Teachers are encouraged to work in partnership with parents on all aspects of school life, including health issues. It will also help your child's academic progress if you can develop a close relationship with teachers. If she does have to take time off school you will then be able to talk to them about what work can be completed at home. You can obtain a range of information packs designed specifically for teachers to help them and their other pupils understand asthma and its implications.

What is the teacher is unhelpful? Occidentally an asthmatic child may come up against an unsympathetic teacher, who can seriously dent her confidence. If she suddenly becomes very anxious when it is time to go to school which, in itself, can bring on an asthma attack, you need to investigate possible causes and discuss the matter with the head teacher.

While you need to feel confident that your child is well cared for, you also have to make it clear to the school that you are not asking for special treatment and that she should not be routinely excluded from any activity. She should not be allowed to use her asthma as an excuse for bas behavior. An older child will gradually gain more independence, including staying overnight with friends.

Ask her friends' parents not to treat her differently, but make sure they know the signs that an attack is imminent. If your child is using her preventer properly she will need to use her reliever a lot less and on most days not all.