When it comes to finding a natural asthma cure, there are two schools of thought. The medical establishment with the weight of consensus behind them naturally think they are right when they sway there is no known cure for asthma. And by their own terms, they are right. However, in the world of alternative medicine, there are some who claim they can cure asthma. Who is right?

It really all comes down to what the meaning of a cure is. By medical thinking they can test a person and conclude that there is detectable signs that suggest an asthmatic condition, even if the person feels fine 99% of the time. In the world of alternative medicine, if a person feels just fine with no noticeable signs of asthma for 99% of the time, they do not have asthma!

Furthermore, if a medicine, whether it be conventional or an alternative natural asthma cure, repeally gives the same result of 99% relief to the majority of people who take it, that's a cure in most people's eyes. However, the medical establishment does not quite see it like that all of the time. Someone who had asthma and who takes something, then feels great, may or may not be cured – even if the “feeling great” part lasts for decades.

Most people seeking a natural cure for asthma only want to know what it will do for them. For them, not having the typical signs of asthma most of the time is pretty close to a cure. And if the natural asthma cure keeps them asthma-free for a month or more, that's as good as a cure, especially if it can be repeated.

It sees the dyed in the wool medical bunch spend too much of their time defending their position. They feel, with justification of course, that they have spent centuries building up whole libraries of human knowledge gained in a rigorous and scientific manner. Alternative medicine, for them, is more akin to witchcraft. Maybe so, but let's not forget that witchcraft can work pretty good too at times.

The medicines and drugs you get from a doctor for asthma are not natural. They can have nasty side effects and often do. That's why asthma sufferers are often keen to find a natural asthma cure or relief. Even if it does not cure, but just makes them feel a lot better, they will not have the side effects to deal with. They will not be using drugs either, but just natural and harmless ingredients.