There are various ways in which fruit fruit can help reduce asthma symptoms so let's go through them one by one.

By Providing Vitamin C

The most obvious way that fruit contributions to asthma management is with sizable doses of vitamin C. A study by Dr. Clemetson on hundreds of New Yorkers showed clearly that with more vitamin C their blood histamine levels went down. In another part of the same research paper he studied the effect of using particular doses of vitamin C and he found that even a dose of one gram a day was effective at reducing histamine levels in the folks he studied.

So it's clear that eating a diet rich in fruit will increase your vitamin C intake and accordingly reduce your histamine levels.

And by providing Quercetin too

Quercetin, pronounced as “kwer set in” is a recent nutritional super star. It has been well known for years as being a kind of companion to vitamin C. it sees to provide a vitamin C sparing action in the body. But it is also an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory in its own right. We are focussing on its anti allergy properties but there is much excitement at possible anticancer benefits too.

Quercetin is found in apples and onions but also in black and in green tea as well as many fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes, green leafy vegetables and raspberries and red grapes.

And by Providing Natural Anti-Inflammatories

A study by the University of Crete found that children with asthma were assisted by their consumption of what the researchers called “fruity vegetables”. The fruit they had in mind are “tomatoes, eggplants, cucumber, green beans, zucchini” and no others. At least no other results were found in this study for other fruit or vegetables.

The same team also found that including fish in the childrens diet appeared to reduce the symptoms of wheezing in asthma.

It could be that in bother the fruit and the fish it was anti-inflammatory natural chemicals that were responsible for the reduction in the asthma symptoms. My own 2 cents here would be that if fish is not acceptable in the diet then flax oil also known as linseed oil could be used.

Can Diet Cure Asthma?

If your diet includes enough of the food that contains vitamin C, quercetin and anti-inflammatories does that mean your diet will cure your asthma and other allergies too? I think it might in some cases.

Everyone is different and extra doses of vitamin C or other natural remedies may be needed for some folks. In any case a professional health care expert is best consulted for personal advice. But there is enough science here to make the consumption of a lot of fruit an obvious healthy course of action for anyone with asthma and other allergy symptoms.