In the past several years asthma is becoming more common among people and it is especially becoming a serious problem for our children. Since 1978 it has skyrocketed so much that this chronic condition is out of control. If something is not done to prevent this, I believe that the growth in asthma numbers we will experience by the year 2025 could be in the hundreds of millions. The rising asthma numbers is alarming and people should start to take action to either prevent it or eliminate it, once it is contracted. Once it is contracted you have little or no choice but to go on prescription drugs. Try to avoid the deadly asthma attacks that could come from nowhere. This disease does not target people of certain age. It will come after anyone that has a weak immune system or has family in their past that had asthma as well.

There are pieces of a puzzle missing as to what is causing asthma. The missing pieces to that puzzle are “what can I do to prevent or eliminate asthma”. There are many speculations on what causes asthma and why it is becoming such a serious problem. One is like I mentioned earlier that it may be something that is hereditary in your family tree. Another theory is weak lungs that are vulnerable to this disease that strikes with little or no warning. Another theory is and this one is the one that I believe to be the largest factor in contracting asthma, environmental pollution. The environmental pollution that surrounds our earth just on the jet stream alone is 1460 metric tons. That is a staggering number when you consider that all of us no matter what age or where we live, are breathing this stuff in on a daily basis. It can not be avoided. We must find a way to fight against it or the number of asthma patients will become a very serious problem sooner than later.

Let's talk about prescription drugs. When you go in to see your doctor to find out if you have asthma, he will take what is called a peak flow meter to test the air flow in and out of your lungs. This will tell him how well air moves into the lungs. This can take some time because determining if someone has asthma should be diagnosed properly. This can take some time so plan on your first visit being a couple of hours. Another time factor is learning what triggers are causing you to have asthma attacks. Once your doctor has diagnosed your symptoms, he will prescribe you drugs, an emergency inhaler and in some sever cases a nebulizer for daily treatments. This is what happens when you are given this as your only choice. They control your symptoms only and will not eliminate it. If you're a young child the chances of outgrowing asthma are definitely on your side but nothing is for sure. If you are like me, the sound of having my symptoms only controlled but not eliminated sounds like a long road. With that come a lot of unneeded toxins in my body called “side effects” of prescription drugs.

When my son was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 4, I did what everyone else has done for many years. I went to see my doctor and I got my son on prescription drugs. He got an inhaler and because of the severity of his attacks, I was given a nebulizer. There was a short time frame in which to manage it to him. As a parent was unbearable to see my little boy struggling to breathe. I wished so much I could take it on myself, which unfortunately, I could not do. So I did the nest best thing. I went in search of something that could eliminate it completely from his body. In my research, I looked at environmental pollution exposure as the cause of what I believed to be the reason he got asthma in the first place. We discovered a natural way to remove the toxic burden that was evidently in my child. In a short time his asthma slowly faded and 2 years later, asthma is nothing but a memory for him. His prescription drugs and inhaler are now collecting dust on a shelf from non use. Is asthma a serious problem? You bet it is. Can we overcome it or eliminate it? I believe you can with research and gifts from Mother Nature.