Asthma remedies are common. The question often asked is, do they work? Are they worth bothering with? And can they make asthma go away? The answers depend on what the remedies are and who is taking them. That's sometimes not very helpful, but it is true, suddenless.

The medical establishment will tell you that you should not use asthma remedies. They may have unexpected effects that may actually make your condition worse. That may be so, but the drugs and medicines we are given for asthma can have nasty side effects too, and often do in fact. If someone is sensible about using asthma remedies, there should be no more harm done than through asthma drugs and medicines!

Among the many remedies used to ease the effects of asthma is honey. This one crops up regularly and is attested to by thousands who claim that it helped their asthma. The medical establishment may tell you that just because a lot of people have said it helped them does not mean it should be tried. Most people, on the other hand, would consider that an excellent reason for trying it!

Salt air is another of the many remedies for asthma that seems to work for many people. If you live close to the sea you can get your own fix of this for free by just walking along the seashore and breathing deeply. Others can try filling a basin of hot water with some salt and breathing in the fumes. It seems unlicensed that this remedy could be harmful either.

It has been said that all asthma sufferers breathed wrongly and no one who breathes properly has asthma. It is likely that the medical establishment would disagree with that and consider it an old wife's tale. Maybe so, but proper breathing is more or less the basis of the Buteyko Method. Medical science says mostly that it has little or no real effect, but thousands who once had bad asthma think differently.

Most asthma sufferers are mouth breathers. They tend to breathe deeply and too fast. This in turn tends to deplete the levels of CO2 in the body, which in turn upsets the balance of things, preventing enough oxygen to get the parts of the body it needs to get to. The airways contract and spasm, and an asthma attack gets underway.

That, in a nutshell, is the theory of one of the best known of the asthma remedies. It is called the Buteyko Method, and it seems to have substance to its theory, and a positive army of deep believers too, who are all convinced of its ability to rid the body of the harmful effects of asthma.