symptoms. Treatment is used to strengthen the Lungs and the system as a whole. Sometimes, the other organs such as the kidneys are involved, according to exactly what your symptoms are. Treatment can and also deal with any other accompanying symptoms, for instance eczema or lowered immunity.

Acupuncture treatment for asthma (or acupressure / tui na massage) helps to strengthen the Lungs and reduce wheezing and shortness of breath. It can also help to clear phlegm, reduce stress and improve immunity.

Nutritional analysis can also be used to identify any problem foods that could be contributing to the problem. Small changes in diet can often bring quick results, improving lung function, clearing phlegm and stuffiness, and boosting your energy.

Finally, qi gong breathing exercises can be of great use to reinvigorate the treatment by improving lung capacity and teaching more control over the breath. Regular practice of Qi Gong can greatly help you to regulate your breathing, as well as helping to strengthen the body and reduce stress.

Childhood asthma often responds to these treatments extremely well, especially when it is the result of frequent or long term antibiotic use, which is a common cause of asthma.

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