Health is the priority number one whenever it comes to worrying about anything. There is nothing a person can do, or a job he can perform if he is not physically, mentally and emotionally fit and healthy. With air around getting polluted every minute, people are left gasping for air and what bears up are the problems like asthma, bronchitis and other lung disorders. Asthma is a disease that lives with you, it is impossible to completely eradicate it since taking proper medication and being ready for the ailment at all times.

Asthma signs and symptoms are often misleading; they seem to be quite common and occurred due to other atmospheric things but getting a check up done is very important if you tend to confront them often. Other problem that arises is self-medication. People do not take these signs seriously and take a regular anti-biotic or an anti-allergic medicine. These medicines does no good, but may flip to the negative side with its side effects.

Following are the main symptoms for the Asthmatic Condition:

  1. Unpredictable coughing: This is the premier most sign of asthma when you cant explain the cause of that dry, no mucous cough that tend to pick up just after the evening time. If such an unexplainable coughs prevails with you, get it checked immediately
  2. Sleep apnea: This disorder mainly is seen when people experiences several breaks while breathing in the sleeping time. This inconsistency in breathing might last for seconds to minutes and happens for about 10- 15 times in the night. People may usually identify it as a consequence of sleeplessness but moreover such frequent shallow or deep breathing might be a cause of concern.
  3. Lacking air: If at any point of time that you are left without air even when you are not involved with a rigorous activity, then it may be the insetting of asthma. Short and high rate breathing is the premature sign for it which may increase with time.
  4. Chronic fatigue: This symptom is a derived one, if the body does not get the desired oxygen, fatigue tend to set in. People who feel constantly tired even after proper rest and with no stress may be featuring this symptom. Fatigue with no reason must also be considered important.
  5. Changing pattern for breathing: Breathing pattern for an asthmatic patient change frequently, as they seek air and the body tend to adapt itself to it. This symptom is the most important and the most difficult to configure. If at any point you cant explain your mouth, high and short, low and deep breathing pattern; then probably its time for the physician visit. If not checked this symptom can cause worries of sudden asthma attack.

There are other factors as well but the above are the ones that are the most frequent and can be diagnosed by a common man as well. So if any symptoms continues with you, its better to get it examined thoroughly.